Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG
Hermes Solar Power Bank GG



( 6 times for iPhone 13 Pro, 8 times for iPhone 12 mini, 4 times for Galaxy S21 ultra, 3.5 times for mini 4)

1 Set (Freeshipping)2 Sets ($54.99/set + Freeshipping)3 Sets ($49.99/set + Freeshipping)

Discount is available for a limited time only!

  • The battery bank is over 1000 times recharging, IPX6 waterproof, dust proof, shockproof, anti slipfor firmly hand held, ensuring long lasting durability in the most intense scenario.

  • 26800mAh: This solar charger power bank can charge 6 times for iPhone 13 Pro, 8 times for iPhone 12, 4 times for Galaxy S21 ultra, 3.5 times for mini 4. 

  • Dual Fast Charging USB Outputs: The solar phone charger can charge 2 devices simultaneously at 2.1A, the same speed as plugging into a wall outlet

  • Auto-detect your devices' current to pair the optimal output, protecting your devices from over-current, overcharge, overheat and short circuit.

  • 6W Solar Panel Charger due to 4 highly efficient solar panels, which is equivalent to the speed of a 1A charger (which is 4 times faster than one has single panel).

  • Foldable design makes this solar battery charger easy to hang on a backpack when hiking or camping.

  • Ultra Bright Flashlight on the portable battery back side with 3 modes, help you walk in places without lights or in case of power cut.

"If I set the unit into sunlight during the day and charge my phone in the evening, I imagine that I'll never be without power... "

- You just need to drape this over your pack while hiking and secure with paracoord, a string or anything that ensures it wont fall off, you will easily have a full charge by the end of a few hours, without having to stop and place it in the direct sunlight. 

- With 4 high-performance solar panels, you're able to recharge the pack on solar in BRIGHT, DIRECT SUNLIGHT in about 8 hours from 2 bars to full (4 bars). 

- If you are expecting or planning to be completely without any electrical power for more than a couple of days, then the Hermes Solar Powerbank is the perfect way to go.


- Once you charge it, the charge lasts a very long time -- months not weeks.

- Can charge devices multiple times, 2 devices at the same time with the speed of plugging into a wall outlet. 

- Thesolar power panel extends it usability because you cancontinue to recharge it over time,which willsave you so much electric bill

- When full, the Hermes Solar Powerbank can charge 6 times for iPhone 13 Pro, 8 times for iPhone 12, 4 times for Galaxy S21 ultra, 3.5 times for mini 4. 

"I carry the Hermes Solar Charger on hikes 

and used it for the first time when I got lost. 

My phone was  down to 4% and I was getting worried..."

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"I only charge the battery by solar and, living in the desert southwest, it gets tons of sunshine. It charges my phone fast. I never measured the time it takes but I can't discern a difference between charging my phone using the solar charger as opposed to computer or wall outlet.

I carry the Hermes Solar Charger on hikes and used it for the first time when I got lost. My phone was down to 4% and I was getting worried. Plugged it into the charger using a short usb Carried both together as my phone charged. By the time I was beginning to recognize my surroundings, the phone was nearly fully charged.

Whew! Switched to using a longer cord so that I can store the charger in my pack and just carry the phone. Very convenient. I haven't needed to fully recharge the solar charger yet but top it off occasionally in my living room window or on my car dashboard. We get brutal sun out here so no trouble with top offs. It *does* take time though (like days) but I keep it topped off so have not had issue with getting available power."

 David., YumaArizona

Please keep in mind: 

1. It takes few days to recharge the solar charger up to 100% by only solar power. Please make sure the solar charging power bank is fully rechargered before you go.

2. Please don't leave the solar power bank in your car,or expose it to strong sunlight for too long.

3. The portable solar charger is IP65 waterproof but not IP68 waterproof, so it's only rugged enough to handle splashes of water.

What you get: 1x26800mAh sloar power bank,1xUser Manual,1xMicro Charging Cable,1xCompass Carabiner.


  • At Dinosaurized, we believe our products are truly innovative and have 100% confidence in it.

  • We understand that buying things online can be scary with companies not staying true to their customers 

    So we go the extend to keep you satisfied.

  • We are happy to offer you a 45 day replacement guarantee with your purchase.

  • If you bought it and feel that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a messageat 

    and we will make it right by offering you a replacement.

  • Very Simple & Risk-Free process.


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"I bought this for my gobi heated vest and it will run that vest from 6 in the morning until 6 at night and still has two lights left.. this thing is amazing.. when I do all day hunts there has been times I had to use the secondary USB port to charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max or I wouldn’t have been able to use OnX to find my way back out this battery pack has saved me literally!!!!"

Lucas DC, Washington DC

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"I bought this last summer to use at my off grid camp to charge my phone. Loved 

how fast is charged, the flashlight feature and ability to charge 2 devices. The real kicker though was that I accidentally left it outside for 7 months, totally exposed to the elements. Came back after a long winter of heavy snowfall and rain- and I was shocked to find it still works perfectly!!! Highly recommend this product!"

