100% JESUS Ankle Holster II


Easy seated draw, good back up, comfortable for all-day carriers


Upgraded: up to 3 straps for your firearms + 2 straps for your holster

Fit fat people with fat legs.

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Why a Backup Holster Could Save Your Life

Having a reliable backup holster is critical

Have you ever heared anyone saying things like: You just need 1 gun when thing goes wrong- Nobody - you need as many as you can. 

Imagine the desperation when that happens at the most critical moment: A home invasion occurs while your kids are asleep upstairs, or you're cornered by assailants with your comrades who out of ammo. Or maybe you're just walking home late at night through an unsavory neighborhood, approached by menacing strangers.

This is the moment when your need for a reliable backup holster becomes glaringly clear.

 It's far more significant than you think.

 It could be the game-changer when your primary defense fails. An investment in a quality backup holster is an investment in peace of mind and, potentially, your safety.


This is where the 100% Jesus Ankle Holster comes into play.

Made from Xsoftic Neoprene, a brand new type of material that we invented to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin like most holsters on the market do. It's also super super breathable so you can stay outdoor all day without sweating. People don't like sweating, obviously, and the gun owner hate sweating even more, because sweat damages the gun, which can lead to very bad situations.

If you wear 100% Jesus ankle holster, you wont have this sweat problem.

Straps: One more thing that ankle carriers love about 100% Jesus Holster is that it has 2 level of straps to keep the firearm in place. It's because our leg moves much harder than our belly when we have walk, or run. 

100% Jesus is the snuggest holster on the market, with more strap, you have more confidence carrying your gun without worrying about it flying around.


Is a safe drive worth investing in? Yes, obviously .

We drive all the time: Going to work, pick up the kids, go to shopping malls. During this time, we're most vulnerable: We can not run, jump or even stand up, stuck behind the safe belt.

 Appendix carry is not optimized for your driving safety.

 With appendix carry,  when you drive and see the threat, you have to do a bunch of awkward things to draw your firearm at the same time: Your left hand would pull the shirt up, your eyes would look down to your holster, while the right hand draw the firearm. That means you have to leave your both hands out of the wheel, which is dangerous for yourself and people behind you. Secondly, the seatbelt, it would hinder your appendix draw.

And last but not least, the firearm would point to your balls when you're seated in car.

The 100% Jesus ankle holster allows you to draw your firearm with one single right hand, Your eyes still up scanning the traffic, while the left hand still on the wheel. Much safer, and more tactical.

What you should do now, is clicking Pick my bundle, and get yourself a 100% Jesus ankle holster to protect yourself and your beloved family!

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"Tried it with my Springfield XDs 45 caliper. Very comfortable even with the on the larger framed gun(for ankle concealment). It does print, because of the size of the gun and no fault of the holster but could be mistaken as ankle brace off some kind. So far great product especially for the money!"

Brian MentorMinnesota

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


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5-star reviews given by 

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shoulder holster review, tactical shoulder holster, shoulder holster, best shoulder holster
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Truck driving is a tough job when you have to be seated all day while stay focused. Ater long hours, any waist holsters can make your belly sweat & itch. 100% Jesus Ankle holster is a perfect holster for drivers, it provides you an easy place to draw your firearms from, it also relieves the burden on your calf by spreading the weight around it.
If you have fat calves you know it's very hard to find an ankle holster that can fit your calves. 100% Jesus ankle holster is adjustable and perfectly fits any sizes of calves.
If you're a lady, you may need to wear different types of holsters that work with different types of clothes. If you wear a dress, leggings, skirt or any belt-less clothes, 100% Jesus ankle holster is the perfect choice for you.


As suggested by kinda 15 instructors that I personally know, if you wear an ankle holster, you can place it down low on the inside of your non-dominant ankle (For instance: If you're right handed, wear the holster on the inside of your left ankle). 

But when you sit down, it's likely to be exposed as your pants come up. There's a way to cover that and that's by wearing an extra sock and actually wearing it over the ankle holster. Or you can wear a higher shoes or boots, and wear the ankle holster on top of the shoes (boots).

common question: can it be concealed?

 The answer is yes! 100% Jesus ankle holster can easily be concealed with zero printing, even when you move quickly. Other holsters with bad material and no strap can make it looks "concealable" when you stand, but when you run, or jump the holster will start to swing. 

 100% Jesus ankle holster has 3 straps/5 straps (for original/upgraded version) that help your firearm & holster stay in place. they're can also be used as extention straps that can extend itself in case you have large calves.

 Quick draw: Feel free to laugh at me if I said an ankle holster is "easy-to-draw", but yes it is, in my humble opinion. As I mentioned, in real life situations if you heard some gun shots, especially from behind, even if you're well-armed, the first thing you'd have to do is to find somewhere to hide, lower your stance, or even lie down to at least know where the gunshot came from. And when you do that, it's much easier to draw your firearm from your ankle holster. It also looks much more natural to draw from it when you're seated in a car or in a restaurant.


