about us, dinosaurized ceo, millitary folks.


Hi, we’re Johnny, Nguyen & Gal, we’re vets, god-fearing men. We love Coldplay and Frank Sinatra. We, of course, also support 2nd Amendment and love tactical gears, so we sell them. We used to have a tactical store in Texas city, now we’re trying to approach online customers.

Mostly tactical items. If you love outdoor activities, you will like them.

Please note that we need 3 to 5 working days on average to fulfill your order before dispatching it. Once your order is dispatched, depending on your country or region, estimated delivery time is between 7 to 14 business days. Please consider any holidays that might impact delivery time.


Hi, my name is Anna, I'm from Texas. I work on social media and run ads. I loves guns, Floyd Mayweather, Dave Chapelle and rap music. 
My father was a part of the team (he's also a veteran) until he decided to retire and travel around the world with my mom. And that's why I'm here.

By the way, the product in my photo is the Baldman shoulder holster you can get one from the homepage.

about us, dinosaurized ceo, millitary folks.
about us, dinosaurized ceo, millitary folks.


Every month we donate 2.5% of our profit to a random Dinosaur Intitution in America. We love Dinosaurs.

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We also sell t-shirts and other Printed products

You can get your 2nd Amendment t-shirts right on our store here:

If you see Dadacorn on payment or email after ordering Dinosaurized products, please don't label it fraud, we're in the same team.

about us, dinosaurized ceo, millitary folks.
about us, dinosaurized ceo, millitary folks.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple, we just want to make money to save for a rainy day, to feed our children, spoil our grandkids.

We're simple folks living the ranch life, we have no vision to save the planet or reduce carbon footprint. The Lord has a plan for that.
We hope you have a good time shopping on our online store. 
We wish you and your family good health, happiness and prosperity.