Richard , St. George, Utah

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"This unit changes well in the sun and can take Arizona heat. My wife left it solar charging from the morning until I took it in in the afternoon, it was almost too hot to handle. It still works flawlessly no discernable battery damage. I wish we had two more, I just don't have the extra funds for that. My wife and daughter took it to girls camp and used it all week to keep their phone and iPad charged, no problem, didn't miss a beat. We still use it in the house to keep our daughters iPad charged during the day and recharge the pack at night. Still working great! "

-DestinPhoenix, Arizona 

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"I bought this unit in case we lost power, which we frequently do in the winter. I charged it fully, then put it in my desk. Sure enough, we lost power in a snow storm. I hooked this up to my cell phone and used it all day. It had held a charge for months. I didn't get much of a chance to see if the solar element worked, because there were only a few hours before dark, but I was very pleased with how well it worked from it's original charge."

Thomas L., Pueblo, Colorado 

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"I set this solar charger out on a VERY cloudy day early in the morning(8AM), by about mid-day(12PM) the charger was full. My pixel 2 android phone, my Baofeng UV-82HP High powered radio and my Fenix HM50R headlamp were all charged off the single charge of the solar battery. Blows my mind. So easy to use too. open it up and it charges. No buttons, just place it in light. Charging is easy, Plug the usb cables into both the solar battery and the device you want to charge, press the charge button once. It starts charging. If you just drape this over your pack while hiking and secure with paracoord, a string or anything that ensures it wont fall off, you will easily have a full charge by the end of a few hours, without having to stop and place it in the direct sunlight. Though placing it in the most bright spot will charge it faster, even a cloudy day will charge it in about 4 hours. Gunna be on a hike and have a usb headlamp? Get this. Gunna be in the woods and have a usb chargeable radio? Get this. Gunna be camping for a few days and want to keep watching your iPad or play with your phone? Get this."

 Erin., TurnertownTX




Hermes Solar Power Bank GG


TOTAL $59.99




Hermes Solar Power Bank GG


TOTAL $149.97



Hermes Solar Power Bank GG


TOTAL $109.98


Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 3-9 Calendar days to ship and arrive. All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to your email after the shipment, it may take 1-4 days to be activated.   

Can this charge a laptop with 65W?

- 26800mAh should charge any device out there, including a laptop. I’ve charged our cellphones a few times and they seemed to charge fairly quickly compared to the run of the mill 500mAh chargers.

Follow the directions and charge it (the solar charger) the first time with your regular cellphone charger. Also, use a quality charging cable. Expensive doesn’t mean quality. Do the research on charging cables and get a good one.

I want to use this to charge a gps tracker on a trailer. will the gps device charge while the bank itself charges from solar power?

- Yes, it will.

Mine came with 2 bars of charge out of the box, so i plugged it in to the wall charger like the instructions say...been 60+ hours and hasnt charged mo

- I USB charged mine overnight. I had it plugged into the USB port of my lamp. It might look like it's not fully charged but it is. If yours is legit not charging properly, you might want to get a wall brick or something and charge it that way.

If i have d,c,aa,aaa batts to charge will this allow me to plug in a charger that uses a usb power source to perform such a task?

- I'd say you can plug it into the USB. This really is nothing more than another, larger battery that can be charged by normal electrical power or solar power, but solar takes a long time to charge & there are warnings about not leaving it in direct sunlight or allowing the solar cells to get too hot from the sunlight.

Does work on iPhone 13

- It should work on most any electronic device.

Is this just for iphone ?

- It has two USB out ports so that you can charge two items at a time. Android or Apple or something else. Pretty worth it if you ask me.

How long does it take to charge by solar?

- 2 to 3 days from 0 to 100% under bright direct sunlight

Is this something that can be charged by plugging into a wall outlet?

- Yes. Plug it in via the supplied usb cable. The solar panels are a secondary charging source.

Can this be left in the car on the dashboard when it’s parked, or will it get too hot without the AC and with windows up?

- I can attest to what happens when you leave the unit exposed in a car for too long - it gets destroyed. Now, when I say 'too long' I'm talking about days. An hour or two or five or six should be fine. 

What are the solar panels’ efficiency ratings? Are the panels made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon?

- The solar panels’ efficiency ratings is 6W / 1.2A. And the solar panels are made of monocrystalline.

How many volts does this thing have

- 5V

Can I only charge it using the sun? Forever

- You can charge it using a USB cord. Solar will maintain the charge or charge a phone, tablet, etc.

Can you tell me how to operate this thing. Left directions at home. We've had this in the sun constantly and it doesnt seem to be charging.

- If you would like to charge it by solar energy, just unfold the solar panels and put it under the strong sunlight (please keep the solar panels can be hit derectly by sunlight), and then it will charge automatically. 8-10% conversion, suitable for emergency use when outdoor with solar power. Recommend full charge the power bank before going outside.

Are the extra solar panels detachable?

- Hello, thanks for your question. The panels of this solar charger can't be removed, but it can be folded for easy carrying.

Is this compatible with an Android Mobile Phone as well, to charge?

- Yes

Can I use this to charge my mobile hotspot?

- I don’t understand “charge my mobile hotspot”, is this a hotspot device? As long as you can connect to the USB port of the Solar Charger, the device will charge.

Is this a one-size-fits-all or are there size options that i'm not seeing?

- It’s got two USB ports to put whatever cord you want on it

How long does it store a charge for?

- months

Can this be used with a power adapter in another country? And is it dual voltage?

- yes , it can

Can I charge my mini I pad with this?

- Yes, no problem. Just get the right cable for your ipad and it may take a little longer.

How do you know when it is finished charging “by wall”?

- There are blue dots on the side. When all are lit it is full charged

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