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KEEP AMERICA GREAT– Put your money where your mouth is and show your unwavering support for our 45th president with this incredible Donald Trump gift set. 

THE PERFECT GIFTA real American and thoughtful giftfor any of the MAGA/KAG campaign supporters of your friends and family. It’s the perfect memorabilia/keepsake of this important upcoming election.

DESIGNED FOR AND BY TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS – A lot of thoughts are put into the design of the set. With the emblem of Trump in every single item.


"My guys. One goes to MIT and One goes to Harvard, they ain't dummy's until it come to common sense. I went shopping and covered them from head to toe with protection equipment because they wanted to learn how to play airsoft. This from the family of peace, no war, and tree huggers. So here's how Dinosaurized dressed them. It was wonderful. The gloves, Dragonspines, are great. I used them to move stuff from the garage worked wonderful, manicure still in great shape. But seriously they wore them and for 2 days the teams of 14 borrowed each others gloves. All I got from the teams were "those are great gloves, where did you get them?" Dinosaurized! Thank you for a great product, those are expensive hands they protected. My future meal tickets.... just kidding. ."

 - Joseph , Northbrook, Illinois.



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✔️ Test-for-the-best: All WARSONG BELTS, before being delivered to you, will be sent to local university lab for durability test. 

✔️ Tough and rough: High strength, fast-dry eco-friendly 1000D nylon material makes WARSONGstiffer than any other belts you've ever tried.

✔️Ventilated: WARSONG BELTS's breathable material offers cooling airflow, minimizes humidity, works nicely in both cool and hot weather. 

✔️Easy to release/ hard to loose: Push on two tab at the same and WARSONG BELT will realease itself immediately, otherwise, it will hold itself tight to your belly along with all other attached gears.

✔️Served+19000 happy Americancustomers.


WARSONG BELTSare, not something young boys would wear in the year-end promp, but kinda thing a father put on when he build his daughter a birthday-gift wooden dollhouse,  when he teaches his son how to fix his bike, or, when he ride a tractor with this wife on the farm in the plowing season.
WARSONG BELTS helps a man stay tidy & ready even when he has to do multiple, messy things.

WARSONG'sextraordinary grip makes sure your gun and other tactical gears stay tightto your body, even when you have to craw, run or jump. WARSONG's non-slippability also helps improve your draw time.

Carrying heavy is no more a hard job for outdoor people, WARSONG BELTcan withstandup to 1700lbs. Also, you will never feel sweaty & smellyaround your belt even after long hours climbing or wandering, WARSONG BELT's breathable material allows smell & humidity goes away as they're supposed to be.



"Bought the xsmall/small Dragonspines for my 10 year old son and he really likes them. They fit pretty good for his small hands, maybe a tad too big, but he says he's satisfied with them. They do have adjustable straps around the wrists which is elastic and Velcro, so that helps keep them on and snug. Quality is much better than I was expecting and they seem to be well-made. Time will tell if they hold up, but for now, my son and myself are thoroughly pleased with these tactical gloves."

- Taylor D., El ToroCalifornia

"Dragonspine might be cheap gloves, but point blank they work. These gloves are: 1. Functional...you still have use of your fingers while you have protection where it counts. 2. Protects...One too many times I have sustained hand shots, knuckle shots, etc. and I didn't even feel the hit and suffered no injuries. In comparison my brother doesn't wear gloves and got hit in the hand and it tore a tendon which now requires surgery. So, hand shots aren't anything to laugh about. My 10 year old nephew wears these same gloves too. In fact, several us do - men, women and kids. No injuries to report. No sizing issues. Overall, great value for the price." 

- Kevin HenrichsenNorthampton, Pennsylvania 

"These Dragonspine gloves look like early 90's-late 80's O Neal Ultra Lite Gloves for dirt bikes. They were and are the ultimate offroad glove. Nobody offers nearly as much protection, they are cool because the vents actually work when you are moving and the palms are super tough but thin with fantastic feel. These gloves may not be marketed for dirt bike gloves ,but they still are the best designed dirt bike glove ever produced". 

James P CampTulsaOklahoma

"I bought these gloves for airsoft, and they work very well at eliminating the pain of hand shots. I no longer feel a sting when shot in the hand, but merely a light tap (think a penny dropped 1 inch onto hand).

 I expected this type of protection.What I didn't expect was the luxurious comfort. That's right, these gloves are actually extremely comfortable. They are defiantly the most comfortable gloves I've ever owned or tried out. (I've experimented with Mechanixwear, Carharrt, motorcycle gloves, Condor/UK arms airsoft gloves, Cutters, Under amor and Nike football gloves and Western Safety gloves. These trump them all.The comfort is shocking because with the somewhat bulky top-of-hand-protection, one would not expect a glove to be so soft and supple. The glove does not hinder dexterity in the least, and the inner material is soft against the hand, yet does not interfere too greatly with tactile sensation.These gloves are great for airsoft, and never fear, you can still have a fast trigger finger, and reload with precision while wearing these glove."

 Joey P.- BridgeviewIllinois





1 pair is_$60_now you can get 3 pairs with the price of $24.99 each.

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3 Dragonspine pairs



TOTAL $74.97 (3 PAIRS)


1 pair is $60 now you can get 2 pairs with the price of $27.99 each.

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Dragonspine Pair | Tactical Gloves



TOTAL $55.98 (2 packs)


1 pair is_$60_now you can get 1 pair with the price of $29.99.

SAVE $30


Dragonspine Tactical Gloves



TOTAL $29.99 (1 pair)

If you avail the promo of 2 or 3 pairs but want different sizes, just order the same sizes then simply leave us a message at the order note, or email us the sizes you want at support@dinosaurized.com and we will send them to you!


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