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Written by James Marcus - Published on Feb 28, 2023


  • Perfect for fat people

  • Sweat guard

  • Ambi & easy seated draw
  • Perfect for fat people

  • Sweat guard

  • Ambi & easy seated draw
  • Not affecting back pain
  • Smell-proof
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Not affecting back pain

  • Smell-proof

  • 30 day guarantee


I understand, truly, I do. I've walked the same path, I used to face the same problem. But first, let me take you back to a time when my life took an unexpected turn.

Last summer, my wife betrayed me. 

The woman I thought I would spend the rest of my life with left me for another man, her 'close friend.'

When the truth unraveled, it was chaotic.

She packed her bags, took all of my money and property I'd worked for, and left.

But she didn't take everything - she left me with our two daughters.

Heartbroken, I knew I had to pull myself together.

The kids needed me. So, I hustled, took on two jobs, working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make ends meet.

Once opposed to guns, I now decided to carry one every single day. Why? Because if something happens to me, who will look after my children?

I took a gun course, made new friends at the range, and learned a great deal.

My shooting skills improved, and I found a supportive community who were always there for me.

Along with these changes, there was an incredibly important task - finding a holster that was comfortable, reliable, and suitable for my large frame.

This turned out to be a much tougher challenge than I expected.

As a big, fat guy, who spends his days seated as an Uber driver and his nights standing, serving fast food, finding the right holster was like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially if you're as large as I am.

"This holster works well and an IWB holster. It is comfortable and hold a variety of CC guns. It holds the guns tight but they can easily be drawn."

I must've tried a dozen different holsters, each one recommended by some guru on YouTube. However, none of them solved the problems that us larger folks face.

Heat and Sweat: People with a bit more weight, like me, tend to sweat. A lot. Most holsters just don't breathe well. This sweat was not only making me uncomfortable—it was ruining my holster and, worse, damaging my gun.

Snugness: As larger individuals, we've got a bit of a belly. When I'd try to tuck my gun into my waistband, it would end up buried under a mound of flesh.

Lower Back Ache: Whether made of kydex or leather, every holster I tried concentrated all the weight in one spot around my waist. It felt like they were designed to cause back problems.

Seated Drawing: Every holster ad featured a trim, fit person drawing while standing. But what about when you're sitting? Especially in a truck, I found drawing to be anything but smooth and natural.

Pointing Horizontally: I'd tried a few leather shoulder holsters from a local maker. However, they positioned the gun to point horizontally, behind me, breaking the second rule of gun safety: Always point the gun in the safest possible direction.

Now, I know what some people think. That we gun owners are reckless, that we don't think things through. But let me assure you, with all due respect, that couldn't be further from the truth. We put a lot of thought into gun safety. We're among the most careful people you'll meet, barring a few bad apples.

So, if you've got a holster that presents any of these issues, I'd suggest considering swapping it for something else, or even stopping from carrying at all.

Because when it comes to guns, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

"I’m 5’8” 150lb woman who carries a 9 mm. This is the best holster. Very comfortable, makes it much easier to conceal."

Humiliation on the Hip: My Holster Horror Stories

Now, you'd think a bad holster would only be a minor inconvenience. 

A bit of discomfort, maybe some annoying sweatiness. 

Trust me, it's much more than that. 

It can truly tarnish your day and bring you a heap of embarrassment. And I've got the stories to prove it.

On a date, my previous holster caused bad sweating and an unpleasant odor.

 As a result, I was ghosted afterward. 

The women told me I smell bad and never want to meet me again.

I'm at my daughter's school play, and my previous holster was making me sweat so much it soaked through my shirt. 

The kids in her class pointed and laughed. 

It was a nightmare

Another time at my younger daughter's soccer game, my rigid holster made me so restless, I kept shifting in my seat. 

Other parents gave me strange looks, I felt so out of place.

One another time on a road trip with friends, my holster was causing such discomfort and sweat, I had to frequently adjust it. 

They all laughed and made jokes about my 'sweaty problem.

Yeah, a bad holster can put you in some pretty cringe-worthy spots.

"I have purchased quite a few holsters for my S&W .40 trying to find that perfect fit for all day carry and comfort... And I've finally found that here!

