mattress gun holster, bedside holster, under bed gun holster

Always be prepared for emergency

"It was a late night in 2020, I was sleeping with my daughter next to me and I heard something in the living room: burglars. I grab my KIMBER MICRO 9 right from the side of the bed and stand ready in front of the door in silence. 4 young men, suddenly, opened the door. I fired one shot to the floor, just 5-inch-close to the first one's feet. They're rooted to the spot, cream-faced.

"I didn't miss that shot, I'm sparing your lives, sons, now you drop that bag... and leave." And they did that, one of them even started to cry like a baby.

Protect your family and yourself

"I'm a soldier's wife. My husband is an Air Force Pilot so I kinda have to be the man of the house most of the time. I go the range twice a month to improve my skill: both mentally and physically. I also join multiple local shooting courses to be ready for different situations but I must say that late night encounter was not something I was well prepared for. Thanks for the bedside holster, which I use to holster my gun every night, me and my daughter are still alive today.

I write this letter to thank Dinosaurized store for their great product: Morpheus bedside holster. This holster helps me sleep well at night and still be ready to protect myself and my daughter while my husband is away serving the country"

- Melinda

mattress gun holster, bedside holster, under bed gun holster


bed holster, bed gun HOLSTER, bed frame gun holster

LIVING ROOM: When you're cooking and you hear rioters banging on the gate.

bed frame gun holster, bed holster, bed gun HOLSTER

BEDROOM: When you sleep and you hear somebody entering your house through the windows.

bed gun HOLSTER, bed frame gun holster, bed holster

CAR: When you drive through an "unfriendly" neighbourhood.


under bed gun holster, mattress gun holster, bed frame gun holster

"I really like this holster. The versatility is great, good for the couch, chair, bed, car, etc. I personally use on couch because I sleep there and it's right next to front door. We have our firearms in a huge always locked gun save in the hall closet but if an intruder busts in my house, it's comforting to know I can protect my family if I had to. It gives me peace of mind knowing "help" is literally right by my side. Easy to draw from "

- Monica C., Boise Rivers, ID

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bed frame gun holster, mattress gun holster, under bed gun holster

" I like to keep a gun "by" my bed, and now I have one in bed with me; well, not really, but actually the gun fits between the top and bottom parts of the mattress. With the velcro wrap consistent with this Morpheus holster, it fits rather well. The part going between the mattresses is long enough to sustain the weight of this heavy revolver. This holster doesn't conceal the gun but my side of the bed is up against the wall so it can't bee seen unless you walk up by the wall and look down. Even then you would have to know what you are looking for. The holster holds the gun securely but it is easily drawn. I am sure it will hold just about any large semi auto or revolver. This is for defense of my home and we all have to be careful these days . "

- Jerome, Hudson, ME

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bedside holster, BEDSIDE gun holster, mattress gun holster

"The installation of Morpheus bedside holster is easy, and it is adjustable to fit beds in different sizes. It holds a hand pistol perfectly beside your bed. I could also use it to hold my phone, glasses, and pens. Depend on your demand, it can be a solid holster or a multi-functional holder beside your bed."

Dan B- Columbus, MS

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BEDSIDE gun holster, mattress gun holster, bedside holster

"The Morpheus holster can be used bedside or in vehicle. Since I have a revolver I attached a bag for extra shells along with a flashlight. It's simple to adjust for each with velcro tabs. My car has cloth seats so I attached with a velcro tab,..probably can be used in leather or vinyl seats using the 3M tape. I looked for instructions when first opened package none included but didn't need,..was easy to use without any. Well worth the cost!"

Brent S. - Deltona, FL

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mattress gun holster, bedside holster, under bed gun holster


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