why it's so hard for a fat guy to find a good holster?

Written by - Timothy Brooks- Published on Feb 21, 2023

Photo: Dinosaurized CEO, Timothy "sumo" Brooks.

You might be surprised to hear this from a fat guy like me, an Afghanistan veteran no less. Here's the deal: I'm a big fella, and I have been for as long as I can remember. It's not something I’m ashamed of, nor do I begrudge others built like me.

Now let's dive into the nitty-gritty. When it comes to finding a good holster, us bigger guys face some unique challenges. From my experience, it seems like the holster manufacturers in America have lost sight of us, the big guys.

A holster should be like a trusty old friend - reliable, comfortable, and always there to help me keep my family and livestock safe.

Unfortunately, the reality was far from that idyllic vision...

Instead, it became a constant irritant, a ceaseless annoyance that plagued every minute of my day. But wait, let me introduce you to a holster that’s a game-changer for us bigger folks.

"This holster works well and an IWB holster. It is comfortable and hold a variety of CC guns. It holds the guns tight but they can easily be drawn."

A word to the wise: being a large gent isn't all peaches and cream when it comes to finding the right holster. You'd think it's all about finding something that fits, but the challenges we face go far beyond mere sizing.

Here's the lowdown on the biggest woes I've battled:

Overheating & Sweat: As big guys, we tend to perspire more than others.. Many holsters out there don't breathe worth a darn. The result? Not only is the sweat making me squirm in discomfort, it's wrecking my holster and potentially harming my firearm.

The Bulge Struggle: Us bigger guys aren't known for our flat tummies. Try tucking a gun into my waistband and it gets swallowed up in my personal landscape.

Backache Blues: Whether they're made of kydex or leather, every holster I've tried tends to pile the weight in one single spot around my waist. It's like these things come with a free subscription to chronic backaches.

Sit 'n Draw: Ever noticed how holster ads always show some lean model smoothly drawing a weapon while standing? How about when we're seated? Especially when behind the wheel, getting to my gun is anything but a breeze.

Unsafe Pointing: I've experimented with a few local leather shoulder holsters. Problem? They point the weapon horizontally. Right behind me. This defies one of the cardinal rules of gun safety: Always point your weapon in the safest direction possible.

Now, I know there are folks out there who believe us gun owners don't think twice about safety. Well, let me tell you, with all due respect, they're barking up the wrong tree. We gun folks are among the most cautious you'd meet - a few rotten apples don't define us.

So, if your holster has these probems, it's time for a change. Switch to a better one, or consider not carrying at all. 

When it comes to firearms, it's always better to err on the side of caution.

"Very comfortable and weapon is secure. Makes sitting with a concealed weapon easy and more comfortable."


Now, some folks might brush off a misfitting holster as a petty peeve. Well, my friend, let me hand you a magnifying glass to see the real picture.

Take a hot summer day at my farm, for instance. My ill-sized holster turned me into a sweat factory, drenching my shirt as if I'd just taken a dip in the pond. Think my kids and fellow farmhands didn't notice? You'd be wrong.

But the saga didn't end there. Picture me at my daughter's school fair, my holster doing the cha-cha on my waist. The relentless shuffling and adjusting felt like a vise on my back, earning me some unwanted sympathy from the other parents.

And at church? Peaceful sermons were a distant dream, thanks to my stubborn holster. My continuous wriggling was a better show for the congregation than the preacher's sermon - a spotlight I never asked for.

The grand finale, though, was a community road trip. Imagine the horror - wedged into a car, grappling with a spiteful holster, while a pungent cloud of sweat marked my territory. And the audience for this mortifying spectacle? My kids and their friends.

A bad holster isn't just a 'small' issue

 It turns you into a walking sauna, a human stink bomb, and delivers backache as a bonus. 

It's a one-way ticket to awkwardville, and no one deserves to be on that journey.

"I’m 5’8” 150lb woman who carries a 9 mm. This is the best holster. Very comfortable, makes it much easier to conceal."


After suffering through countless days of discomfort and ridicule, I was at my wits' end. I'd almost accepted my fate with ill-fitting holsters. That's when Dr. Kevin Bradshaw came into the picture.

Dr. Bradshaw, an Army veteran, had seen the struggles of soldiers dealing with poor quality holsters and their resulting back pain. He decided he'd had enough.

Combining his medical expertise with his first-hand military experience, Dr. Bradshaw teamed up with fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Their mission? To craft a holster that ended this needless suffering.

The result was the groundbreaking Fujobi Pancake Holster.

Skeptical but hopeful, I decided to give this holster a shot, intrigued by Dr. Bradshaw's confidence in the product.

The moment I slipped my Rock Island Armory 1911 into the Fujobi Pancake Holster, I could tell things were different. It was as if this holster was made just for me, an answer to all my troubles.

Its incredible fit and outstanding comfort were a far cry from any of my previous experiences. It was a game-changer, and I knew it right away.

"Way better than I was expecting for the money I spent. Fits my gen 3 g26 and sig p290rs both perfectly. Clips are strong and distribute the weight of the pistol evenly."


Working on the farm under the burning sun used to be a nightmare, but that's history now, thanks to the Fujobi Pancake Holster.

Those days of discomfort and soaked shirts? Long gone. I've turned from the center of my pals' ribbing to the man they admire.

At my eldest's school fair, the Fujobi Pancake Holster was a game-changer. No more continuous fidgeting. I was at ease, receiving appreciative nods from other parents.

Church on Sundays became a time of serenity. No more squirming or unease, just the tranquility that didn't go unnoticed.

During our community road trip, the holster proved to be a godsend.

 No more annoying adjustments or excessive sweating, no more being tagged as 'the sweaty guy.' Instead, I was commended for my preparedness and comfort.

Seeing the transformation in me, friends and colleagues started asking about the holster.

I even got one for my wife, and she absolutely adores it!

The Fujobi Pancake Holster has been life-altering. It has replaced discomfort and embarrassment with confidence and convenience.

I feel ready to take on each day, to protect my family, and most importantly, I feel amazing. This newfound confidence? It's nothing short of exhilarating.

"Pretty good holster overall. Clips well and is sturdy. It fits my Beretta 92 well."

“So, Where Can You Get FUJOBI Holster Now?”

It's clear that finding a holster that meets your specific needs can be a real challenge. From discomfort when sitting to struggling with a weapon draw, it can seem like a never-ending battle.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Dr. Kevin Bradshaw, working alongside the dedicated team at DinoLab, has developed the Fujobi pancake Holster. Designed with practical insight from veterans and everyday gun carriers, this innovative product is changing the game for thousands.

However, I must advise that our current stock is dwindling. We're taking a brief hiatus from manufacturing as we bring our skilled artisans on a learning expedition to Europe. 

So, if you've been contemplating the Fujobi Holster, now could be an opportune time. It's more than just a holster - it's a response to the common issues many CCW holders face. If you're interested, we recommend securing one while the stock lasts.

"My husband loves it"

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decided to switch to Dinosaur 3-in-2 holster

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 Now, I'll be honest - it does sting a bit to give you this offer, because we value our products and the craftsmanship that goes into them. But we need to clear out the warehouse soon so our remaining team can join us on the Europe trip. And who knows, you might end up with a holster that becomes a rare collectible.

This stock? It's flying off the shelves and we can't say for how long it'll stick around. But hey, there's no pressure here, we're on your side. We do have to say, though, we truly, truly believe that missing out on this state-of-the-art holster at such a GREAT DISCOUNTED price would be a real shame. It's an opportunity that doesn't come around often.

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