CCW Holsters: Are They Failing Our Fat Customers?

why it's so hard for a fat guy to find a good holster?

Written by James Marcus - Published on Feb 28, 2023

"Fat people shouldn't wear inside waistband holsters."

 It's not every day that you receive a... strange email like this from a loyal customer, let alone from an Afghanistan veteran. One customer's feedback, from the now farmer, former Sergeant, Andrew Axton, made us realize that we might not be serving all of our clients as well as we could at Dinolab headquarters.

However, instead of dismissing it, we recognized an opportunity to start a dialogue that could enhance our understanding of our product. So, we decided to invite Andrew for a coffee chat.

As we sat with Andrew, he clarified that his comment wasn't meant to critique larger people, but rather it was an indictment of the holster industry itself. During our conversation, Andrew vividly described some of his most challenging experiences with holsters...

"I do a lot of sitting as a Security Guard, and it's too uncomfortable carrying with my IWB holster. This solves that, and plus takes the weight off of my pants. This is my new favorite way to carry. It easily holds my full size Rock Island Armory 1911 and 2 extra magazines."

Bad holsters made people smell, sweat and suffer from backpain badly

As a big guy himself, Andrew explained six major issues that make most holsters ill-suited for larger individuals:

Misfit: Andrew found that the standardized designs didn't consider body size, resulting in a poor and uncomfortable fit for him as a big guy.

Over-sweating: Being a larger individual, he sweated more. This often led to his firearm slipping from the standard holster, causing discomfort and anxiety.

Skin Rubbing: The standard holster and firearm rubbed against Andrew's skin constantly, leading to painful chafing and abrasions.

Smell: The lack of ventilation coupled with his sweat created an unpleasant smell that he found embarrassing and off-putting.

Difficult Access: Due to his larger body mass, the standard holster often buried under his body, impeding quick and easy access to his firearm.

Persistent Back Pain: The ill-fitted holsters were more than just an inconvenience for Andrew; they caused him chronic back pain, severely affecting his daily activities and sleep.

Andrew shared anecdotes from his fellow farmers and other fat gun owners who expressed similar concerns. These personal experiences underlined the significance of the problem, making it more than just a theoretical issue.

"Very comfortable and weapon is secure. Makes sitting with a concealed weapon easy and more comfortable."

Humiliation on the Hip: ANDREW'S Holster Horror Stories

"People usually think a bad holster would only be a minor inconvenience." Andrew said, disagreeing.

He spoke candidly about the embarrassing moments he had experienced due to the inadequacy of his holster.

 It bit into him all the time, making him feel nervous, and causing unpleasant sweat and odor.

Like when he was out on patrol, driving around, people would give him strange looks, even covering their noses. 

They thought he smelled bad, which hurt his feelings.

The worst incident was at his kid's soccer game. 

His friends teased him about his sweating and seeing the upset expression on his child's face... that really hurt.

Whether it was among his friends, family, or church congregation, he felt people didn't want to be close to him.

As a farmer, the back pain caused by Andrew's poor-qualityholster was particularly troublesome. 

It was more than just discomfort — it made him feel inadequate and incapable.

As the family's breadwinner, Andrew had to carry a gun not only to protect his family but also to safeguard his livestock. 

His inability to perform these duties due to the pain his holster caused was negatively affecting his life and his self-esteem.

"Has places for light, blade, wallet, phone etc. Well made no imprint for concealed weapon."


Hearing Andrew's troubles with ill-fitting holsters, we sought to find a solution, leading us to an unexpected collaborator: Dr. Kevin Bradshaw, an Army veteran and medic. 

He had treated thousands of soldiers with back pain in Iraq, often linked to poor holster designs.

Using this knowledge, Dr. Bradshaw, together with a team of 15 veterans, after spending 2 years and over 500000 USD, crafted the Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster.

 Touched by Andrew's story, Dr. Bradshaw gave him one.

"I recommend the Dinosaurized Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry, I wear mine inside the waistband with handgun at the appendix position. There is a nice detachable velcro compartment to hold a second magazine and another section that has room for a wallet, cellphone, or knife and flashlight. A lot of room for personal customization."


With Andrew's honest feedback and Dr. Bradshaw's revolutionary design, we held our breaths and waited. Two months later, we received a call from Andrew that left us feeling overjoyed.

 He reported a complete transformation since he started using the Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster. 

His back pain was gone, he was sleeping well, and he had a newfound sense of confidence.

What's more, the impact extended beyond just physical comfort. 

His relationships improved too. His wife felt his happiness, love him and trust him.

His children and colleagues enjoyed his company more than ever, seeing him as a dependable figure. 

Some of his collegues were so impressed that they began to ask where they could buy the holster themselves.

Given Andrew's positive transformation and the burgeoning interest from his colleagues, we realized that it was time to make this solution accessible to a broader audience.

Dinosaurized, the company co-founded by Dr. Bradshaw and Dinolab, has made the Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster available to the public.

" I love this holster! It is so comfortable, and I like the ID and cellphone holders built into the belt. I can't believe the price, it is great quality. I have friends already ordering theirs after they saw mine."

“So, Where Can You Get Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holster Now?”

If you're like Andrew, struggling with size, sweat, and comfort when it comes to finding the perfect holster...

...tired of digging under your belly, dealing with backaches, or struggling to draw your weapon when seated...

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