Campeon Rifle Bag


Tough range bag to protect & organize your rifles and other gears


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A Trusty Companion for Your Hunting Trips: The Sturdy and Reliable Campeon Rifle Bag

Well now, folks, let me tell you about something close to my heart, something that I reckon can make a real difference to your hunting trips or your outings to the range. It's the Campeon rifle bag, a bag built like a trusty old barn, sturdy and reliable, and made just for your most precious gear.

Constructed from that heavy-duty 600D PVC Nylon, it's as durable as a well-seasoned saddle. It's got plenty of room too, can hold 2 rifles, 2 pistols and has pockets for all those extra bits and bobs you need. Best part, it's got lockable zipper sliders on the firearm compartments, so your gear's safe as houses.
And it's got more than just room, it's got style. With a molle grid, a paracord zipper, a D-ring and backpack straps, it's deluxe and practical, just like a good hunting rifle ought to be.

More Than Just a Rifle Bag: The Versatile Campeon Bag for All Your Outdoor Needs

You know, when you're out in the woods or at the range, you've got more gear than a wagon train. Guns, ammo, mags, cleaning kits, shooting glasses, ear protection - the whole shebang. All that stuff, if not organized right, could end up more mixed up than a hen in a fox house, and that could lead to some serious trouble. That's where the Campeon bag comes in, keeps everything right where you need it, safe and sound.

But this bag ain't just for rifles. It's a real workhorse, can be used as a truck bag, a camera bag or even a camping bag. You can pack it full of anything you need, be it kitchen tools for a camp cookout, or books and toys for the kids.

Customizable, Spacious, and Protective: The Campeon Bag as Your Perfect Gear Keeper

Customizable as a well-oiled Winchester, the Campeon bag has two detachable molle webbing panels for extra storage and an exterior looping panel for your flag patches and decorative tags. It's got space enough to rival the wide-open plains, perfect for your firearms and range gear.

Now, any seasoned hunter or veteran knows that taking care of your firearm is as important as knowing how to use it. Rust, moisture, dust, corrosion - these can do a number on your piece if you ain't careful. That's why the Campeon bag is made from high-density polyester fabric, tough enough to resist water and dust. The interior's padded too, offering protection for your firearms and accessories. The lockable zipper sliders and non-slip bottom keeps your gear safe from thieves and bumps alike.

Plus, it's got two padded shoulder straps, adjustable as a horse's reins, so even if you've got to lug it around all day, it won't feel any heavier than a feather pillow.

In short, folks, the Campeon rifle bag ain't just a bag, it's a partner, reliable as the rising sun. So, come on down and give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

"This is well made and a great value. I am highly impressed with it but it’s slightly heavier than expected. It’s versatility and quality make it an easy decision to buy several others.


- Kevin Taylor, Utah

A CAMPEON BAG provides perfect protection for not only your firearms but also all other gears.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star reviews given by  

"I won't lie, I know nothing about gun cases or brands. I just knew that I wanted to get something that would protect my boyfriend's newly finished AR-15 and protect him while transporting his firearms (Spokane cops shot and killed a man taking his firearms into his house, on his own property after a camping trip because they said he 'brandished them'). I was going to purchase a different one but someone mentioned the savior brand and once I looked them up I just knew it was what I thought he needed. It looked sturdy, had a lot of storage and offered a few different options for carrying. The second he opened this he filled it right up. It has a lot of storage (4-30round mags per pocket, ear protection, storage for hand guns) and I love how it has the velcro straps to keep the forearm from moving around and the padded divider is great and it can hold two rifles. My boyfriend is very satisfied with this if you are looking for a gift for the gun lover in your life this is a great one!


- Samuel, FARRELL, Mississippi

" This case is AMAZING! My husband was ecstatic over the fact that it was actually really light and a backpack! We go to the range a lot and lugging around individual gun cases is always super annoying. This case fits both of our rifles and all of our handguns along with both sets of ears and ALL of the magazines and ammo we have. Yes it does get a little heavy fully loaded but not nearly as heavy as you think. The weight in this case is distributed nicely and with it being a backpack, it’s so easy to move around! 12/10 highly recommend!!"

- Halie D.Miami, Florida

" I'm very impressed with the quality and thought that went in the layout of this bag. The pistol slots are a nice feature not found on most of the bags I have seen.!

- Alex, Mississippi


For Hunters: The Campeon rifle bag, built like a trusty old barn, is as sturdy and reliable as they come. It's constructed from heavy-duty 600D PVC Nylon, making it as durable as a well-seasoned saddle. It's spacious, stylish, and practical, with lockable zipper sliders for secure firearm compartments and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort during long treks. In addition, it's equipped to handle the rust, moisture, dust, and corrosion that hunters often face in the great outdoors.

For Gun Enthusiasts: This bag is more than just a rifle bag. It's a real workhorse, capable of being used as a truck bag, a camera bag, or even a camping bag. It has pockets for all the extra gear that enthusiasts often carry, from guns, ammo, and mags to cleaning kits, shooting glasses, and ear protection. The Campeon bag helps keep everything organized and safe, making it a valuable asset for any gun enthusiast.

For Husbands: This bag is as customizable as a well-oiled Winchester, with detachable molle webbing panels for extra storage and an exterior looping panel for flag patches and decorative tags. It's perfect for husbands who value organization and safety, offering protection from the elements and from potential theft. Whether he's going out hunting, heading to the range, or even packing up for a family camping trip, the Campeon bag has got it covered. It's the kind of thoughtful and practical gift that shows just how much you understand and appreciate his interests and needs.





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Will .308 mags fit in the pouches?

- Yes.

My rifle measures 34 inches. Will the 36" bag be large enough?

- Yes it will.

Is it double stitched?

- All double stitched.

What is the weight capacity the bag can carry up to?

- Personally, I carry 2 rifles 2 hand guns. 2 front pouchs full of mags and cleaning kit.

Does the bag have molle on both sides?

- It has molle webbing in two of the four sides; one of the long sides and one of the short sides.

What type of lock can be used?

- Any small luggage lock should fit through the zipper holes. I use a cable style luggage lock on mine. Fits perfectly through the eye holes on the zipper.

I just bought an ar 15 and the total length is 36" Should I go with the 42" bag?

- I would go with the 42 inch. It is nice to have a little extra room.

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(US customers only)Standard shipping time is 7 business days to ship and arrive.  

All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

 ForNon-US customers, shipping time may vary from10-20 Business days. 

 We'll immediatelyupload your tracking code to Paypalafter the shipment, it may take 3-4 days to be activated.   


You can hand wash your CAMPEON RANGE BAG in warm soapy water by soaking it and working it with your hands. Then thoroughly rinse under cold water and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Remember: Do not machine wash or dry


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