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Written by Kevin B. - Published on Feb 28, 2023


Believe me, I get it. I used to face the same problem. But let me take you back to the beginning of my story.

My big brother James, a firefighter, didn't survive a major house fire. 

He managed to save a family of four, but his twin daughters, only eight, lost their dad.

 As their uncle, it was up to me to step in.

I was an unemployed, fat nerd, spending all day read comic books. But then, life flipped.

I left my comfortable, vibrant world to be there for my nieces. It was a tough choice, but their hopeful eyes made it clear - I had to do this.

To provide for them, I took on three jobs, logging and driving Uber sixteen hours a day, serving fast food at the weekend to ensure they were well-fed and had a safe home.

I surprised myself by opting to carry a firearm for the girls' safety, a considerable shift from my formerly anti-gun stance. 

I enrolled in a gun course, made new friends at the shooting range, and learned a whole new skill set.

My shooting skills improved a lot, and I found a group of awesome friends always ready to help.

The camaraderie at the range was a surprise bonus, boosting my morale and offering much-needed support.

The next challenge was to find a holster that was practical, reliable, and catered to my big size. I tried many holsters, all suggested by online 'experts,' but none of them worked with my body type and tendency to sweat. 

"I do a lot of sitting as a Security Guard, and it's too uncomfortable carrying with my IWB holster. This solves that, and plus takes the weight off of my pants. This is my new favorite way to carry. It easily holds my full size Rock Island Armory 1911 and 2 extra magazines."


After buying a bunch of holsters from Youtube couch experts, I found out some fat-guy-related problems that many holsters on the market couldn't solve:

Back Pain: Most holsters dump all the weight in one waist area, leading to discomfort and constant backaches. It's as if designs prioritized hiding the gun over comfort.

Heat and Sweat: Us bigger guys sweat more. Many holsters lacked breathability, causing discomfort, reduced holster lifespan, and firearm degradation.

Chafing: A larger body means more friction and chafing with holsters. Many left me with raw, irritated skin after just a few hours.

Poor Fit: Waistband holsters and a belly don't mix well. Retrieving the gun smoothly was always a challenge.

Seated Drawing: Ads show lean folks drawing guns while standing. What about seated, like in a car? Not as easy.

Safety: Some shoulder holsters had the firearm pointing behind me. Unsafe and against basic gun rules.

I used to think that gun owners were reckless, didn't put enough thought into safety. But after becoming one and joining the community , I realized I was wrong

Gun safety became a top priority for me. And I noticed, we're some of the most cautious folks out there. Well, except for a few bad apples.

So if you've got a holster and it's got any of these issues, I'd suggest you think about swapping it for something else. 

Or even consider not carrying at all.

Because when it comes to guns, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

"Very comfortable and weapon is secure. Makes sitting with a concealed weapon easy and more comfortable."

Humiliation on the Hip: My Holster Horror Stories

You know, a poor-quality holster does more than just cause physical discomfort - it can trigger some truly cringe-worthy situations.

 During my Uber shifts, passengers started covering their noses and leaving low ratings due to an 'odd smell'. 

It was my old holster, causing too much sweat and a bad smell. It took a toll on both my image and income.

Then, my fast-food job became a sweat fest thanks to my old holster.

 Co-workers kept making jokes about my 'sweat issue.' I laughed it off, but it stung each time.

The worst was at my daughter's softball game. 

My soaked shirt became a joke among the kids, hurting my daughter and me.

Yeah, a bad holster can really put you in some awkward situations.

"Has places for light, blade, wallet, phone etc. Well made no imprint for concealed weapon."


During an online search, I came across a review written by my best friend James Allen on a family-owned holster website.

He was full of praise for a unique product called the 'Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster.' Intrigued, he sent me one to test out for myself.

I admit I was skeptical initially, but I gave it a shot. I wore it for a month, and this holster turned out to be a game-changer.

What won me over was its unparalleled comfort. I could wear it around my belly, or on my side, and it would fit snugly, providing relief from the constant strain. This level of comfort was truly beyond anything I had experienced before.

Recall my earlier issues with excessive sweating?They vanished. The Dinosaur Holster, with its breathable material, kept me cool and dry, no matter how long I wore it.

But the real clincher was the ease with which I could draw my firearm. It was as effortless as reaching for my wallet. This single feature made me a convert. The Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster became my constant companion. Now, I can't imagine my day without it.


The Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster quickly became an extension of me, not a bothersome inconvenience.

Soon enough, my Uber passengers started noticing a difference. No more me squirming around in my seat or dealing with shirts drenched in sweat. Now, I was just their chill, together Uber driver. My ratings even got better!

The change was noticed at my other job too. The snide remarks about my 'sweat problem' ceased. Instead, my co-workers found themselves intrigued by my new holster. A few even decided to get a Dinosaur Holster of their own.

The most heartwarming change was witnessed at my nieces' school events. The schoolyard giggles and pointed fingers were a thing of the past. Now, I was just their proud uncle, cheering them on from the sidelines. The feeling of respect was evident, and my choice of a comfortable and reliable holster played a big part in that.

The Dinosaur Holster didn't just make my everyday carry routine easier. It brought newfound respect and alleviated the stress I had been feeling. I was no longer a subject of mockery, but a figure to be respected. This filled me with a sense of pride and boosted my confidence in ways I hadn't imagined.

"I recommend the Dinosaurized Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, I wear mine inside the waistband with handgun at the appendix position. There is a nice detachable velcro compartment to hold a second magazine and another section that has room for a wallet, cellphone, or knife and flashlight. A lot of room for personal customization."

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Much Better and 

decided to switch to dinosaur 3-in-1 holster

"The best holster I've had"


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