Dreadnought drop leg holster



Dreadnought drop leg holster is the answer for you!

Natural as its finest: Dreadnought allows you to easily draw your firearm as quickly as possible.

Non-slip: 3-layer Anti-slip friction strips design secures the holster in place from falls or movement.

Adjustable and UniversalDreadnought works with most sizes of guns or or other tactical gears like knives, mags, phones or flashlights.

Less weight around the waist - less hip/back painOfficers are expected to carry an incredible amount of weight on their duty belt. Over time, this weight can cause pain or injury to the officer’s back and/or hips. Shifting the weight distribution to a leg will reduce the total weight around the waist.

Good for tacsDreadnought was well-designed for highly tactical activities. You can totally feel free to crawl, run, jump or climb freely without worrying having your weapons dropped.


Dreadnought drop-leg holster allows you to place a sidearm at nearly the exact spot your hand naturally falls to the side of your body. 

Hip/Waistband holsters, otherwise, require owners to reach high up to retrieve the weapon and bring the arm up even higher to remove the weapon from the holster. This type of action is not only slower, but may also be difficult, or impossible, in an active fight or in very close quarters. It may also be far more difficult, or impossible, if the your arm becomes injured for any reasons. 

Ankle holster? Not even close, ankle holster is so far from your hand to reach, it should only be consider a back-up holster.


dreadnought drop leg holster

Dreadnought: Best emergency holster for fat folks

Non-dominant-hand-friendly:An important pro to Dreadnought holster is that it can be accessed with your non-dominant hand. If your gun hand or arm becomes immobilized, you may not be able to access your firearm, especially fat guys who simply cannot reach around your torso with your non-dominant arm to retrieve your weapon.

 Many waist holster don't have XL size for fat folks, while Dreadnought, easily adjustable, is a "one size fits all" holster.

Frees Up Room for More Equipment: Carrying a Dreadnought holster will free up some room for other gears, such as more ammo. Additionally, for folks with a smaller waist, this may be the only way he or she can carry all of their necessary equipment.