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Written by Cole Thompson - Published on Feb 28, 2023

What problems cops and everyday gun carriers usually have in common?

Those are two things: Backpain and constant irritation. But why, you may ask?

Well, let me explain. I'm Cole Thompson, an Afghanistan veteran now proudly serving my community as a police officer. 

When I returned from service, my mission was clear: to continue protecting my community. 

This purpose led me to trade my military uniform for a police badge.

Throughout my time as a cop, I've had the honor of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with everyday heroes in our neighborhoods. 

But here's the rub. I'm a big guy, spending my days patrolling the community and my nights standing guard over those sleeping.

 If you're built like me, finding the right holster is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Most conventional holsters-the hip & belt holster simply don't cater to the needs of the larger among us.

"I'm a very large individual, both tall and wide.

The holster was easy to adjust to fit even me.

Sturdy build and can hold a 10mm eaa witness which is very heavy and fairly large. Doesn't shift around much once adjusted correctly. If you want to see how you like this style of holster before springing for a leather one or don't want to spend the money I suggest this one."

Having served 10 years as a soldier, and 2 years as a cop and range go-er, I've seen the same issues crop up time and again. They include:

Discomfort & Pain: This is the most prevalent issue. The uneven weight distribution and rigid structure of conventional hip & belt holsters exert pressure on specific points, leading to discomfort and, over time, chronic back pain.

Poor Accessibility: In a critical situation, every second counts. Yet, many holsters make it difficult to quickly and smoothly draw your weapon.

Limited Movement: Many holsters restrict your movement, making it difficult to perform daily activities or respond quickly when necessary.

Sweating & Chafing: Holsters without proper ventilation cause excessive sweating, which can lead to skin irritation and chafing.

Lack of Versatility: Most holsters are not designed to adapt to different body types or clothing choices. This lack of flexibility often forces the carrier to adjust their lifestyle around the holster.

Inadequate Concealment: Often, holsters don't do a good enough job of concealing the weapon, causing undue attention and potentially compromising the carrier's safety.

In my decade as a soldier and my time serving as a police officer, I've had countless interactions with fellow gun owners. I can tell you this - the perception that gun owners are reckless couldn't be further from the truth.

Every gun owner I've met, be it on the battlefield, at the range, or in my community, has shown a deep respect for their firearm. They understand the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon, and they don't take it lightly.

So, If you're a gun owner and your holster exhibits any of these issues, I strongly urge you to consider an alternative. Your comfort, safety, and effectiveness as a carrier are too important to compromise. 

It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to handling firearms.

"I’m 5’8” 150lb woman who carries a 9 mm. This is the best holster. Very comfortable, makes it much easier to conceal."

Humiliation on the Hip: My Holster Horror Stories

The problems I mentioned above were more than just personal inconveniences, they were affecting my professional life and personal relationships.

There were times when my back pain was so severe that I could hardly stand straight during patrols. 

My fellow officers would give me worried glances, hinting at their concern for my wellbeing.

And then there were times when I was playing with my kids after a day's work.

 Their innocent faces would turn into frowns as they noticed me wince in pain during a simple game of catch.

And the issue wasn't just confined to my home and work. 

At church, I saw fellow members struggling to find a comfortable position, their unease evident due to the poorly designed holsters.

This wasn't about mere discomfort, it was about dignity, about doing my job effectively, about being there for my family and serving my community to the best of my ability.

I realized then, this wasn't just about a holster. 

It was about my quality of life, my effectiveness as an officer, and my role as a father and community member.

It was time for a change.

I was determined to find a solution that not only served my needs but also those of my fellow officers, friends at the range, and anyone else dealing with these issues. 

The hunt for a better holster was on.

"I'm a very large individual, both tall and wide.

The holster was easy to adjust to fit even me.

I no longer feel backpain since I wore this holster"


As I stared at the familiar face of Dr. Brandon, he began to draw a parallel I'd never considered. "Cole," he started, "carrying a hip holster is akin to fitting a prosthetic. You're essentially bearing a mechanical device in intimate, constant contact with your body for long hours. As far as ergonomics go, hip holsters are the worst offenders."

His words echoed the sentiment of many comrades-in-arms, fellow officers, and daily carriers I had come across in my journey. The burden of the hip holster was a shared issue - the concentration of weight on one single spot, causing significant strain and discomfort.

Dr. Brandon's advice was almost anticlimactic in its simplicity: I needed to change my holster.

You'd think this was my 'Eureka' moment, the end of a journey. But in reality, it was just the beginning...

Segueing from this revelation, I remembered a key figure from my past, someone who had managed to sidestep these problems entirely...Colonel Johnson, my uncle.

"Works great, comfortable !!!! Fits my g3c with laser/light combo perfectly…."


It wasn't long before I recalled Colonel Johnson, my inspiration to join the army, Gulf War veteran, and also my beloved uncle. 

His distinguished career included serving as a Secret Service guard for a former Vice President, a position that demands the utmost physical readiness. 

Despite being a bit on the heavier side like me, Uncle Johnson was never known to complain about back pain or any discomfort related to carrying a firearm.

Curious, I reached out to him. "Uncle," I began, "how do you manage the long hours of duty without the back pain I’m experiencing?"

His response was simple, "Son, the answer is in the holster."

He explained that, like me, he had suffered from chronic back pain caused by the inadequate design of conventional holsters. 

But that changed when he discovered the Baldman Shoulder Holster, widely used by members of the Secret Service, State leaders' guards, and even elite Seal Team members. 

It evenly distributes the weight, minimizing the strain on any one part of the body, and is designed to fit comfortably, regardless of body size.

"I am 5'11 260 lb and have a Sig P365 X Macro and this rig fits comfortably like a glove."


The Baldman Shoulder Holster quickly became an extension of myself, not an unwelcome appendage.

Even the kids noticed the difference. 

There were no more uncomfortable adjustments during their school functions, no more sweat-stained shirts.

I was simply their reliable, cool uncle once again. Their friends took to calling me 'The Steady Sentinel.'

My transformation didn't go unnoticed by those around me.

At work, colleagues put an end to the incessant 'sweaty' jokes. Instead, they became curious about my new holster, with several of them even purchasing their own Baldman.

In church, the uncomfortable glances and hushed whispers ceased. 

My responsible firearm ownership commanded respect, and my choice of a safe, secure holster played a significant role in it.

The Baldman Shoulder Holster did more than merely simplify my everyday carrying routine.

It instilled a newfound respect within my community and eased any lingering unease regarding my role as a firearm owner.

I evolved from a figure of mockery to one of admiration, instilling in me a level of confidence I'd never previously known.

"Got this for my husband and he is 6’ 250lbs. Fit very snug but does the job."

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