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Written by Capt .Green - Published on Feb 28, 2023

I have, not just one, but three. And sure I'm going leave them to my boy as he'll leave them to his children too. 

Of course, I'll tell what they are, but first read my story right from the beginning:

When my father got cancer, he didn't let it weigh him down.

One day, he guided me to the most peaceful spot in our farm. It was a quiet place where he kept his most treasured belongings.

My father held out his hands, and in them were four items - a military compass, an old watch, a worn holster, and a letter.

- Why...why are you giving these to me, dad?

- It's a family tradition, son, take 'em.

-  I'm going to die soon.

- These three items once belonged to your grandfather.

- My grandfather?

- Yes, and his father's before him. Your grandfather was more than just a soldier in World War II; he was a spy who helped plan Operation Overlord by drawing the map of Omaha Beach. He was a brave man.

You grandpa knew it shall be a suicide mission, because he had to go to the heart of the enemy, and learn as much as possible.

Before he left for Germany, he handed me the holster and this letter.

 Told me to open the letter when I received the watch and compass. 

- That thing, he said pointing to the envelope, -will make everything clear.

A Father's Last Words: A Legacy Handed Down Through Generations

"My Dearest Son,

If you're reading this, it means I didn't make it home.

I'm sorry, kid. I truly wish I could be there in your next birthday.

There're a lot of stories out here that I wished I could tell you when you're old enough.

*I could see a few tears dropped on the paper.*

But remember, son, I'm not truly gone. Because the better versions of myself - you, are already walking the planet. 

You are my link to the future. 

Love, after all, is our strongest bond. 

I'm still with you, through these words and these heirlooms.

Take them, keep them with responsibility:

The watch - it's not just for keeping time, it's a reminder. Each tick is precious; each moment with your family is to be cherished.

The compass - no matter how far you roam, it will lead you back. Home is not a place, it's where your loved ones are.

The holster - It shows your duty to protect our family, just as I tried to protect our country.

And in your protection, remember your mother and sisters. They are your responsibility now

Just as you are mine.

My plan was to hand these items to you on the day you held your first child. But life doesn't always respect our plans, does it? 

Nevertheless, these heirlooms are now yours to cherish and to pass on.

I took the watch and compass into battle. They were my anchors of hope and resilience amid the war's chaos.

My comrade will return them to you - they're yours now.

One day, give these to your own son. Be his hero.

We're all links in a chain, a chain that stretches across the generations.

Remember this, my son. Even though I'm not with you, I live on in you. You are my hope, my legacy.

With all the love my heart can hold,

Your Dad"

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From Battlefields to Home: A Holster's Journey Through Generations

Now, I held the holster in my hand, taking in its detail.

 It was quite a sight.

"What a beautiful piece," a thought struck me.

"Your great-grandfather took this very holster into the Battle of Las Guasimas," my father began, 

"The leather is the finest there is, from Stone Mountain. Crafted by a family who's been perfecting their craft over generations."

I traced the embossed design with my fingers. I'd been in law enforcement for five years, I've seen and used different kinds of holsters, but nothing compared to this. It wasn't just any holster; it held a legacy, a link to my past.

Unsung Hero: A Father's Humble Pride in his Son

Then my father wrapped me in a firm hug.

"I'm sorry, son," he said, his voice shaky. "I was never a hero like your grandfather or your great-grandfather. I don't have any war stories to share, no tales of bravery. I spent my entire life on a farm. The only thing I can truly be proud of...is you."

"No, dad," I replied, tears spilling down my cheeks. "You are my hero."

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If you think that story was made up. I'm sorry, it was not. It was an email sent by Captain Jack H. Green 3 years ago.

His father passed away in 2022 due to cancer. 

Jack, tragically, lost his right arm and leg earlier this month while attempting to rescue a young child from a burning house.

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