Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket

Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket

  • High-Quality Fleece Material
  • Enhanced Thermal Retention
  • Multiple Zippered Pockets
  • Appropriate occasion: camping, climbing, hunting, etc.
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5-star reviews given by 


5-star reviews given by 

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Stay Warm and Tactical: The Ultimate Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket

Embrace the cold season with confidence in our Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket. Engineered for the most demanding environments, this jacket combines the best of thermal technology with a rugged tactical design. Featuring a thick, high-density fleece material, it guarantees to lock in warmth while offering outstanding durability with its reinforced panels on stress points. The jacket's numerous zippered pockets provide secure and accessible storage for your essential gear, while the adjustable wrist cuffs and stand-up collar ensure no heat escapes, keeping you cozy in the chill.

Ideal for those who demand functionality without compromising on style, this tactical jacket boasts a sleek, non-bulky profile, allowing for maximum movement and versatility. Whether you're embarking on a frosty outdoor adventure or looking for reliable everyday wear, this jacket's neutral color and military-inspired aesthetic make it a perfect fit for all occasions. Step out into the winter elements with assurance, knowing you’re covered by the ultimate fleece tactical jacket designed to stand the test of time.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


Master the Elements with the Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket 

This jacket is a fortress against the cold, tailored for those who venture where the maps end. The dense, plush fleece material is engineered to trap heat and provide an unparalleled warmth-to-weight ratio, ensuring you remain agile and comfortable in the chilliest of conditions.

Expertly stitched with reinforced patches on high-wear areas like the shoulders and elbows, it offers exceptional durability. The jacket's array of pockets are more than just compartments—they're meticulously designed to secure your tactical essentials, with easy zipper access that does not betray silence or security.

The high-collar and integrated hood serve as a bastion against the cold winds, while the internal lining is soft to the touch, minimizing irritation during extended wear. Adjustable wrist cuffs allow you to tailor the fit to your comfort, ensuring that no gust finds its way in.

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Ultimate Warmth and Utility

Outfitted with an array of zippered pockets located on the arms and torso, this jacket is a testament to thoughtful design for the active individual. The multiple pocket system is engineered to provide secure and organized storage for all your essentials. Whether it's your smartphone, wallet, or tactical gear like a GPS device or a compact survival tool, each item has its designated spot.

Crafted with the demands of the outdoors in mind, each pocket boasts durable zippers that promise to protect your belongings against the elements and prevent accidental loss during vigorous activities. The arm pockets allow for swift access on the go, ensuring your most crucial items are always within reach without breaking stride. The torso pockets offer more substantial storage space, ideal for larger items that you may need to access quickly and without hassle.

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Superior Comfort Meets Rugged Durability

Our Winter Jacket is the epitome of cold-weather resilience, crafted from high-quality, high-density fleece material designed to combat the winter chill. This jacket is not just a layer; it's a shield of warmth, tailored to deliver unwavering comfort and enduring warmth in the coldest of conditions.

The fleece fabric is meticulously chosen for its thick, dense properties, offering a substantial barrier against the biting cold. Its plush texture is gentle to the touch, ensuring that comfort is never compromised, whether you're on a brisk morning hike or a frosty evening walk. The material's weight and quality speak volumes of its ability to retain heat, cocooning you in a steady embrace of warmth that lasts throughout your day.

Durability is woven into the very fibers of this jacket, with the fleece material showcasing a resistance to pilling and wear. It stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring that the jacket not only keeps you warm season after season but also maintains its pristine appearance.

Whether facing a gentle breeze or a harsh gust, the Winter Jacket's high-density fleece is your reliable companion, bringing together the best of thermal efficiency and tactile pleasure. Don this jacket and let the cold know you're ready for its challenge.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


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"A Cozy Fortress in Winter's Grip"

"I've spent a considerable amount of time in the great outdoors, and when winter rolls in with its unforgiving chill, a reliable jacket isn't just comfort—it's a necessity. This is where the Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket truly shines. I purchased this jacket about two months ago, and it has been through a series of outdoor adventures as well as daily wear in an urban setting.

Firstly, the quality of the fleece is remarkable. It's thick, dense, and yet surprisingly lightweight. When they say high-density, they mean it. It has become my go-to piece not just for its warmth but also for the comfort it offers. Whether I'm out for a walk with my dog in the early frosty mornings or attending a late-night bonfire, the fleece material stands up to the chill without fail.

The array of zippered pockets is a dream come true for someone like me who likes to carry a variety of small items. I can stash my phone, wallet, and keys in separate pockets and still have room for my multitool and flashlight. The zippers themselves are sturdy and glide smoothly, which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to tactical gear.

Now, let's talk durability because this is where many winter jackets fall short. I've brushed against rocks, carried backpacks, and even took a few spills while hiking, and yet, the jacket shows no signs of wear. The reinforced patches on the elbows and shoulders are not just for show—they're doing their job, and they're doing it well.

