Are Purses No Use In Concealed Carrying?

Women today are active agents in protecting themselves and their loved ones, including through the use of firearms. Even if we have a permit to carry concealed weapons, however, handbags can be more hindrance than help when it comes to concealing your weapon. It’s important to know that purses – no matter how high quality or fashionably designed – aren’t always ideal for carrying a gun safely and effectively. In this blog post, we will discuss why purse-carrying of a concealed firearm isn’t practical or safe and explore alternative methods for discreetly carrying your firearm as you go about everyday life.

1. Why Do Many Women Choose To Concealed Carry With A Purse Rather Than A Holster?

Despite various modern and suitable holsters on the market, there still exist reasons making women choose to concealed carry with a purse rather than a holster. For one, a purse allows for more discretion, as it is big and has wider coverage than a holster, therefore, less likely to be noticed that you are carrying a weapon.

Additionally, when women are being picky, they cannot always find one holster that fits their body shape, style, or ergonomics. Using a purse solves this problem since a variety of different styles, sizes and textures are available in the market.

Finally, carrying a gun in a purse can help to distribute the weight of the gun more evenly, making it more comfortable for them to carry.

However, carrying a weapon without using respective specialized objects to conceal causes dangers rather than convenience.

2. Dangers They Are Facing When Concealed Carry With A Purse

a. You Are In Danger Once The Purse Is Not In Your Hand

Having carried a pistol around means you have to be fully responsible when carrying it, and it is advisable that you do not let it linger around your wandering finger in a small, unseen space like inside a purse.

What are the consequences if you happen to forget the purse or be robbed? The one who gets your purse will either cause harm to others or be harmed because of your pistol. And if a robber notices you have a gun in an ill-secured purse, he will gain access to your gun and cause serious harm to you or other people.

Another bad thing that could happen if you carry your gun in a purse is that your child might find it. Carrying a gun in a purse makes it easier for kids to get to, and they could accidentally hurt themselves or someone else once their hand is inside the purse. An accident happened before in 2014, a 2-year-old in a Walmart shopping cart shot and murdered his mother with a revolver from her handbag, from US shooting tragedy. While seated in the shopping cart, her son retrieved the victim's hidden firearm from her handbag and discharged it, hitting the victim.

b. Your Lacking Responsibility Leads To Consequences

Put your pistol in a secure holster if you're taking it. Put your pistol in a hidden carry holster if you don't want anyone to see it.

There is nothing wrong with the natural impulse to use a handgun to protect yourself and the people you care about, but there's a lot wrong with presuming your purse satisfies that criterion. A purse is not a holster, and it's not secure since purses can loosen easily when women move freely. It’s not safe to carry your handgun in your purse as you can’t keep track of its location or access level at all times. Therefore, think carefully when opting for an object to keep your gun closely secure. It is better with something you are sure about (holster for example) rather than something that resembles as maybe like a purse for your pistol.

c. Expert’s Opinion 

Most experts recommend that women never carry a firearm in their purses unless it’s in a holster. A retired professional once stated: "One of the ultimate worries with purse carry is that it is extremely socially uncomfortable to treat the gun purse with the respect it deserves. Because it is socially embarrassing to respect the firearm-containing purse, the human propensity is to break the safety regulations "just this time" and leave the handbag and the gun in an unsafe position. One issue with this is that "just this time" is all it takes for an unanticipated catastrophe to occur."

In other words, rather than thinking of it as a holstered handgun, the tendency is to regard a concealed carry handbag as holding a firearm like you would any other handbag. But does it mean you can naturally act as always?

The answer is definitely NO. How could you, or anyone, be comfortable eating in a restaurant knowing the gun is in the handbag on the table? Or, could you sit still and have a carefree conversation with your friends while hanging the bag on the chair with kids running, and laughing around?

Another expert Melody Lauer, a nationally recognized firearms expert on armed conflict around children, discovered that attempting to access a firearm kept in a concealed carry purse resulted in a significant reduction in effectiveness when compared to traditional on-body carry approaches. Because of the amount of time it took to access a firearm stored in a concealed carry purse, she found that it was nearly impossible for women to effectively use their firearms if they were surprised by a threat.

So, now you see that concealed carrying with a purse is not safe and not assured at all. So what should you go for instead for the sake of full safety? Here we have recommendations for you to choose from.

3. Better Options For You To Concealed Carry

Different styles of holsters come up below so that you can take reference of the body part that you are comfortable with when conducting concealed carry. From shoulder holsters to waistbands and leg/ankle holsters, all can be found on the Dinosaurized website with authentic products.

a. Shoulder Holster 

A shoulder holster is a type of holster designed to be worn on the upper body. This allows you to carry your handgun in an accessible area while keeping it concealed underneath clothing. Shoulder holsters are typically adjustable and can be adjusted to fit different frame sizes. With this, you will have the freedom of movement without worrying much about compromising your handgun’s security.

Some of the best shoulder holsters that we have on offer include the Praetorian shoulder holster and the Baldman shoulder holster.

i. The Praetorian Holster

The Praetorian Holster is designed to provide both protection and mobility, allowing you to carry your weapon with ease and confidence. Crafted from a specialized zero-smell material that's breathable, lightweight, and comfortable against the skin, this holster ensures full concealment without any added bulk or discomfort. Easily adjustable for an individual fit, the Praetorian holster provides quick access to your weapon with its unique shoulder-to-belly switch system – simply remove or reattach the shoulder strap to convert from a shoulder to a belly band holster in moments.

