Finally, today’s superstar is the G43x. I am so happy to finally share my true experience with the G43x. It is without a doubt, by far one of my favorite pistols! I've been waiting for this day and now that it's here – you know what? Writing about how much joy these guns have brought into people’s lives will make them even more special than before :)

Glock's hottest marvel in their line of handguns is the Glock 43x. This version has been specially designed for people who carry large amounts on them and need something that can handle even more weight without breaking! It is a single stack 9mm pistol that has been designed for concealed carry. Glock has received lots of criticism in the past for their lack of innovation, but it seems they are starting to turn things with the Glock 43x. This gun has been receiving positive reviews from gun enthusiasts and experts alike. In this Glock 43x review, we will take a closer look at this handgun and see if it is the perfect concealed carry weapon!

But first, let's look at where the Glock 43x came from.

glock 43x holster


History of Glock 43

Conceal Carry Weapons are becoming increasingly popular as more state laws allow law-abiding citizens to bear arms. Glock isn't everyone's first choice for a concealed carry weapon despite this demand. When people think of hiding carry, they think of Walther, Sig, or H&K, to name a few manufacturers. Even Glock enthusiasts prefer other models to the Glock.

Glock Are Accurate But Large And Unconcealable

Glock's reputation for quality is undeniable, but they come at a cost. The Glock 43, in particular, has been called "the most accurate pistol on Earth," which makes it one of our favorite guns to carry out while we're hunting or practicing self-defense skills.

Glock 19s are the most popular full-size handgun models on today's market, and they're also concealable. The reason why I choose Glock over other makes is that it's one my most trusted brands when handling guns. The very first issue is that Glocks are large. When carried under clothing like in a tight waistband of jeans or a shirt or jacket, they don't conceal themselves very well enough to enjoy them as daily carry pieces especially in some situations where you might need that extra protection against theft!

Mentioning " concealed" instead made me realize just how important it can be to practice with different types or sizes if we don't want people around us guessing what kind our weapon might actually be!

Glock lost customers to Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, and Ruger because their pistols met a need that people had. In response, Glock began producing much smaller models, such as the Glock 42, which fired 380 ACP, a light bullet. Then there was the Glock 43, which fired 9mm and made a lot of people happy to buy from Glock.I’ve been carrying the Glock 43 for a couple years now. It’s been a good gun, and has had relatively few malfunctions. However, the single stack 9mm G43 is small, and therefore it is not very comfortable to shoot. The G43 was Glock’s first single-stack subcompact 9mm pistol. Previously, the smallest 9mm you could get from Glock was the double-stack subcompact Glock 26. The G43 was also the first Glock to have an “as advertised” 6+1 capacity – other single stacks.

The SIG P365 was announced earlier in 2022, and it quickly became one of the most popular concealed-carry guns on earth. It's a single stack 9mm handgun with an 8 round capacity that can also shoot just as reliably as any other firearm out there - including Glocks! The only reason why people prefer these over their Glock counterparts? They have twice as many rounds before needing another magazine change, making them perfect for self-defense situations where you might get surprised by someone else who has access to your belongings at school or work (or anywhere else).

So how did Glock respond to that?

Well, G43x was launched to meet the demand for a firearm with an even larger capacity than their previous models. The Glock 43x is basically an upgraded version of the G43 with a longer grip length, but maintains the same slim design profile as previous versions. The 43x has been released with 2 different magazine capacities: 10 rounds and 12 rounds of ammunition as well as one in chamber, which makes it the perfect choice when you need more firepower fast! The 10 round magazine is designed for states that have strict concealed carry laws (like California), where a maximum magazine capacity limit is imposed by law. The 12 round magazine comes from factory from Glock, and will work in any state where there isn’t such a restriction on magazine size limits.

You might be wondering now. What Exactly Is The G43x?

To answer that, the sections that follow will break down all of the information, detailing everything there is to know about the G43x. We'll go over everything, from the good to the bad, so you can make the best decision if you want to buy the Glock 43x.

