4 Dragon Gun Mounts
4 Dragon Gun Mounts

4 Dragon Gun Mounts

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A combination of protection, practicality & toughnessDragon Gun mount is the answer for you! 

Powerful & Universal: constructed with neodymium rare earth magnets, allowing it to safely hold and conceal up to 75 lbs. of firearm – for both parallel and perpendicular mounting (no spinning!).

Compatible with nearly all gun types: handguns, CCWs, rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and magazines.

Tactical & practical: Allow you to grab your guns like grabbing a banana.

Scratch-free: Dragon Gun Mount magnetic gun mounts’ unique natural rubber coating protects your firearm from scratching when mounted, allowing for quick and easy mounting and release without the fear of damage to your gun.

Dragon Gun Mount is made to solve over 5 problems gun users usually have. Let's check it out.


One of the first lessons any cadets in U.S Military Academy learn in their first year is the 3-second rule. It is, to keep yourself always prepared, it is, of course, best that you should carry your guns with you, but if you don't or you can't, you should leave the guns somewhere visible, reachable and only 3 seconds or less away from you. So if something wrong happen, you can immediately grab it and be ready.

Dragon Gun Mount is the best replacement for gun owners when they're home or driving. Put your gun under your table, under hand wheels or right on your door. Because it would be pretty ridiculous when carrying a big fat gun in front of your wife & kids while eating sandwiches or reading books.

Otherwise, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, "about 1.03 million home invasions occur each year". So, it's best that we gun-owning folks apply the 3-second rule ourselves.


You can easily stick Dragon Gun Mount, with super-strong magnetic power, on metal surface without any efforts. 

For other surfaces like wall or wooden, with 4 screw holes, Dragon Gun Mount allows you to install itself on any spots that you want you guns mounted.

Where to install? You can install Dragon Gun Mount in your Car, Truck, Wall, Vault, Bedside, Doorway, Desk, Table, Safe... As long as you it's within reach.

Helps keep guns aways from kids, many folks forgetfully leave guns unoticed: on the table or under their bed, which is within kids' reach. With Dragon Gun Mount, parents with little kids now can place their guns much higher than kids' reach.


Good choice for Fat folks: We all know that seated gun draw is always struggling, especially when we're driving. And if the gun carrier is a fat guy, that would be a terrible expericence: we have to roll a whole body 90 degree, awkwardly draw the gun, which is stucking under our belly, out. That may cost us 3-4 seconds, and if we're not an experienced gun owner, it would be 7-8 seconds.
With Dragon Gun Mount, now you can just grab your gun like a banana. Dragon Gun Mount, as tested by Johnny- Texas policeman, can save you at least 2 seconds. Those saved "little" time may save your life one day. Because we know it's hard to start a constructive & friendly conversation with some car hijackers without a big fat guns in our hand.

"I've had this in my truck for a few months now with my xds and honestly blown away. Stays strong even when I'm in the mountains on rough terrain. Could even be used to one handed rack your handgun depending on your rear sights "

Casey Jones - Lynden, WA