Fat Adoptive Dad reveal his journey to find holsters to protect his two children

"I'm a very large individual, both tall and wide.

The holster was easy to adjust to fit even me.

I no longer feel backpain since I wore this holster"

Ever find that your holster makes your back pain feel like a never-ending nightmare

Believe me, I get it. I used to face the same problem. But let me take you back to the beginning of my story.

Last winter, My brother died.

He and his wife went on a mountain climbing trip, their shared passion.

They didn't make it back. A sudden avalanche took them away, leaving behind their young boy and girl, 6 and 8 years old.

Their loss was devastating. And on top of my grief, I suddenly found myself playing the role of a father.

To provide for my new family, I had to take on extra work on top of my farming duties. But the gnawing worry about their safety never left me.

I used to be a carefree kind of guy, didn't worry much.

But after that, every time I stepped outside, I made sure I was armed.

 Because if something happened to me, who'd be there for the kids?

But carrying a gun a few times a month is a whole different ballgame from carrying one every single day.

I'm a big guy, a farmer. And if you've got some extra padding like me, you'll know that finding a proper holster is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


After buying a bunch of holsters from Youtube couch experts, I found out some fat-guy-related problems that many holsters on the market couldn't solve:

- Breathability: Fat people sweat a lot, many holsters are simply not  breathable enough. Also, the sweat would damage your holster & dangerously damage your gun.

- Flexibility: Fat guys have a big belly, like when you wear an holster inside your waistband, the gun would get stuck and become useless under your big waist.

- Backpain problems: Kydex & leather holsters would concentrate weight in one area around your waist, add extra strain to your lower back

- Seated draw: Most holsters focus on drawing from a standing positions, as you can see on all the ads. I simply don't feel any natural and comfortable when I try to draw a holster from a seated positions, especially in my truck.

- Horizontal direction: This problem goes with some leather shoulder holsters I bought from my local holster maker. Horizontal holsters may point to the person behind you, which is against the second gun safety rule: Keep the gun pointed in the safest possible direction.

Many none-gun owners think we gun owners are careless & irresponsible person, I disagree, with all due respect . On the contrary, we gun owners are the most scrunitizing people on earth when it's related to gun safety (of course there're some bad apples).

If you find your holster has one of the many issues as I mentioned, I suggest you consider changing your holster, or don't carry at all.

It's better safe than sorry.

"I am 5'11 260 lb and have a Sig P365 X Macro and this rig fits comfortably like a glove."


 As I continued to research on the internet, I found out veteran-owned holster site, and saw that review given by my cousin Kevin Malik. 

I called him to make sure it was him. 

He confirmed, he also send me one of his holster - one has a strange name: Baldman shoulder holster - to try, as he already had 1 as a spare.

I was skeptical at first, but decided to wear it for like 4 weeks as a try and let me tell you, this thing worked like a charm.

First, as the holster's weight on my shoulder, it distributes the weight, I didn't feel back pain as I used to, feeling much relief, like a big fat weight had been lifted off my back.

Next, I no longer sweat like when I wore the leather holster, which made me smelly and sweat all the time.

Also, this holster looks super natural when you draw your firearm, it makes people feel like you taking your ID out of your jacket.


The first thing I notice when I wear this holster is that not like other shoulder holster, it points to the ground.

 It's a very important thing to me because I don't want people, especially my kids, feel unsafe walking behind me.

Secondly, It has a big 2-slot mag holster so it can help balance the weight.

 One another thing is that it feels super easy to draw my firearm from the holster, as I can also carry it all day without feeling irritated & heated like I used to when I wore my old Kydex holster. 

I'm a left handed man, while Kevin is right-handed, thankfully this holster can be side-switched easily.

Instead of putting more weight on my waist & back which makes my back pain get worse, the holster spread the weight around my shoulder equally. 

...And the most important thing, If you're a fat guy, it's no more sweat & irritation under my belly.

If you're an OTR trucker who are seated driving all day like me, you're gonna need this holster brother.

"Got this for my husband and he is 6’ 250lbs. Fit very snug but does the job."

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Much Better and 

decided to switch to Baldman holster

"The best holster I've had"

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