The Glock 43x is the newest addition to Glock’s family of single stack 9mm pistols. It was introduced to the market in January 2019 along with its sister handgun the Glock 48. 

The Glock 43x and the Glock 48 are very similar in size with a few notable differences. Which I will get into shortly.

If you have been following Glock for a while then you would know that they released the G43 back in 2015 which was, at the time, their smallest pistol ever produced. And it was a huge hit. You could find a G43 in just about every holster no matter where you looked and it quickly gained a reputation as an extremely reliable firearm that was easy to conceal and carry. 

Glock's latest addition to their concealed carry line is the G43x. It has been created as a longer and broader version of Glock's most popular model, with an increased capacity for 10 rounds instead of 6 like previous generations did prior thereto! The 4300 series also features improved ergonomics in order to make it easier on you when carrying around such heavy gear without any discomfort at all, including things like higher grip locations which were tailored, based explicitly on customer requests through various forums over time so that they can be found naturally occurring within the average human. 

Glock 43x - What makes it different from other Revolvers?

As you probably already know, the Glock is one of the most popular pistols in the world. It's also used by police departments all over the country as well as by hundreds of thousands of civilians for self-defense and target shooting. Now, there are a lot of different models of Glock out there that have been designed for different purposes. Some are designed for concealed carry while others are designed to be used as full-size service pistols. This is why I decided to write this article and give you my thoughts on what makes the Glock 43x one of the best concealed carry weapons on the market today. 


The 1st thing we need to talk about Glock is always its reliability. The Glock has a reputation for being very reliable and even though it's not as small as some other guns, it still packs quite a punch when it comes to stopping power. Reliability is what makes Glock 43x so popular among police officers, hunters and anyone else who needs a dependable weapon for self-defense or hunting. Another thing that makes this gun great is its simplicity. If you've read any other articles about handguns, then you might have noticed that some guns are very complicated and require quite a bit of maintenance.

Given the gun's height, comparable to a Glock 19, the Glock 43x has a 10-round capacity. Although the Glock 43x is substantially thinner than the Glock 19, it still allows you to handle the gun with all three fingers. 

Something that shorter guns like the Glock 43 and the Sig P365 do not. The Shield Arm all-metal magazine body can hold up to 15 rounds. This costs you an extra $40 than using Glock Factory Mag at around $20~$25. 

It's essentially a Glock 43 with a little broader and taller chassis to improve grip size and capacity from 6 to 10 9mm bullets. 

Glock, on the other hand, deserves praise! They're one of the few manufacturers that genuinely pay attention to what their consumers have to say.After years of waiting, they created this beauty - it's got an accurate shooting range up until 50 ft., can handle 6 shots before running out if you're good at reloading quickly enough.Glock is finally answering our prayers by releasing the perfect pistol for us wide-grip fans! We've been begging them to make a mid or full size 9mm with less than 2 inch lengthy barrel. Glock listened and here it is. That's actually pretty awesome.


The G43x's grip is the perfect balance of the two prior 9mm options. Comfortable, ergonomic, fit hands well. Subpar texturing around the grip give you a sufficient, comfortable grip. 

Slide/Front cocking serrations 

Glock has finally added them to its handguns, and they're a good addition; nevertheless, it wouldn't be the same if Glock left them off this gun, as they have for the majority of previous models. 

The slide itself is a Glock 43 slide except having forward cocking serrations. 

The cocking serrations on the back of the gun offer just enough leverage to perform a press check. 


The short slide is quite useful for close-up, quick follow-up shots and precision. I'd say I'm a Glock lover because of its well-known accuracy. Very simple to shoot and use - a great CCW, but with a smaller capacity than some others. Right on the money! With a Glock, keep in mind that sights must be changed on a regular basis. 


Glock finally made a gun that's comfortable to carry! The ergonomic slimline design and lightweight nature of this Glock 43X make it perfect for people who were always judging the standard trigger-happy polymer frames before. With so many holster options available, you can find one specifically tailored just for your needs - whether they be tactical or casual dress codes demands on any given day. 