Not only is it 100% concealed, but quick-drawing as well; this holster ensures that you'll have immediate access to your weapon in the event of an emergency. Additionally, thanks to its lightweight construction, this holster won't drag you down or impede your movement when worn for extended periods of time. This makes it perfect for those who need quick, easy access to their weapon when needed. Whether you're looking for discreet everyday carry or are on duty in dangerous conditions, the Praetorian Holster is an ideal choice.

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Praetorian Holster

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ii. Baldman Shoulder Holster

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Baldman Shoulder Holster

If you're looking for a convenient, comfortable way to conceal carry your gun, then with the Baldman shoulder holster, you can easily conceal your weapon while keeping it readily accessible.

This lightweight and easy-to-use holster makes it simple to keep your weapon hidden yet easily accessible. It's made with adjustable straps that allow you to quickly put it on and take it off, as well as adjust it so that it fits perfectly to your body size and shape. Not only that, but unlike other hip-mounted holsters, the Baldman shoulder holster spreads the weight of the gun over a larger area of your body, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

On top of all this, it's also ambidextrous, meaning you can choose which handedness works best for you – right or left. To make sure you get the most out of this holster, be sure to purchase one that is specifically designed for the type and size of gun you will be carrying.

With its reliable construction and comfort features, the Baldman shoulder holster is an ideal choice for anyone who needs a secure and discreet way to carry their firearm.

b. Inside/Outside Waistband (IWB/OWB)

The waistband is another popular option for concealed carry. The most important advantage of wearing a waistband holster is that it allows you to have easy access to your weapon without having to reach under clothing or draw attention to the gun. This makes them great options for discreet, everyday carry.

Here we present two of the best holsters for the waistband area: Dinosaur 3-in-1 holster and Fujobi Pancake Holster.

i. Dinosaur 3-In-1 Holster

The Dinosaur 3-in-1 holster is the perfect solution for gun owners looking to keep their firearms and ammo close at hand and easily accessible. Featuring three compartments, two gun holsters on either side and an ammo holder in the center, this holster makes it easy to draw your weapon no matter what position you're in while ensuring comfort and concealment.

Other than that, there is an extra compartment with a zipper for you to keep your precious belongings such as cards or your phone in place. This is a big bonus for all women out there wanting to find a match for their firearm but still worrying about other must-bring items. With this holster that contains several free compartments, your concern is taken care of!

In addition, the premium materials used are comfortable against the skin, so you can wear it all day without feeling weighed down. The size of each compartment is also designed to accommodate a wide range of handguns, allowing you to customize your loadout depending on your preferences or needs. Furthermore, the gun holsters feature adjustable straps that allow for a quick draw from any position, offering additional versatility and convenience.

All in all, this holster is great for anyone who wants to keep their firearms secure and within easy reach at all times.

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Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster

ii. Fujobi Pancake Holster 

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Our Fujobi Pancake Holster is the ideal choice to keep your firearms in top condition and ready for use. This holster is made from waterproof PU leather, so you can be sure your gun is safe and protected from sweat and moisture damage.

Unlike other holsters, ours does not require a holding strap so you can jump around, bend, twist, stretch, drive, and sit with no worries that the gun will fall out. This is an important feature to consider when you are looking for a holster for everyday carry. Plus, our quickdraw design makes it easy to draw your firearm quickly when needed.

Wearing a holster at your back inside your jeans helps to reduce back pain by providing support where it's needed. It also offers a more discreet concealment option if you prefer not to wear it in the open.

Additionally, this holster easily conceals under clothing due to its ultra-light PU leather construction - it's comfortable to wear and won't make you appear bulky or conspicuous.

Not only does Fujobi Pancake Holster protect your firearm from moisture damage, but its lightweight yet supportive design provides ease of movement with no worry about back pain or being spotted with an exposed gun.

With our holster you can rest assured that your firearm will stay dry and protected at all times and that you'll always have quick access to your weapon should you need it in a pinch.

c. Leg/Ankle Holster

The last option, and also very unique option, to consider when looking for a concealed carry holster is the leg/ankle holster. This type of holster offers maximum concealment and convenience as it rests against your lower leg, meaning that your firearm will remain out of sight whilst also being within easy reach. With this position concealment, we offer the 100% Jesus Ankle Holster as the perfect choice for this type of wear

100% Jesus Ankle Holster

The 100% Jesus Ankle Holster is an incredibly versatile and all-size-calve-friendly accessory, designed to suit all sorts of disadvantaged situations. It features two extra straps that keep the firearm and holster in place, with a further extension for those with fat legs.

It also includes an extra mag holster so you can carry an additional round of ammunition in reserve. This holster is made from a high-quality 600D nylon material and three layers of non-slip friction, making it both tough and comfortable for all-day gun carrying. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, this holster ensures you can draw your weapon quickly and safely when needed - whether you are knocked down to the ground, seated in your car, dealing with a jammed main gun, or helping out a comrade who needs one.

It is also a big match for women who seek a holster that can work with many types of clothing. No matter whether you are wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts, ankle holsters are very discreet and comfortable.

Thanks to its advanced design and easy-to-use features, the 100% Jesus Ankle Holster provides an unbeatable balance between quality, versatility, and comfort – perfect for anyone looking for a dependable firearm accessory.

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100% JESUS Ankle Holster

4. Conclusion

So, the last recommendation with ankle/leg holster has finalized our blog of warnings against concealed carry with a purse. While using a purse for concealed carry may be better than nothing, there are far superior methods and products available. At Dinosaurized, we want customers to be smart and safe when choosing how to conceal and transport their firearms. For these reasons, we recommend against using purses for concealed carrying guns- there are simply too many risks involved. Hope that our readers will take our advice into consideration and be wise gun users for their own sake. 


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