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Shipping & Handling

Our Warehouse

* (U.S ONLY- USPS Shipping- applied for any products you've seen from our Facebook ads) DragonSpine, Ankle holster, PEPE's universal Holster, Dragon gun mounts, Dragon Belly Holster (Dragon Bauch-Holster),Tactical Shovel, ALL President Trump-related products may take from 8-14 Calendar days. . However, We're in really hard time because of Coronavirus, many of our warehouses in U.S Lockdowned states are forced to close, but we'll try to shorten the shipping time, so please be patient.

* (U.S ONLY- T-shirts) Dinosaurized T-Shirts are made & printed in U.S, it may take 4-5 days to manufacture and 5-7 business days to reach you. We work with Printful, Amazon's Printing Partner, so you don't have to worry about our T-shirts' quality. 

Non-US customers may need to wait a little longer, from 8-17 business days. We send you with DHL.

*German: Versand Die Standardversandzeit beträgt 8 bis 17 Werktage für Versand und Ankunft.

*Swedish: Leveranstiden varierar från 8-17 arbetsdagar. (Dragon Holster)

*French: Le délai d'expédition varie de 8 à 17 jours ouvrables.

*Spanish/Mexican: El tiempo de envío puede variar entre 8 y 17 días hábiles. Cargaremos inmediatamente su código de rastreo a Paypal después del envío, puede tardar 3-4 días en activarse.

 With Inflatable car mattress, we now have Australian & U.S warehouse, so it takes much shorter, from 7-10 days of delivery.