Bad guys are everywhere, and we can’t anticipate anything. So, it is necessary for ladies to carry the best self defense for women by your side at all times. This type of equipment will help you protect yourself against sexual assaults, rapes, kidnaps, and other kinds of violence.

So, what is the best self defense for a woman? There are tons of good weapons that can support self-defense. But in this article, we only review the top 6 most easy-to-use weapons on the market. You can see our reviews of them right below!

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Why Should Women Carry Self Defense Weapons? 

Weapons Allow You To Defend Yourself At Any Time, Any Place

Our world is where good and evil both exist. But the line between good and bad people is vague, and we can not foresee which people are about to attack us.

Therefore, it is recommended to bring any weapons by your side the entire time you are outside. Whenever a bad guy comes up, you will be ready to fight back immediately.

It Is Difficult To Fight Against A Group Of Bad Guys Without Weapons

We assume that you know martial arts. But with defending techniques, you can only fight back 1 - 2 people. What will happen if you are assaulted by a group?

The weapon will rescue you! With this equipment, you can attack many guys at once. Also, it can help you keep a safe distance from those people.

You Will Have More Confidence When Going Out

Fighting with weapons is always easier than defending with bare hands. As you have the equipment by your side, you will not be afraid every time you go outside.

Some Weapons Support Defending From A Far Distance

Weapons come in many types. There are kinds of equipment for close-distance combat. There are also ones that support defending from a far distance.

As you are in the aim of the bad guys, the best thing for you to do is stay as far from them as possible. The long-shot weapons will prevent the attackers from approaching you.During this time, you can find a way to escape or hide.

What Is The Best Self Defense Weapon To Carry?

In many countries, the U.S.A, for example, people are allowed to use guns. This shooting equipment is the best self defense for woman that we want to recommend. It is also good to use other weapons, such as pepper spray, personal alarm, or knife. However, these tools are only for close combat. A gun will help you protect yourself from a far distance. 

On the other hand, guns can cause heavy damage in a flash to make the attackers injured. Anyone would be scared of a gun more than other weapons. We advise you to always carry a gun by your side to avoid the worst situation. Most robbers and rapists now use guns to assault other people. So, fighting against them with a knife or pepper spray is nothing compared to that deadly weapon.

The Best Self Defense For Women - Top 6 Products

#1: Concealed Carry Gun & Holsters

Concealed Carry Gun & Holsters

As mentioned, a gun is the best self defense item to carry. The question is now, how to keep the gun by your side? The Concealed Carry Gun & Holsters will be our recommendation!

You can wrap the holster in any position on your body, from the foot, arm, stomach, or chest. We have nothing to complain about the versatility of this item. Feel free to equip this item outside and inside the waistband, cross the body, on an appendix position, or to anybody part as you desire. This holster has got you covered with easy access. After you have worn the holster, put the gun into it. The item is 100% concealed and snugly fits. No one can know that you are carrying a gun.

All holsters of the Dinosaurized brand support quick drawing. When the bad person starts approaching you, you can immediately access the gun from the holster and surprise him with a quick shoot. Rest assured about the comfort in use! All the Dinosaurized holster models are constructed of synthetic materials, which are very light and elastic. The cool thing is, the synthetic holsters do not absorb sweat or make any bad odor. With high breathability, they will keep your body cool and comfortable in both hot and cold weather. We confirm that the manufacturers have said the truth. This equipment can spread the weight of all tools you attack to it. No matter how big the pistol is, you will never feel heavy or tired.

Are the Dinosaurized holsters durable? Our answer is yes! The synthetic materials have a sturdy construction that can resist tearing and scratching. They will please you at best for many years to come! Cleaning the holster is also a piece of cake. All you need to do is soak it in a bowl of hot and soapy water and gently wash it by hand. When washing is completed, rinse the holster under cold water and let it dry.

Please do not put the holster into a washing machine. The power of the washer is too strong and will stretch the materials. If cleaned in the machine, the holster will be loosened to wear.


  • Concealed and snug to wear
  • Last up to many years
  • High breathability and lightweight for comfort in both hot and cold weather
  • High elastic for best fitting
  • Distribution of pistol weight for easy carrying
  • Easy cleaning by hand
  • Quick drawing support
  • Allowed to equip to all positions on the body


  • Not allowed to wash in the washing machine

Here's Top 5 Holsters for Women's Concealed Carry anh Sarah's Review in this video to understand more about Belly Band Holster:

#2: Pepper Spray 

Pepper Spray

A small pepper spray is a must-have in any girl’s bag. Just use this pepper spray to annoy the eyes of the assaulter and run away!

With a strong pepper smell, this spray can make the oppressor’s eye hot and hurt. After you spray the stream to the opponent’s face, he will be unable to see for a period. We have been impressed by the long-lasting of the gel. After being sprayed, the stream can remain for more than 20 minutes. This period is enough for you to escape and call for help.

There should be no worry about spraying failure. This product has been designed through a strict in-lab testing process. It can release the pepper stream with high heat over a long range of 18 feet. The stream goes out strongly and straightly. As this pepper gel can resist the blowback of winds, it will never fly reversely and hurt your eyes. With this design, the product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Unfortunately, there is not much gel in this sprayer. The bottle will run out of pepper fuel after several sprays.


  • Strong pepper smell
  • Releasing the hot stream over 18 feet
  • Wind blowback resistance
  • Support both indoor and outdoor self-defenses
  • Long-lasting


  • Low capacity
  • Hard to remove from skin and clothes

#3: Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms

Women don’t have a strong voice like men. So, we advise you to carry personal alarms with you, especially when your commuting route goes through some deserted areas! With this tool, you can scare your attackers and call for help easily.