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Glock 43x Review - pros and cons


  • The Grip: The grip is one of the G43x's strongest features. It meets the needs of all shooters looking for a weapon that falls between the Glock 43 and the Glock 48. The G43x's grip combines the best features of both models, including the length of the G48's barrel, which allows it to hold more rounds, and the shorter barrel of the G43. 
    This not only makes it more appealing to Glock users, but it will also satisfy the needs of shooters who currently own other handguns and plan to switch to Glock. Any conceal carrier will benefit from the sleek and extended grip.
  • The Serrations: The modification is minor, yet it has a significant impact. Only the back serrations are available on other Glock variants. This is OK because the pistol is larger. The G43x, on the other hand, is significantly smaller; therefore the additional front serrations help the shooter have a better grip on the little slide, making it simpler to rack.
  • Accuracy: Although the G43x is little, don't be fooled by its accuracy. Bullets will land where you want them to with this small shooter. It may not be competitive stuff, but that was never the intention when it was designed. The G43x is an excellent conceal carry a weapon that can halt any threat with a few well-placed shots.


  • The Grip: The G43x's narrow grip may not be ideal for larger hands because it will drastically damage your hold on the pistol. The 9mm round tries to wander around in this small space, which can cause some serious accuracy issues when firing at distance or rapid-fire rates with just one hand! 
    In contrast though? Other handguns provide a better and more ergonomic feel while still being concealable in everyday life, so choose wisely before buying a weapon that fits neither category perfectly...
  • The Slide: The color scheme on the slide will not appeal to everyone. The silver finish may put some folks off. The fact that the slide does not come in black may make you want to buy another handgun unless you modify the color yourself. Glock may release a model with a black slide in the future or offer the choice to choose a black slide instead of a silver one. 
  • Accessories: When a gun owner receives a new handgun, one of their favorite things is adding accessories or altering it. This section contains some fantastic modifications for the Glock 43x.

  • Sights: Even though Glock offers three different sights, there are plenty of others to try and see which one you like. The Red Laser Tactical Sight with Picatinny Mount is an excellent option for those who want their pistol's iron Sights To Be Seen! 

    With a red laser built right into its design (and not just on), this LR44 batteries optic will  be sure to extend the life of your weapon while also giving you a significant advantage when shooting.

The Glock 43X personal experience

Glocks are some of the most popular pistols in the United States. What's interesting about them is that they're safe, reliable, and comfortable to shoot.

The slide is a useful tool for close-up shots and quickly follow-up photos. If you're looking to maintain accuracy while maintaining speed, then the short slides will assist in this endeavor by keeping your patterns tighter on target than if they were longer sight radii weapons such as an AR15 or similar styles of firearms that fire rapidly but lack pinpoint targeting power at a distance ranges beyond 10 meters without relaxing one's controlled shots discipline when firing continuously motionlessly like machines guns do because there isn't enough time between rapid chained rounds landing successive hits within an enemy formation

The Glock 43 has a moderate recoil, but it's less than other firearms in its size class. That being said, if you are using Shield Mags for this weapon, then expect more kicks from your shots due to their thicker magazine design and higher capacity compared with standard pistol magazines found on most guns these days! However, knowing how fire at will be necessary when utilizing any type or style of ammunition since there isn't much difference between them beyond power level - even though some may say otherwise based upon what kind they're using (i.e 9mm vs .45).

Glock 43x is a great option for those who want to learn how handle their gun without having any training wheels. However, if you don't think that's something important or suitable, then I would recommend picking up another brand instead! 

The Glock 43x is a pistol that resembles the famous Glock handgun. It's not particularly pretty, but it may be deemed ugly by some people because of its unattractive appearance up close or at wide angles when viewing them from afar; however, you can avoid all this negative criticism if your opinion changes once someone gets closer for an inspection! The silver slide does add something nice about these semi-automatic pocket guns - even though I'm sure most would say they're just "dull".