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"I had been looking for something for some time. I did not want to waste money on a lot of trials. I checked out friends, tried 1 or 2. I saw this one and hoped it would be great with the higher level strap for stability and stop sliding. It's great, the design for the high calf strap keeps the firearm from sliding down with no discomfort. It stays up due to the natural calf size being larger than just below the knee. I have a Glock 26 that works very well. I also tried my Glock 19 just to see and it holds it well...although probably not an ideal ankle firearm."

-DestinMalboro, MA

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"I am a Deputy with my local Sheriff's Office and I carry a Glock 42 as my secondary weapon on my ankle. I have had so many ankle holsters and was disappointed in each. With my previous holsters: the velcro would wear down, the holster couldn't support the weight of the gun, my calves were too big even for an "XL" size, and the holsters would only come with a strap around the top portion of the holster and my gun would be loose on the inside of my pant leg. This could be a big no for me if my ankle holster came undone and someone were get ahold of my ankle gun.With this holster: it doesn't come from another country, the velcro is beyond sturdy, the size fits around my calves perfectly without irregular sizing from other countries, it comes with an upper strap AND a lower strap so the gun will stay put, even if the velcro somehow were to come undone-not to mention, the straps have belt loops, so their won't be long pieces hanging down from the buckle. Plus the company name is "Dinosaurized an army store", you just have no reason not to buy this ankle holster. They even give you a large cool sticker with the company name on it and as a nice touch, a handwritten note as thanks for buying their product. I can't believe this product isn't the number 1 seller.."

Thomas L., RoanokeVirginia

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"With a comfortable fit, this hermes ankle holster conceals my 380 perfectly and securely. Made of soft neoprene material, the flexible holster conforms and bends with my body. It fits great on my lower right leg and can be worn with or without long socks. For being neoprene, the holster is actually very tolerable and I barely feel it when I wear it for several hours at a time. This holster has a pocket for the pistol and a pocket for a magazine, both of which provide proper retention and a good fit that keeps them from moving while I'm walking. The biggest issue I have wearing this has nothing to do with the quality of the holster, finding a good pair of pants with enough room to wear and easily access a concealed pistol is a challenge. Easy to put on and take off, this holster makes it more comfortable to carry than inside or outside of waistband, though the gun will be further away from your hands. Overall, this is a well-constructed product that works best for compact and subcompact pistols."

 Jamie ., TurnertownTX


- At Dinosaurized, we believe our products are truly innovative and have 100% confidence in it. We understand that buying things online can be scary with companies not staying true to their customers so we go the extend to keep you satisfied.

- If you bought it and feel that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message at support@dinosaurized.com and we will make it right by offering you a replacement or refund. 100% Simple & Risk-Free process.



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  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


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70,000+ Customers
2 100% Jesus Ankle Holsters

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  • 2 100% Jesus ankle holsters

  • Free Shipping For Order of 2+ Items

  • Only $34.99-$39.99 ea.

  • 120-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Only-today discount

  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of shooting skills: Combat Marksmanship


Why you name it "100% Jesus"?

Because Jesus is my savior.

I'm a girl with short legs, what is the length from top of calf to bottom of ankle?

The holster from top to bottom is about 11inches it should fit you just fine, unless your under 5 foot tall?

Will this fit a big person leg with a large calf?

- The 100% Jesus Holster fits any sizes of calves.

Will this work with pull on boot?

- Probably not. If it's a very low-top boot, and a smaller caliber gun, then it might work. Definitely made more for wearing with sneakers or other low top shoes.

What is the purpose of the calf strap compared to the style without it?

- They all have neoprene calf straps. The style with the cinch calf strap allows you to have another strap to prevent slipping with hard use.

Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 7-12 Calendar days to ship and arrive. (Shipped from U.S, by USPS)

All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- For Non-US customers, shipping time may vary from 10-20 Business days. 

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to Paypal after the shipment, it may take 3-4 days to be activated.   


- You can hand wash your holster in warm soapy water by soaking it and working it with your hands. Then thoroughly rinse under cold water and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Remember: Do not machine wash or dry.


- If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support (support@dinosaurized.com) to get an easy refund. We just ask that you send the product back to our warehouse!

Payment Method

- We accept payment via Paypal, Credit card, Debit card. If you want to pay via wire transfers (Bank transfer) or Bitcoin, simply email us at support@dinosaurized.com.

How long do this holster last?

-  Quality is always our first priority, 10)% Jesus™ Ankle Holster is going to last a really, really long time,

Will this work for left handed people?

- Ambidextrous design allows left & right draws, so yes.

Is the button down strap adjustable?

- The strap is a fixed length. We may look at changing this in the future if this is something our customers would like.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee