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Written by Jerome Marcus - Published on Feb 28, 2023


Hey, if you're a blue-collar guy and and you've ended up on this page, brother, I'm pretty sure I know the reason why: It's because you are struggling to find a good holster that you can wear & easy to draw from while you are SEATED, especially when you're driving in public.

Despite the fact that we Americans spend 7-12 hours a day being seated, there's no holster on the market specially made for drawing from this position.

Why? It is because 99% of holster brands on the market want to save their own money rather than your safety.

These companies' products are designed for a standing draw, not a seated one. Why? 2 reasons: First it is because they look cooler in the ads video, which helps attract more customers. Second: standing-friendly holster designs are cheaper and easier to mold, allowing these companies to save money without any effort.

Ah, and also, talking about the online holster gurus, these guys truly don't have any idea about how your daily life looks like, they don't care about your problems at all.

Just think about it. These guys just stand tall in the range, which is the safest place to be, in front of their 3 cameras, trying to catch the best angles, drawing from their fancy holster and be like: "This is how our $500-dollar holster works, buy it because I have 2 millions followers and I sound smart!".

 It's just, ridiculous. It's not based on a real-life situation, not practical, it's like a random adverts you saw on 1980s TV, except now, the guy pretends he's not selling anything until he says, "This holster has 100 pros and one con, but if you like it, you can use my 10% discount code..."

As a trucker and gun owner myself, like many of you reading this, I didn't like my old holster. Being seated and driving all day, I found it nearly impossible to draw properly. My gun would get stuck under my belly and irritate me constantly. It fumbled around, scratching my skin, and was so heavy that it hurt my back.

 For months, I was browsing all over Youtube, Facebook, all the written & video reviews (actually paid reviews) to find a decent, affordable holster that I can carry all day sitting my truck and just, focus on my job, without being bothered by anything else.

Get yourself a switchable holster that is perfect for both standing & seated positions.


Like many others, I did buy  a heap of holsters suggested by all the couch experts on Youtube, and not surprisingly they all turned out to be a bunch of craps! The Kydex holsters were so sharp it damaged my handguns and my skin. Plus, Kydex holsters only work for one specific gun model. So because I had five guns I had to buy 5 different holsters, which cost me big money.

As for leather holsters, they are even worse, they're not practical, slow to draw, a lot of bells and whistles, costing $300 each, and they smell super super bad. If you own a leather holster you'd know how it smells after a long day of hard work, it smell like cats poop mixing with sewer rat's sweat. For a big fat man who sweat a lot like me, leather holster doesn't sound like a good deal.

 As irritated as I felt, I continued to wear a Kydex holster for a few months, up until the discomfort turned into a painful rash.

And to make it worse, these, I would call, traditional holsters, which concentrate weight in one single area, added extra strain to my back problems. The holster and the gun was not that heavy but since I carry them everyday my back pain just got worse.

I couldn't even work and the doc told me that I had to stay home for a few weeks and to stop carrying any holsters for 3 months.

During this time I tried to ask around my friends for a solution because even though I really loved the job I also need to carry, I'm an OTR trucker, I drive along the country and meet strangers all the time. I can not go to some unfamiliar places unprepared.

Also, as a father and a husband, I have a duty to protect my wife and kids, I'd rather have myself tortured by this holster than abandon duty as a protector.

So, if you're a blue-collar guy and you have a problem with your holster, I'm telling you, this thing happens to 99% of anybody doing manual jobs and no holster brands even care.

"You can wear this holster all day without feeling anything!"-Gordon


That's what my old Navy comrade Jeremy Green told me. Jeremy is a retired tank commander who now owns a trucking company.

He sent me a belly-band-looking holster with a pretty well-made strap that I'd never seen before, it also has an odd name: Praetorian Shoulder and Belly Holster.

Jeremy told me that every trucker in his company also once had a problem like mine but now they're all gone thanks to this holster.

I was a little skeptical, obviously, but since Jeremy is a man that I would go to war with,  if he said it would work I was more than happy to give it a try.

I wore it for like 4 weeks and let me tell you, this thing worked like a charm.

First, as the holster worn around my chest, it distributes the weight, I didn't feel back pain as I used to, feeling much relief, like a big fat weight has been lifted off my ... back.

Next, the irritation totally disappeared, like it never happened before.

I could totally focus all my job, each shift takes much less time as I felt zero disturbed.

And the best thing is that now I can carry a gun when I drive with my family inside the car. I'm not a maniac who worries about getting robbed all the time but I'll never go out with my family without preparation.

"All of my collegues get one of these, they even gets some for their friends and family." - Gordon, Taxi driver


So, if you're someone struggling with these issues: irritation, excessive sweating, difficulty in drawing your weapon, or increased strain on your back, know this - you're not alone, know that you're not alone, I did, many people like me and you did, and this holster was designed to solve exactly these kinds of problems.

A Whopping 95% Of Verified Users Reported Feeling Much Better And Decided To Switch To Praetorian Holster

Not like leather holsters, this holster is comfortable, skin-friendly and back-friendly

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Comfortable carry

Finally after a drawer full of failed attempts trying to find a comfortable holster, I took another attempt with no expectations of any success with this very light weight holster . 

  • Julie Johnson

    • Verified Buyer

Stealth, Comfort, and Performance in one!

Greatly to my surprise I forgot I was still wearing the holster/gun. No more digging in the gut, hip and back when setting down or driving a car!! Also no more uncomfortably tighting your belt so your paints won't drop to the floor😳 Because of my chest size I do not need to use the strap over the shoulder.

  • Serena Gon

    • Verified Buyer

Best holster for my Ruger

Much to my surprise after the 1st 10 minutes getting use to the feel of a chest holster and my hand gun, it became forgettable wearing it doing daily deeds in no time. One good example was coming back from town completing some to do list. I cleaned/washed my car, set at the table to eat lunch and later set on the couch to watch some television. My 1st choice concealed hand gun I carry for this hoster is a Ruger LC9 9 mm. My Colt 45 is two big/heavy for this type of holster. A good mid size or smaller hand gun works great with this holster!! Good gamble for this price👍👍👍

  • Mike Ramsey

    • Verified Buyer

Great deal for the money

This holster is just the right thickness to allow for comfort, breathability, and concealment. The shoulder strap combined with the ergonomically cut straps and full function velcro allow for a firm but not too tight fit. The Dinosaurized performance in extreme movement situations is what sets this product apart from all others. Even with such a comfort fit the ability of this holster to stay in place after extensive extreme movement situations

  • James Chirstin

    • Verified Buyer


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  • Easy to conceal

  • Skin-friendly

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✔️ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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