Added comfort, safety and precision: By simply rest your rifle on one when aiming, Nazareth Shooting Bag provides a stable and consistent platform that helps maintain high accuracy when shooting.
High quality, water-resistant material: Made of 900D polyester, Nazareth Shooting Bag can survive all different kinds of extreme environment.
Good grip: The suede-like texture on the top of the bag provides a nice grip on the forearm of a rifle or the lower frame of a handgun. The two bags can be attached together via a plastic snap-hook and D-ring, which makes carrying them easier.

Nazareth shooting bag: Best way to stabilize your gun

 If you take a look at tripods or bipods, they may work well on a flat, plain area. However, If you put them on a rougher area like rock, dirt grass or a piece of plywood it will react differently, badly affecting your shooting accuracy. With Nazareth Bag, even something different accompanying underneath it, it's still a consistent platform for the rifle to rest on and shoot. Also, Nazareth shooting bag, with a neutral color, also works as a better cover & blind comparing to a tripod.
A lead sled may serve you well, but it costs $$$ and it's pretty bulky, you also, can not bring it on a hunting trip . Nazareth Bag does properly the same job for a lot less and takes up much less space.


 Before filling the bags, you can put a plastic bag inside each. This keeps the filler from abrading the seams. Just tape the end of the bag when finished filling and stuff the bag into the fill hole.
 What to fill: You can fill the bag with rice, sand or cat litter, the best choice is polishing media, it doesn't smell bad like cat litter, not attracting pest like rice and not heavy like sand.
 Don't overstuff your bags, leave a little space so the rifle can get cradled in front. This helps with repeatable accuracy. Your rifle only moves straight back with no horizontal movement and minimal muzzle jump.
How to fill: You can make a funnel from poster board or ever paper and tape it together then use a plastic flexible cup to fill. 
This set is light enough and small enough to toss in the car when you visit the range, and it will do the job well. They can be easily refilled (or emptied) so you can adjust it to your preference.