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Top 6 Holsters Suggested by Lorenzo Ricci, Former New York Mafia Boss

Experience Unmatched Security and Versatility with the Top 6 Holsters for Tactical Situations, Endorsed by a Mafia Veteran now an American Patriot.

Written by - Ethan- Published on Feb 21, 2023

Drawing from my experiences in the grimy streets of New York as a Mafia boss, I've come to understand that the right holster is more than just a firearm holder; it's a vital component of your tactical readiness.

Throughout my years in the underworld, I navigated countless volatile situations, dangerous rendezvous, and life-threatening encounters. My tenure concluded in 2021, when I finally managed to untangle myself from the Mafia's grip and step into the light.

Transitioning from the world of organized crime to the calm streets of suburban New York was like stepping onto a different planet. My days were no longer filled with deal-making and danger, but with the peaceful responsibilities of being a husband and a soon-to-be father. However, my past life left me with a lingering sense of vigilance and a deep understanding of tactical preparedness.

Fortunately, Dinosaurized, a brand known for high-quality firearm accessories, came into my life at the right time. In this article, I share the top six holsters from Dinosaurized that I've found indispensable. These holsters have served my needs exceptionally well, offering tactical efficiency, security, and versatility.

1. Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster

"Absolutely LOVE this conceal carry holster!! It holds everything including an extra magazine along with all the other essentials, it’s sturdy and quality-made, and it stays securely in place when I’m on the move!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It also came in a cute little zipper bag that I’ll use, too!."

In the dangerous world of organized crime, adaptability was the name of the game. Life in the Mafia demanded the ability to adjust to circumstances in a split second. The Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster echoes this requirement in every element of its design. A product of ingenuity and careful planning, it's the epitome of adaptability, fitting my lifestyle perfectly.

Whether the situation calls for an IWB, OWB, or shoulder carry, this holster effortlessly adjusts to my needs. Its myriad customization options guarantee a secure placement and a perfect fit for my firearm, no matter how the tides turn. Its unparalleled sturdiness, reminiscent of my demanding past, makes it an indispensable tool in my current peaceful life.

2. Fujobi Pancake Holster

"I have finally found a comfortable holster that doesn't cut into my waist, secures my shield and feels as if its not there. I wear draw string sweats and sorts all the time. The double clamps really keep the holster in place"

In my past life, comfort wasn't a luxury; it was a strategic advantage. A comfortable man is a man with a clear head, and a clear head was often the difference between life and death. The Fujobi Pancake Holster, with its innovative design, provides that strategic comfort.

The holster, made from ultra-light, sweatproof PU leather, fits snugly against my body. It evenly distributes the weight of my firearm, making it feel like a natural extension of myself rather than an added burden. The secure grip back cover and robust clips are small details with significant impacts, providing an unshakeable sense of security, crucial in my past life, and comforting in my current one.


"I bought this with the intention of carrying a sub-compact Taurus for when I took my dog for a walk or riding my bike. This thing is so comfortable and secure that I felt confident enough to carry my full frame Beretta PX4 .40 to an event tonight under my sweatshirt. I did not even have the over the shoulder strap on it and it stayed in place. If you are looking for a nice carry and conceal holster for average carrying, it is well worth the money."

My life after leaving the Mafia required a different kind of adaptability. Where once I needed to be a chameleon in the criminal underworld, I now need to juggle the roles of a father, a husband, and a businessman. The Praetorian Shoulder & Belly Holster caters to this need for adaptability in my new life.

The holster, crafted from breathable, top-grade neoprene, keeps sweat and odors at bay. These are not just comfort features; they're essential to my low-key life. The convenience of shifting from a shoulder to a belly carry fits my diverse routine, whether I'm out walking my dog or playing with my child.


"" This holster fits the Taurus G3c perfectly, the leather is good quality and it rides well against your hip carrying OWB and the leather feels good carrying IWB.You can't beat this deal! "

During my time in the Mafia, the quality of my tools was synonymous with survival. A poorly made tool was a liability, and liabilities had no place in the harsh world of organized crime. The Farmman Leather Holster is a nod to this ethos of uncompromising quality.

It's an heirloom piece that has passed the test of time and harsh circumstances. As it molds to my firearm and body, it becomes more than a holster. It's a testament to durability and adaptability. The comfort it provides isn't just physical; it's a mental reassurance, a reminder of my survival skills honed over many dangerous years.

5. Wardog Ankle Holster

" Love this thing. Seems very durable with strong Velcro. Very comfortable to wear even after several hours. I actually kept forgetting I had it on! I have a Ruger LCP and it fits perfectly. Does not print much depending on how tight your pants are."

Back in my Mafia days, we had a saying - "Never put all your eggs in one basket." This axiom is embodied by the Wardog Ankle Holster. It's a reliable backup, an ace up my sleeve for when I need it the most.

The Wardog Ankle Holster has proven itself to be an invaluable asset in my collection. Its design makes drawing a firearm from a seated position seamless, a tactical advantage in my past life, and a reassuring security feature in my present. It's not just about accessibility; it's about maintaining control, no matter how unpredictable life gets.

6. Baldman Shoulder Holster

"Pretty good holster overall. Clips well and is sturdy. It fits my Beretta 92 well."

Being part of the Mafia wasn't always about conflict. More often than not, it meant blending in with high society, moving in circles where discretion was a virtue and elegance a necessity. The Baldman Shoulder Holster serves as a reminder of those times, offering a blend of function and style.

Its design is a study in understated elegance, perfectly balancing form and function. When dressing up for formal occasions or a night out on the town, it ensures my firearm remains secure yet inconspicuous. This holster isn't just a tool; it's a stylish testament to my past and a symbol of my readiness for whatever life might throw my way.

Choosing the right holster as a former Mafia boss taught me that it involves more than just securing your weapon. It's a journey to find that perfect balance between quick access, discretion, and tactical efficiency.

Whether I'm dressing up for a night out, taking a leisurely drive, or navigating my day-to-day life, these holsters provide an unmatched level of convenience and readiness. Each one serves as a reminder of my past and a testament to my new life, ensuring my family's safety and my own peace of mind.

These holsters have become integral to my personal and professional life, aiding my journey as a father and bringing a sense of security and vigilance, even in the calm of suburban life.

If you're looking for a holster that can seamlessly merge with your lifestyle and provide indiscreet support, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring these offerings. They aren't just holsters. They are trusted companions, ensuring your readiness, safety, and tactical efficiency at all times.

Don't delay in enhancing your firearm carrying experience. Explore these holster options today and find the one that perfectly meets your needs. Your journey towards tactically efficient and discreet carry starts here.

"The best holster I've had"

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