2 Dragonfire heated vests


Looking for the best & safest heated vest to keep you warm this winter?

Is there anything worse than a bitterly cold humid winter day? One of the biggest problems with your winter coats and sweaters is penetrability. When it gets wet, it gets cold, the froze goes straight into your bones.

 Dragonfire, the 4-layer heated vests, are made for folks (like many of us) who are sick of wet, expensive, and good-for-nothing coats. With Dragonfire vest, flows of heat are sent right into the core of your body, while they still can be adjusted dependably.

* 10/10/2020 New- 2 extra pockets: Many other heated vest don't have pockets, so no where to carry your phone, wallet or hamburgers, Dragonfire does (many thanks to customer uncle Old Jim from NY for your suggestion). They're very large and convenient.

Why Dragonfire vests are the best ?

 ️QUICKER: 1 single minute and your whole upper body get warm, while it usually takes like 1 hour with other coats.

️ SAFER: You may find a lot of other heated coats which are made from cheap, slim & penetrable materials, when it rains or snows, it can generate electric shocks. Dragonfire vests are 100% resistant to water, wind and electricity, made from the best insulation and heat-retaining material, completely reliable and safe. 

️ LONGER: Other vests' battery works only up to 5 hours. Powered by a 7.4-volt battery with UL/CE certificates, Dragonfire Vests works up to 10 hours on a single charge with  3 levels of heating

️BETTER: Forget about wearing thick sweaters and jackets; theDragonfire Vest's material is light, convenient, and can be worn over any clothing.

️4 PROTECTIVE LAYERS: From outside to inside: Water/wind-resistant layer, 800 fill power duck leather layer, heater and electrical-resistant level- All of them is designed to keep you safe and warm.

️5 HEAT ZONES: 3 for your back and 2  for your chest.

A Winter Shield for on-the-road folks

Dragonfire vest is designed for cold-weather sports and activities, such as motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, diving, winter biking, and snowmobiling, trekking, and for outdoor workers such as construction workers and carpenters.

Regardless of your age, you can get benefits from the comfort of a heated jacket. They can protect you from cold weather conditions whether you are outdoors for sport or work and can be stored & cleaned easily. You will be able to stay warm even in the coldest temperatures for a long time. 

Why you should buy a DRAGONFIRE VEST?

✔️Good materials: This Heating Vest made of lightweight Carbon fiber, windproof and waterproof, machine, and hand washable.Comfortable and smooth to touch, warmth to last all winter without the bulk of a heavy coat.

✔️Good for healthheated vests can help promote blood circulation, relieve the pain of muscles. Perfect for outdoor activities, indoor office routine and business use during fall and winter months.

✔️Long battery life: Most heating jackets in the market are powered by 5V USB, while what we use is a 7.4V battery, working up to 10 hours, offering more power and better heat to the heating pads. 3 heating levels (131°F, 122°F & 113°F). Best gift for parents and families for coming Thanksgiving and Christmas.

✔️1 Min Fast Carbon Fiber Heating Design:This heated vest for men and women designed with 1 min to heat quickly, it is healthy without harmful radiation. Give your family and yourselves warm and health in the winter. Machine washable, easy to clean.


Winter sport Lover :Winter athletes have to perform in cold temperatures, but when the body is cold it tends to be slow, sensitive and tight, which can give the feeling of being uncoordinated.Keeping warm will help you stay loose, limber, agile and less likely to get injured or feel sore later. Being warm also BOOSTS PERFORMANCE compared to performing while cold, so here are some best practices to make you perform better.

Winter woker Winter worker : Every year, the weather conditions during winter can strongly impact our environment and therefore impact our workplace and our health, introducing new hazards that will need to be identified and controlled. Our vest will keep you warm enough throughout your shift.

Kids: When the weather turns cold, kids face new dangers of which adults need to be aware of. Keep young ones safe, warm, and healthy through the coldest months with Dragonfire vest to minimize any risk of winter while still enjoying its beauty and going to school.

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"I got this Dragonfire heat vest mainly for winter photography and ice fishing. It is nice with high quality carbon fibre heating elements and good workmanship. With the dual-switch, I can control the Front and Back heating area separately. It is comfortable to wear and fits me so well. The heating zones are just right to warm up my core and the back zone is big enough to cover most of my back. Over all the vest is worth the money. Highly recommended."

-Dave West- Whiting, ME

" I bought this Dragon heated vest for my husband, who is running early in the morning regularly. Winter in Canada is super long and very cold, so I think a heated vest is a must for outdoor running. Recently it became pretty cold in the morning in Toronto, and my husband already started to use the vest. Needless to say, it keeps him warm, and he is happy with this gift from me. The vest has an inner pocket where he can put the power bank as well as the cord. It is delivered in a lightweight bag, which is convenient for him to carry the vest when travelling."

Gage Morris-Floweree, MT

"It's amazing. It is much better than it shown on website. You can wear it with powerbank to heat up, or without heating. It is very soft, light weight, and it fit perfictly. The material is very good, even without heating function, I still consider to buy it. Its great for the whole fimaly. I will have a nice, warm winter. Yeah!!!"

Rodriguez H- Barnsdall, OK

"i bought this for my son for Christmas and he absolutely love it. fit as expected and can adjust up or down a size, keeps him plenty warm and he is always cold, he has worn it to work because they leave the doors open a lot to bring in service cars and he normally gets to cold he said he was good and warm and it stayed working all day without any problems, he wore it trout fishing had it cranked up on high for 8 hours worked beautifully while they was out on the boat in 40 degree weather this is a great purchase for anyone who you know thats cold all the time"

Ivy C. Humphrey- Phoenix, AZ