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Top 6 Back-friendly holsters suggested by Six-Tour Decorated Afghanistan Veteran

Recommended by Four-Time Deployed Afghanistan Veteran.
Experience Unmatched Comfort, Security, and Versatility with the Top 6 Holsters for Larger Individuals, Endorsed by an Afghanistan vet

Written by - Ethan- Published on Feb 21, 2023

 After enduring the rough terrains of Afghanistan during my four deployments, I decided to call it quits in 2021, hanging up my military attire to embrace a peaceful farming lifestyle. The military drills and operations were replaced with tending crops and caring for livestock. In the process, I tied the knot and admittedly gained a few extra pounds amidst this serene farming life.

During my regular trips to the local gun range, I observed a common struggle among my fellow larger gun owners - back pain, sweat, and smell resulting from their holsters, a problem exacerbated during the sweltering summer months. Observing these struggles ignited the idea of writing this article.

Fortuitously, Dinosaurized, a renowned brand for its superior firearm accessories, came to my rescue. This article encapsulates my top six holsters from Dinosaurized. These have not only catered to my needs but I believe they will efficiently address the needs of individuals with larger builds, offering unmatched comfort, safety, and utility.

1. Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster

"Absolutely LOVE this conceal carry holster!! It holds everything including an extra magazine along with all the other essentials, it’s sturdy and quality-made, and it stays securely in place when I’m on the move!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It also came in a cute little zipper bag that I’ll use, too!."

When it comes to versatility and adaptability, nothing beats the Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster.

Its multi-pocket design provides additional storage for essentials, making it particularly useful in several situations. This ambidextrous holster accommodates my shooting needs perfectly, whether I’m left-handed or right-handed.

One feature that truly distinguishes the Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster is its ergonomic support. Extended wear has revealed its unique ability to support my back and spine, significantly reducing the strain associated with carrying a firearm. This exceptional back support is a boon for anyone grappling with back pain.

2. Fujobi Pancake Holster

"I have finally found a comfortable holster that doesn't cut into my waist, secures my shield and feels as if its not there. I wear draw string sweats and sorts all the time. The double clamps really keep the holster in place"

The Fujobi Pancake Holster, constructed from ultra-light, sweatproof PU leather, not only fits comfortably against my body, but also spreads the weight of my firearm evenly. This balanced weight distribution is vital in eliminating discomfort and preventing my firearm from digging into my sides, ensuring optimal comfort even during the hottest days.

The versatility of this IWB holster is a crucial selling point as it fits most of my handguns, saving me the cost of investing in different holsters for each firearm. The robust clips and full grip back cover are key design elements that have been instrumental in ensuring my firearm remains secure, irrespective of my level of activity - be it household chores or outdoor pursuits.

One unique feature is the PU leather material that does not rub against my skin, enabling me to wear it for extended periods without discomfort, even on sweatier days. Additionally, the absence of a retention strap permits a swift and seamless draw, which can be lifesaving in a situation requiring instantaneous firearm use.


"I bought this with the intention of carrying a sub-compact Taurus for when I took my dog for a walk or riding my bike. This thing is so comfortable and secure that I felt confident enough to carry my full frame Beretta PX4 .40 to an event tonight under my sweatshirt. I did not even have the over the shoulder strap on it and it stayed in place. If you are looking for a nice carry and conceal holster for average carrying, it is well worth the money."

After returning from Afghanistan in 2021, I sought comfort and versatility in a holster to complement my new farming lifestyle. The Praetorian Shoulder & Belly Holster perfectly fits this description, providing a unique blend of comfort and functionality.

This innovative holster adapts as seamlessly to my daily routine as it transitions from shoulder to belly carry. Despite spending lengthy hours on the tractor or in the farm office, I can always rely on Praetorian for a rapid draw and discreet concealment.

A standout feature of this holster is its breathable, premium neoprene material, which effectively keeps sweat and odors at bay, especially during the hot summer days. I especially appreciate the thoughtful weight distribution, which has not only eased back pain but has also helped maintain a healthier posture. The design of the holster is also adept at accommodating larger handguns, making it an invaluable addition to my gear.


"" This holster fits the Taurus G3c perfectly, the leather is good quality and it rides well against your hip carrying OWB and the leather feels good carrying IWB.You can't beat this deal! "

My everyday carry gear is incomplete without the Farmman Leather Holster. A cherished heirloom passed down from my brave WWII veteran grandfather, this holster exemplifies excellent craftsmanship and durability—it’s still fully functional after all these years.

What impresses me about the Farmman Leather Holster is its superb comfort and adaptability. Over time, it has perfectly molded to fit my firearm and body, providing a snug and secure hold.

5. Wardog Ankle Holster

" Love this thing. Seems very durable with strong Velcro. Very comfortable to wear even after several hours. I actually kept forgetting I had it on! I have a Ruger LCP and it fits perfectly. Does not print much depending on how tight your pants are."

The Wardog Ankle Holster has been a game-changer in unexpected ways. As a dedicated carrier, I’ve often encountered situations where a waistband holster became a hindrance rather than a help, particularly while driving. With this holster, drawing my firearm while seated is no longer a difficult task. It's always at the ready and secure in its holster.

This holster has proven to be a reliable backup when I need it most. Having the Wardog Ankle Holster guarantees I'm never caught unprepared.

6. Baldman Shoulder Holster

"Pretty good holster overall. Clips well and is sturdy. It fits my Beretta 92 well."

For formal occasions or when dressing in a suit or jacket, I’ve found waistband and ankle holsters can interfere with my outfit or be inconvenient to access. Here, the Baldman Shoulder Holster has proven indispensable.

The Baldman Shoulder Holster merges effortlessly with my formal attire, providing easy and swift access to my firearm without compromising the aesthetics of my outfit. It fits perfectly for larger frames like mine, distributing the weight across my shoulders and back, reducing the strain associated with carrying a firearm for extended periods. This improved weight distribution is a significant factor in reducing back pain and ensuring a comfortable experience.

From the timeless Farmman Leather Holster, a family keepsake passed down from my WWII veteran grandfather, to the versatile Wardog Ankle Holster that provides my spouse with a sense of safety, these holsters have become integral parts of both my personal and professional lives.

In conclusion, selecting the right holster is more than just finding a secure spot for your firearm. It's about finding a balance of comfort, accessibility, and discretion that suits your unique needs. These holsters offer an unparalleled level of convenience and confidence, whether I'm dressing up for a formal event, going on a long drive, or simply carrying out my daily chores. Explore these holster options today to find the one that best suits your needs and elevate your firearm carrying experience.

"The best holster I've had"

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