The adjustable wrist cuffs are a small but significant feature. They allow me to tighten the sleeves to keep the cold out or loosen them for a bit of ventilation without rolling up the sleeves.

However, no product is without its flaws. While the jacket is indeed warm, it could benefit from a drawstring at the waist for those of us with a slimmer build to help trap heat better. Also, while the fleece is excellent for dry, cold weather, it's not the best shield against rain or heavy snowfall. It can withstand a light mist, but anything beyond that and I'm reaching for additional waterproof gear.

In summary, the Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket is a stellar piece of gear that has exceeded my expectations in warmth and functionality. It's not just a jacket; it feels like a portable haven from the cold. It's been a worthy investment for my winter wardrobe, and I look forward to seeing how it holds up in the years to come. "


 Outdoor enthusiasts thrive in diverse environments and engage in various activities. This jacket's versatility allows you to transition seamlessly between hiking, camping, climbing, hunting, and more. With one reliable piece of gear, you're prepared for every adventure.

Tactical professionals face diverse scenarios, from urban operations to wilderness survival. This jacket is a versatile asset, adapting seamlessly to various environments and tasks. It's the one jacket you can rely on for every mission.

Law enforcement officers can't predict when they'll be needed, and they often work in challenging weather conditions. This jacket's waterproof features and secure zip closure guarantee protection from rain, wind, and cold, allowing officers to remain focused on their duties regardless of the weather.

What Made Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket different ?

  • High-Density Fleece

  • Multipurpose Pockets

  • Enhanced Durability

  • Strategic Pocket Placement

  • Comfort-Oriented Design

  • Designed for Various Activities

  • Light weight

  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable Breathing Shoulder Strap

  • Made from High-quality 1000D Lightweight Durable Nylon Fabric

  • For men or women will provide a more convenient life for you

  • Suitable for travelling, cycling, hiking, camping and daily work


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70,000+ Customers
1 Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket

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  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


70,000+ Customers
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  • 3 Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jackets

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  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


70,000+ Customers
2 Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jackets

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  • 2 Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jackets

  • Only $75.99 ea.

  • Free Shipping For Order of 2+ Items

  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Only-today discount

  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


Can you recommend a size for someone who is tall and slim?

For a tall and slim build, we suggest choosing a size that fits your chest and sleeve length comfortably. You may refer to our detailed size chart to find the best fit.

Is the jacket breathable enough for active sports, like hiking or climbing?

Absolutely, the jacket is designed with breathability in mind, making it suitable for active outdoor sports where you need warmth without the sweat.

How many pockets does the jacket have, and are they all secured with zippers?

The jacket has multiple pockets, including ones on the sleeve, chest, and sides. All pockets are zippered for secure storage of your items.

Can I wash this jacket in a washing machine, or does it require special care?

Yes, the jacket can be washed in a washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach, and it's best to hang it to dry.

Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 7-12 Calendar days to ship and arrive. (Shipped from U.S, by USPS)

All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- For Non-US customers, shipping time may vary from 10-20 Business days. 

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to Paypal after the shipment, it may take 3-4 days to be activated.   


- You can hand wash your bag in warm soapy water by soaking it and working it with your hands. Then thoroughly rinse under cold water and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Remember: Do not machine wash or dry.


- If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support ( to get an easy refund. We just ask that you send the product back to our warehouse!

Payment Method

- We accept payment via Paypal, Credit card, Debit card. If you want to pay via wire transfers (Bank transfer) or Bitcoin, simply email us at


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"I recently bought the Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket for a weekend camping trip, and it has exceeded my expectations. The high-density fleece kept me warm during the chilly nights, and I was impressed with the jacket's breathability during hikes. The zippered pockets were a godsend, providing ample and secure storage for my phone, multitool, and other essentials. Although it's not waterproof, it held up well against light snowfall. I would definitely recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable option for the outdoors."



"I've been using the Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket for my morning jogs and have been quite pleased with its warmth and the ease of movement it allows. However, I was caught in a downpour recently, and it didn't hold up as well as I hoped. While I appreciate the jacket for its comfort and tactical pockets, it's not suitable for wet conditions. I'll be layering it with a waterproof shell next time. For cold, dry weather, it’s perfect, but it's not a stand-alone solution for rain."

Carlos M.

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"As an avid hiker, I've found the Winter Thermal Fleece Tactical Jacket to be almost perfect. The fleece is warm without being bulky, which is a huge plus on the trails. The multiple pockets are well-placed and secure, which is great for carrying snacks and a small map. My only gripe is the lack of a cinch at the waist. It fits well everywhere else but lets in a draft around the midsection. Still, it's become a staple in my outdoor wardrobe."

Jake P.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


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