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Dreadnought drop leg holster is the answer for you!

Natural as its finest: Dreadnought allows you to easily draw your firearm as quickly as possible.

Non-slip: 3-layer Anti-slip friction strips design secures the holster in place from falls or movement.

Adjustable and Universal: Dreadnought works with most sizes of guns or other tactical gears like knives, mags, phones, or flashlights.

Less weight around the waist - less hip/back painOfficers are expected to carry an incredible amount of weight on their duty belt. Over time, this weight can cause pain or injury to the officer’s back and/or hips. Shifting the weight distribution to a leg will reduce the total weight around the waist.

Good for tactical gamesDreadnought is well-designed for highly tactical activities. You can totally feel free to crawl, run, jump or climb freely without worrying about having your weapons dropped.

Perfect back-up holster: You can also carry Dreadnought as a back-up holster, in case you're out of ammo or your main gun  gets jammed. 

Hunters also carry Dreadnought while hunting to protect themselves from a close-quarters encounter.


Dreadnought drop-leg holster allows you to place a sidearm at the nearly exact spot where your hand naturally falls to the side of your body. 

Hip/Waistband holsters, otherwise, require owners to reach high up to retrieve the weapon and bring the arm up even higher to remove the weapon from the holster. This type of action is not only slower, but may also be difficult, or even impossible, in an active fight or in very close quarters. It may also be far more difficult, or impossible if your arm becomes injured for any reason. 

Ankle holster? Not even close, ankle holster is so far from your hand to reach, it should only be considered a back-up holster.

Dreadnought: Best emergency holster for fat people

Non-dominant-hand-friendly: An important pro to Dreadnought holster is that it can be accessed with your non-dominant hand. If your gun hand or arm becomes immobilized, you may not be able to access your firearm, especially large guys who simply cannot reach around your torso with your non-dominant arm to retrieve your weapon.

 Many waist holsters don't have XL size for large people, while Dreadnought, easily adjustable, is a one-size-fit-all holster.

Frees Up Room for More Equipment: Carrying a Dreadnought holster will free up some room for other gears, such as more ammo. Additionally, for folks with a smaller waist, this may be the only way he or she can carry all of his/her necessary equipment.
One size fits all: Many folks ask: Does this Dreadnought holster fit a gun with a flashlight mounted? The short answer is Yes.

"Overall I was blown away with the quality. Material is stronger than I anticipated, buckles seem to be strong, fit is better than expected, and did I mention strong? At first glance I thought it would be a gamble due to the price point but I was surprised to say the least. Of course it won't have the durability of a safari land or other higher name brands, but after my own test, having someone try yanking the weapon off my side (with velcro wrap over the thumb snap as shown in photos) I moved with the weapon the entire time without the holster failing to hold its own. Satisfied with purchase, ordered two more for other family members."

Collin brownriggCamdenNJ

Dreadnought drop leg holster fits most sizes of handguns, even flashlight-mounted ones. 

Exclusively designed for Army & police officersDreadnought drop leg holster provides you 3 things: safety, quickness & durability.

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Why Dreadnought drop leg Holster?

✔️Sticky: 100% sticky & adjustable.

✔️Ready & Prepared: This allows you to get yourself ready for emergencies even when you're running, crawling or jumping.

✔️Time Saving:  Dreadnought drop leg Holster saves you up to 2.2 seconds of time to draw your firearms, rather than awkwardly draw your firearm which may be stuck between your belly and belt, now you can get yours within a hand's reach.

✔️Premium Quality: With high-quality 600D nylon material, Dreadnought drop leg Holster ensures years of serving you and your family.

✔️More room for waistband carry.


If you love guns and spend a lot of time working with guns or shooting as a sport, Dreadnought drop leg holster is an absolute choice. It provides you more room and weight for your belly so you can carry an extra mag, flashlight, or a knife, maybe.

If you're a father/ a husband, of course you want to make sure your family is 100% protected & safe. Even if it's when you spend time outdoors with your family, or stay home fixing your car, wearing a big, open-carry holster like Dreadnought may "help" bad guys know you and your family are not people they can mess with.

If you're a police officer or a soldier, you may have to carry a lot and different types of tactical gears. Dreadnought drop leg holster will free up some room for other equipment, relieving the heavyweight put on your waist.

Dreadnought holster can also serve you as a backup holster, in case you're out of ammo or your main gun gets jammed, it provides both you & your comrades more preparedness & protection - which are never enough for the armed forces.

If you're a hunter, you may have to carry a lot of stuff on your back. Wearing Dreadnought drop leg holster helps you relieve the heavyweight on your hip & back. Dreadnought holster also shortens your draw time so you can defend yourself in case you are preyed upon by wild animals. 



"Fairly easy to adjust for your carry height and weapon size. Fits my FNH 40 very well, but I can tighten it up for my wife's compact Ruger as well. I added the photo of the back of the holster that helps show that adjustability of it and velcro style.!"

Frank C.Nampa, ID

"I'm very happy with this gun holster. I like that it is versatile for different guns. It fits my 9 mm mokarov good. I can jump around and the gun stays where it's supposed to. Easily adjustable. Not very heavy feeling on the body. I had it tightened up as far as it can go on my belt and it is a perfect reach to my gun not too far down. I'm 4'11. Great item for the money. Quality material. Pocket for extra clip or knife."

Lily Hudson, Rockland, ME

"Very impressed with this, especially for the price! You can adjust the straps to fit your body. I used it for my halloween costume, but I know I'll use it when I go shooting too.."

Black WidowColumbusMS 

"Long review summary: Great drop leg holster for the price that is wonderfully comfortable and adjustable to most people and pistols.

I don't give 5 star ratings unless I am "wowed", or at least very pleasantly surprised, by a product or service. I was in the market for a drop leg holster just to use out in the field while resetting targets or helping a fellow shooter. Since I had no plans to use the holster for hunting or open carry in public I figured "economical" was the way to go. After a bit of research I settled on this Nehostertfy rig. And I got the camo color to be even cheaper. And let me tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised when I got it.

First, I was pleased with the quality of the manufacture. Everything was sewn in the right place with no loose threads or blatantly awkward stitching.

Next I was very pleased with the adjustability. Just about every part of this holster is adjustable in some way. Whether it be by adjustable straps or Velcro, you can change almost everything at least a little.

Then I was pleased with the fit on me. I was quickly able to adjust it comfortably to my belt, leg, and draw reach. I really like the elastic parts of the leg straps. It helps snug the rig to my leg without being uncomfortable or inhibiting movement. As you can see from the pictures, I was able to get the holster right where I need it for ease of draw and re-holstering while maintaining comfort and flexibility when sitting, squatting, bending, and even jumping. Yes, I actually jumped around a little with the holster on with each gun I tried in it.

Which brings me to my final point of pleasant surprise, the fit for the guns. I borrowed three different guns to try different styles and sizes and each was well secured and retained in the holster even when subjected to the aforementioned jumping.


 Tim Tallahassee, FL





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