3 Praetorian Holsters

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Praetorian Shoulder & Belly Holster is the only and the best answer for you!

Best material: Zero-smell, breathable, very lightweight & skin-friendly material that lays softly against the body ensure 100% comfort. 

Shoulder to Belly easy switch: You can carry Praetorian S&B Holster as a Shoulder holster or Belly holster (or vice versa) simply by removing or reattach the shoulder strap.

A combination of protection and mobilityPraetorian S&B Holster is the answer for you! 

Tactical & practical100%concealed, sticky and quick-drawingPraetorian Shoulder and Belly Holsteris made to solve the most common struggle that gun owners face:seated drawLet's check it out.


Drawing your gun when you sit is much much harder than when you stand, it's a fact. And there're thousands of situations when you need to stay prepared when seated: When you're an Uber driver who may serve hundreds of strangers a day, when you're waiting (in your car) for your girlfriend who lives in an unfriendly unsafe neighbourhood, or when you're having dinner with your family in the local restaurant and you started to hear the riot outside bursted out. 

In many cases, you need to be fully prepared and draw your gun as quickly as possible to protect not yourself but your family and property also while you're still seated. Many other holster brands nowaday don't care about those real-life situations, their holsters are just too slow for seated draw, especially for fat folks, when their guns are stuck between their belly and and belt.

Praetorian S&B Holster is the most "natural" and fastest seated drawing holster. It's a strictly tightened plastic band covering your belly, hip or chest or wherever you want. Praetorian Shoulder & Belly holster's quick-drawing design helps prevent the "bad guys" from any reaction and provides you 3-5 "upperhand" seconds for your self-defense.


Another problem that many of us gun owners face is their holster's stickiness & concealment. It only works when you stand still! When you run, jump or craw, their holsters just get sagged and sometimes even let your guns drop out. Praetorian Shoulder and Belly Holster's sticky high-quality neoprenekeeps itself and your gun sticked to your body, which also provides you 100% concealment.

Not like the "sweaty" leather holsters, which absorb all of our body scent, road or pets smell, Praetorian S&B Holster is also 100% smell-resistant, washable & breathable, allowing you to remove all dust & bacteria from your holster after hours of hard-working and sweating.


If you are one who likes long-barreled or big, heavy handguns, the shoulder holster may be your only option for concealed carry.

Praetorian shoulder & belly holster was designed to make sure it saves every single millisecond a gun owner has when he/she draws his/her gun.

Retention Strap: This strap creats no noise, and you can remove it to shorten the draw time. 

Removable Shoulder Strap: You can easily remove/attact the shoulder strap and and turn it into a perfectly-working belly holster or vice versa.

Good for ladies: The Praetorian S&B Holster's spreading design helps ladies, especially ones who carry it all day, feel less heavy (in the leg, or chest), giving them more chance to pull the gun out faster.