In my viewpoint, the lack of finger grooves on this gun makes it less attractive to me. However, I think that the Glock 48's enlarged slide is more balanced with its length because there are no longer any curves at all near while holding onto these weapons that would cause you do not to have as much control over what goes into shooting them or how far they'll go before getting stuck. 

How to care for your Glock 43x - Glock Maintenance

If you possess a gun, you'll want to keep it in good condition. Because of this, the Glock 43X is a pleasant gun to own. You should clean and lubricate your Glock 43x on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to function properly. The necessary lubrication sites, as well as the proper amounts of lubrication required, may be found in your owner's handbook. 

You should always clean and lubricate your Glock 43x before firing it for the first time when its spanking new. Besides, We also encourage shooters to clean their weapon after every three days or longer if possible just as an extra measure because there might have been some dirt somewhere on those hands. If you haven't used that gun in a while, then at least once per month is ideal so as not to damage anything on this important weapon of yours!

Glock 43X Holster is a must-have for any Glock lover. It has been designed to fit your gun model perfectly, yet called for that you can draw and holster it smoothly without ever worrying about losing grip on the firearm or having an awkward angle when drawing from its sheath still remains comfortably tucked away until upon as needed ! Whether at work or out running errands this accessory will make sure not one moment goes by where someone else doesn't know whether they'll get shot because there were no safes around before now.

Closing thoughts

Glock 43x is a concealable, versatile gun that's easy to use. The controls are where you expect them, and so does the grip angle which makes this weapon comfortable for most people who handle it regularly - even those without large hands! If I had one piece of advice left though... invest in some serious holster protection because nothing can save your firearm from being ruined by an unfortunate circumstance like getting hit with water or sand during casual summertime activities. Gun holsters are an excellent way to ensure you never have a firearm on your person when it's not being used. They're also perfect for those who want the peace of mind that comes from knowing their gun will stay with them at all times, even if something does happen! So don't wait any longer - buy one today and enjoy this critical protection as we head into uncertain times together. 

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Is the Glock 43x a worthwhile option?

The Glock 43x is an ideal carry pistol. It's lightweight and slim profile make it easy to conceal, while its 9mm round provides enough power to stop an assailant. Additionally, the Glock 43x has a ten-round magazine capacity, which is more than many other pistols in its class. Overall, the Glock 43x is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use carry pistol.

Is the Glock 43X just available in black?

Glock has announced that the Glock 43X and Glock 48, two of its newest Slimline models, are now available in an all-black factory finish. Both handguns are chambered in 9X19 and have a slimline frame with a nDLC finish and a 10-round magazine capacity, making them ideal for concealed carry. 

Is it possible to attach a light to my Glock 43x?

Yes, a light can be attached to your Glock 43x. The Streamlight LTR6 is a light designed to work specifically with the Glock 43x, but any regular Glock 43x can also work with a light. 

The Streamlight LTR6 is a great option because it's very small and lightweight, so it doesn't add much bulk or weight to the gun. It also has a very long runtime of up to 60 hours, so you don't have to worry about it running out of power during an emergency.

Are the triggers on the Glock 43 and 43x different?

The Glock 43 and Glock 43x are identical in every way except for the trigger bar. The trigger bar on the Glock 43 is curved, while the trigger bar on the Glock 43x is straight. This difference makes no functional difference, but it can make a difference in how easily you can pull the trigger. Some people find that they have an easier time pulling the trigger on the Glock 43x because of the lack of curvature on the trigger bar. 

Are the barrels for Glock 43 and 43x the same?

The barrels are the same and compatible. Depending on the gun's age, there may be minor differences, but Glock has generally been very consistent with its manufacturing.

What is the best place to get a holster for my pistol?

You can buy a holster for your pistol at most sporting goods stores or online. Get one that is made specifically for your make and model of gun, as holsters come in many different shapes and sizes.

Whether you're looking for a casual or dressy occasion, our selection of holsters has the perfect style to fit your needs. Our durable materials are made from high-quality leather that will last long and provide comfort during use!

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