Thumb up for the ease in use! Every time you feel that someone is following you, just pull out the pin, and the device will sound. The entire dimension of this device is just 1 x 0.5 x 5.75 inches, similar to the size of a key hanger. You can easily store the alarms in the pocket of your jacket and carry them around.

Along with the device, the manufacturers have given some ring attachments. You can use these accessories to attach the alarms to your bag or hose loop. With a dual siren design, the alarm can ring at a high volume of 120 dB. People who are 1280 feet away from you can still receive your signal and go to rescue you!

Remember that these alarms only make a sound. You can not use them to attack your opponents. It is recommended to prepare some other self-defense weapons besides this device. Also, we find this plastic piece is not very durable. You’d better not let it drop frequently. Otherwise, things can go wrong with the alarm.


  • Compact design
  • Loud noise of 120 dB
  • Wide sounding range of 1280 feet
  • Easy pulling for sound
  • Easy reinserting the battery
  • Ring attachments included


  • Can not attack the opponents
  • Not very durable

Check prices for more products at: Amazon

#4: Knives and Hidden Knives

Knives and Hidden Knives

If you are looking for the best self defense EDC, we recommend you use knives and hidden knives. This type of weapon is compact and light to carry and powerful to attack.

The self-defense knife usually has a short blade with a sharp edge. You can use it to stab your opponents when they approach you. The blade is short enough to not kill the bad guys but powerful enough to make them injured. The knife can be flexibly used. For example, when the kidnapper ties your mouth with a towel or a wire, you can use the weapon to cut the seal. On the other hand, this weapon can also be used to unlock doors. You can easily carry the knife along. Most self-defense knives have a compact style that can fit the size of a handy bag or a holster.

On the downside, knives can only support you in close combat. You can not use this weapon to defend against bad guys that use guns.


  • Lightweight for high portability
  • Compact size for easy storing
  • Flexible usage
  • Short and sharp blade for making opponent injured
  • High durability


  • Only suitable for short-distance combats
  • Fighting skills required

#5: Tactical Pens and Keychain Weapons 

Tactical Pens and Keychain Weapons 

Never underestimate these tactical pens and keychain weapons. They look like regular pens but can give heavy damage to your opponent.

The Dinosaurized company has combined aircraft aluminum and tungsten steel to construct this product. With a high solidness, the weapon can stab and break the structure of any hard object. In other words, it can work efficiently as a knife. This tool also features a LED flashlight, functioning in 2 separate modes. You can use the steady function to lighten the way or use the sparkling mode to draw other people’s attention. These tactical tools can release inks as ordinary pens do. You can use them to write an emergency letter. This tactical pen has a compact style. Feel free to store them in your pocket and carry them around.

Like the knives, this weapon only supports close attacks. You can not rely on these items to fight back a gun user


  • Solid construction of aircraft aluminum and tungsten steel
  • Working as a glass breaker
  • LED flashlight with 2 modes
  • Support quick writing
  • Compact size for easy storing
  • Lightweight for portability


  • Only suitable for close combats

#6: Stun guns

 Stun guns

Another best self defense for females we want to share with you is the stun guns. As you make a shot using this weapon, the attackers will feel shocked and stunned.

This special gun releases high-current electricity. As the bad guy gets shot, he will fall onto the ground and be unable to move. You will then have time to escape from him. You can trust its shooting efficiency. The gun features a targeting laser. As you turn this feature on, a dot will shine on the attacker’s body and show the target you are aiming to. You can also download a TASER Pulse+ application to your smartphone. This app can recognize when you shoot with this gun and immediately send your current location to law enforcement.

For a single charge, you can only make 1 shot. This means the gun is only useful for fighting against 1 opponent. It will not help you defend yourself when being attacked by a group.


  • Releasing high-current electricity
  • Featuring targeting laser
  • TASER Pulse+ detecting the shot and sending location to the police
  • Lightweight
  • Easy changing batteries
  • Long shooting distance of 15 feet


  • Only 1 shot support
  • Hard to grip the handle

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Best Self Defense Fighting Techniques 


Besides the best self defense for women, we also want to share with you 2 useful fighting techniques. The first technique is Taekwondo. This martial art is created by the Koreans. They are easy to learn and powerful to apply.

The technique of Taekwondo is to focus on kicking attacks. You mostly use your feet to deliver strong strikes on the opponent’s face, stomach, and legs. Taekwondo allows you to make the bad guys hurt and fatigued after 1 - 2 kicks. If you make strong attacks, the opponents may not be able to move for hours. You can take advantage of this period to run away.

Get 3 basic Taekwondo kicks for beginners here.


The origin of Karate is from China. This martial art is developed under the name “Kung Fu”. At the moment, Karate is the most popular self-defense technique around the globe.

While Taekwondo focuses mostly on leg attacks, Karate requires you to use both arms and legs. For this reason, you are more flexible in aiming the positions on the opponent’s body to punch and kick. Like the previous fighting technique, Karate can help you make the attackers fatigued and hurt for a while. You can learn basic Karate for beginners here.

So, what is the best self defense fighting style among the 2 above techniques? We can not tell which one is better. Every material art has its own specialty. You can check our links to choose the style that is more suitable for you.

In fact, the 2 fighting styles above are very easy to learn. It is better to learn both. The more martial arts you know, the less fear you will have when facing big assaulters.


Above are 6 easy-to-use weapons. Have you found the best self defense for women to arm?

As we have mentioned, it is safer and better to do long-range defense than close combat, especially when every bad guy uses guns to assault women nowadays. In this case, a pistol will be the best weapon to carry. This does not mean you should not buy close-combat items. In some special cases, they may still be a great lifesaver. It is essential to have at least 1 of the 6 above items.

For further questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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