This padded holster makes it so comfortable while sitting. No pinching, binding or rubbing. Easy to clip onto my belt and stays in place. Overall great value for the money. So glad I picked this up... Just wish I would have found this first!!."


During an online search, I spotted this review by my cousin Nick Green on a veteran-owned holster website.

 He was praising something called the 'Fujobi Pancake Holster.' 

I called Nick to verify, he affirmed and told me to visit his house.

Nick is a big, fat, man, much bigger than me, over 350lbs, 5.9ft . When I saw him he was standing in front of his house, carrying a small bag with something inside.

What’s this?” I asked, a little confused.

“Consider it anearly 4th of July gift. I need it, and I’d be willing to bet you do too.”

I continued to stare at him, knowing he’d elaborate.

“I sweat and smell a lot these days, just like you, I guess. Those holsters you’ve got – they're like swimming in a disgusting, sweaty, swampy mud, aren't they?”

Nick throw the bag at my face, " take it"- he said.

Now, I won’t get too into the details – because he’d probably give me a smack for it – but that’s when my cousin shared with me his struggles with excessive sweating tendency (Hyperhidrosis) , and exactly what he had done to help himself avoid embarrassment

He told me how a friend had introduced him to a new, breakthrough holster that completely prevented him from sweating and smelling on hot summer days…

This holster saved him from embarrassing moments at church when people once gave him strange looks and covered their noses (which happened to me a lot of time), saved him countless loads of laundry, and even helped his skin feel healthier and cleaner after a long day of driving.

So, after giving me the details and one of his all-knowing looks, I opened the bag…

And what I found inside changed my life forever.

Inside were a soft, luxuriously smooth, leather-neoprene hybrid-looking holster by a US-based company named Dinosaurized®.

To cut a long story short, that afternoon I put it on, drove my Uber and...

This holster Helped Keep Me Cool – All. day. Long.

The moment I fastened it to my belt, I felt the difference.

This holster was a game-changer.

Fujobi was unlike any other I had tried before.

It nestled comfortably against my body, providing an ideal fit.

The sweat guard was a miracle worker, keeping me dry and warding off any discomfort caused by excessive perspiration.

Drawing my gun was seamless, regardless of whether I was standing or seated.

Fujobi's design accounted for my size, enabling a smooth and natural draw.

Gone were the days of awkward fumbling or struggling to access my firearm when it mattered most.

I falled in love with.... the Hybrid design of this holster.

Its construction distributed the weight evenly, relieving any strain on my lower back.

"Way better than I was expecting for the money I spent. Fits my gen 3 g26 and sig p290rs both perfectly. Clips are strong and distribute the weight of the pistol evenly."


  Fujobi holster is like a part of me now, not an annoying add-on.

 The kids noticed the change too. No more shifting and adjusting at their school events, no more soaked-through shirts. 

 I was just their dependable, cool uncle again. Their friends even started calling me 'The Gentle Giant.'

 People around me began to see me differently as well. 

 At work, my colleagues stopped making 'sweaty' jokes. 

  Instead, they started asking about my new holster. Some even bought their own Fujobi.

 In church, there were no more wary glances, no more whispers. People respected my responsibility as a firearm owner, and my choice of a secure, safe holster played a big part in it.

 The Fujobi Pancake Holster didn't just make my daily carrying routine easier. 

 It brought a newfound respect and eased the tension of my surroundings. 

 I became a figure not to be joked about, but to be looked up to, and it gave me confidence like never before.

"Pretty good holster overall. Clips well and is sturdy. It fits my Beretta 92 well."

“So, Where Can You Get Dinosaurized Fujobi Pancake Holster Now?”

If you're like me, struggling with size, sweat, and comfort when it comes to finding the perfect holster...

...tired of digging under your belly, dealing with backaches, or struggling to draw your weapon when seated...

Then you're in luck!

Because right now, all readers coming from this page can click the button below and get up to 63% off their order of the Fujobi Pancake Holster by Dinosaurized®!

"This Fujobi holster brings relief from back pain. I no longer experience the aches and discomfort that plagued me during long days of carrying. It has made a world of difference in my daily routine."

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Much Better and 

decided to switch to Fujobi Pancake holster

"The best holster I've had"

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