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Farmman leather holster is the perfect choice for you!

- Farmman leather holster is versatile, adjustable and simplified.

- 100% genuine leather made of cow hide, right out of my grandma's farm.

- Lightweight, comfortable & easy to use: Made of thick leather, Farmman holster is the perfect choice if you're looking for a simple & effective solution for everyday carry.

- No printing: Farmman Leather holster is super sleek so it makes sure nobody would notice that you're carrying.

- Stay put: Many other holster brands claim their holsters are concealed, but it only happens when you stand still. Farmman leather holster stays so sticky to your belt that you can freely run, crawl or jump without worrying about your gun falling out.

- You can easily and conveniently draw your firearm from a Farmman holster. 

- Versatile-good for newbie: If you're a new gun owner, you don't need 25 holsters for 25 guns that you don't have, you just need one for 2-3 firearms you have. You can save time and money for training in the range.

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Kydex holsters are not as good as leather holsters for daily carry, and let me tell you why:

  Farmman leather holsters , not like kydex ones, don't make feel you irriated when you move or run. The clip is also strong it retains the holster when you draw the firearm. 

 Also, Kydex holsters can cause damage to your firearm. They tend to have specific points of the gun that it rubs up against which can wear away the finish. With repeated use, the finish on your gun can start to wear out pretty quickly in a Kydex holster. Last but not least, Kydex holsters are only going to work for one specific gun model. You don't want to start a new, productive day by wasting 30 minutes finding a matching holster for your firearm, otherwise, just grab a Farmman leather holster and go hustle.

belly holster concealed carry


Working on a farm ( or the road) is hard and you need to stay focus all the time. You don't need a big, bulky holster that makes you feel irritated and sweat. You just need a small, comfortable, lightweight holster that you can carry all day long.

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" I have a drawer full of holsters,ISW and OSW.high end and low end on the price.this is the most comfortable, IWB holster, leather or kydex I've ever used.i can drive with it on,set in my recliner or do everyday chores and never know I'm wearing it.i can reholster my Sig p365 XL one handed with out looking which is almost unheard of with a leather holster.the sweat guard doesn't rub at all.the price, for the level of quality and comfort IMO is extremely low.i don't do a lot of reviews, but when I do,I give my honest opinion,I will be buying a couple more of these for my Glock and 1911s. Thanks for a great product."

OldmanrahDC, Washington DC 

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Why Farmman leather holsters?

✔️ Skin-friendly :  Not like many other holsters, Farmman holster material is breathable so it won't make you sweat or come with bad smell.

✔️ Lightweight & basic design: You can carry your firearm you all day long without feeling bulky around your waist.

✔️ Sticky: Make sure you keep your gun secured even when your run or jump. 

✔️ Strong metal clip:  Farmman leather holster has a strong metal clip that makes sure it stays in place.

✔️ One size fits most - will fits most sizes of firearms.


Before getting a $100 kydex holster that only fits 1 single gun it's best to start with an easy-to-use, lightweight, comfy and 1-size-fit-most holster like Farmman leather holster.

If you're a father/ a husband, of course you want to make sure your family be 100% protected & safe. You can comfortably carry Farmman leather holster all day without feeling anything..

If you're a hard-working man who need to focus on his job and don't want to be bothered by a swinging holster you should also get yourself a Farmman leather holster. It provides you a good level of comfort and preparedness even when it's hot outside.



"In short, I think this holster is a good buy. I bought this because I didn’t want to spend much money on a holster. It works well for my needs.

The exterior leather of this holster has a bit of a plastic feel, but it feels durable and has a dark, chocolate brown color. The interior leather has a rigid, but softer texture. Stitching seems well done. The pant clip is strong and holds tight against clothing. I especially like the flap that protects my side against the slide and rear grip. There is no restraining strap, but the pistol does not move much due to the construction.

My pistol has stock front and rear sights. I have not used an extended magazine with this holster. I cannot comment on fit regarding those items.


Joseph MentorMinnesota

"I use this to hold a snake shooting pistol well I’m working around the farm. It works well is very simple and works with a variety of pistols."

Jim G.Malboro, MA

"This is my first review and may be a tad long.

I am a short, gut heavy male, with no butt. I am also fairly new to CCW. Not having a butt to hold up a gun and a holster has been a big challenge for me. I have tried several big name holsters and have yet to find one that is light and does the job I need it to. This holster was what I needed. This holster is pretty simple with a cheap price. The back of the holster goes above my G43 to protect the gun from my sweat and it doesn't dig into my side. The metal belt clip supports the gun/holster package well. The leather covers the trigger so no accidental firing. I wear the holster at the 4-5 o'clock position and it felt really good and didn't pull my pants down.

The down side: Until I had this holster I had only had a few Kydex models. When my holster is on my belt and gun placed in the holster it is a snug fit. When you draw the gun it is fairly easy to remove. The downside comes when you try to reholster the gun. The leather collapses and you must remove the holster to put the gun away. I assume this will be the case with all leather holsters. Kydex keeps its shape and doesn't crush. This wasn't a big deal to me because if I remove my gun while out, I do so with the intent of using it. If and when I need to secure my gun I have no problem with removing the holster to do so.

Overall I am happy with this holster and would recommend it to others.


Rashidi S.., RoanokeVirginia

" Nice holster, fits my Sig P320 M18 perfectly.

Good look, nice feel. Heavy Duty leather. Not some cheap thin crap.

Stitching looks good so it looks like it will hold together.

I'm happy with it. "

 Jude Rodriguez., TurnertownTX






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