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Summer Gun Clip (huge discount)

SUMMER GUN CLIP (Huge discount)




If you live in the South you must know how hard it can be to wear a holster on a daily basis, especially on a hot summer day. Traditional holster is not a good choice for summer time, especially when you're a fat guy. Sweat & bad smell generated around you waist may damage your firearms (with its salt). If you're finding an easy way to solve this, get yourself a Summer gun clip!

Stop dressing around your holster, wear the clothes you want while confidently, securely and discreetly carrying your pistol with Summer Gun Clip:

1-minute DIY installation: You only need 1 minute to install Summer Gun Clip to your firearm.

Not either or: Summer clip works in conjunction with all traditional holster.

You can clips your Summer clip to: Around waistband (with or without belt, boot, pocket, vest... (And more!)

Most comfortable holster for 24/7 gun carriers: Summer Gun Clip makes it easier to keep your weapon close and safely hidden away, so you can move about in total comfort while still having easy access.


 For big guys like myself, in hot or cold days, sweating is unavoidable while carrying. And with sweat around your concealed carry comes the potential of gun rust. For concealed carriers, gun rust from sweat is particularly nefarious.

Gun rust not only makes your gun less valuable and uglier, it also affects its accuracy. A rusty slide is harder to rack, and a rusty trigger is harder to pull. In an emergency situation where you need your firearm, any hindrance to the operation of your firearm poses a severe threat to your life and the lives of those around you. If you can’t use your firearm due to gun rust from sweat to defend from a potential threat, your life is instantly put in harm’s way.

Summer belt clip keeps your waist dry, protecting your gun from sweat. It's also very lightweight and sticky so you can be so free to hide, move around, run, climb or crawl in dangerous situations.

Why Summer Gun Clip?

- No Printing, No Show

Summer clip hides seamlessly against your body and won’t show through your pants or shirt for a discrete carry system perfect for men and women.

- Versatile carrying spots

Along with standard wear on the waistband or belt, Summer clips can be attached to the inside or outside of boots, heavy-duty pockets, jacket vests, and more.

- Universal semi-auto compability & ambidextrous – Summer is a universal gun clip for semi-automatic handguns. Fits all manufacturers and all calibers.

Hold tight - Summer Gun clip uses a 3M Aircraft Adhesive to mount to your gun with no drilling or tapping. Simple and easy to install or remove if necessary.

Fit well – Strong, Secure, Comfortable, and easy to wear with most pants; Snug Fit, Stays Put; Reposition to whatever angle works best; Grab and clip it on as you walk out the door

Well-concealed – Our slim, minimalistic, clip results in the slimmest possible profile, an integral part of everyday concealed carry.


This innovative spring steel clip features a clip, mounting bar and patented 3M aircraft adhesive for extremely easy installation and removal (if necessary) with minimal effort and without scratching or scuffs.

- Includes:

· Clip x1

· Allen Wrench x 1, Screws x 6

· Replacement slice cover plate x 1

· Spring x 6

* Trusted, Reliable Craftsmanship

- Summer clips products have been trusted by military members, law enforcement, and 2nd Amendment-following licensed citizens since 2006. 

"As a larger guy (6’ 260lbs), finding a comfortable holster had presented a challenge but this clip is a great option. It is very minimal and easy to install. I paired it with the the Trigger sheath to protect the trigger while it’s on my side. The marks on my belt are from the clip but this is a cheap belt that’s about to fall apart anyway. I’m very pleased!."

 Roberto X.- Chicago, Illinois



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star reviews given by  

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"I've read every forum you can think of on this product and 95% of the people who didn't like this haven't bought it and used it.Yes, with the trigger not being covered it does lead to some questions about negligent discharge but I can't find on incident of that happening with clip draw. (Maybe it has happened, but I couldn't find a testimony) and the person who recommended this to me has used it very often for 10 years and has never had a problem with ND, falling out, etc.With that being said I simply cannot feel comfortable with having a round in the chamber and it sitting at 4 'o clock all day everyday in and out of the car, getting up and down from the office chair and anything else I do that involves sitting. No matter how many times I hear that people have done it. I believe it is imparitive that I have one in the chamber, so for this I'm using it as a temporary holster system until I order a Dara IWB holster, hence the 4/5 stars. Unless I have to leave it in the car because I'm going into a jail, post office, court room I want to put it on my person and completely forget about it until I take it off to sleep, and I constantly have to check it hasn't ridden up or not.Don't get me wrong It's a great product, well made, stupid easy to instal, I actually like the look of it, I love the minimalistic freedom it gives.It's not you clipdraw, it's me."

Renato, Lockhart, Texas

" I bent the first replacement pin while trying to install it. Called the company up, guy said I wasn't the only one so they were redesigning the pins and adding a beveled point to them to facilitate the installation process. He then said he'd drop a few in the mail for me, free of charge. Got a new set a few days later (without the clip since nothing was wrong with it, but it came with extra pins in case of user-error!) and went to install them. Slid right into place, no tools needed! Total install with new improved parts took less than 5 min. Would definitely recommend, I've stopped looking for a holster because of this.."

-  James H., Kennewick, Washington(WA)

"I love the Summer Clip. I've read a lot of the negative reviews and couldn't disagree more. First off, this is not a holster. If you're looking for a typical holster then do not buy this product. But if you're looking for something that is easy to conceal without a lot of bulk then you can't go wrong with the Summer Clip. Now, you won't be winning any quick draw contests. If you're expecting to reach around with your off hand, lift your shirt, then seamlessly draw your weapon within a few seconds then you will be disappointed. Please do not buy this product then proceed to give it negative reviews for not performing a function that it was not intended/designed to do. The Summer Clip allows the weapon to easily rest inside the waist and down far enough that it doesn't poke out too much. It does take a little effort to get the weapon but again, this ain't the wild wild west. With every product there is always a little give and take.

Oh, and the install was a breeze. The only tool required that did not come with the kit is a small punch or tiny screwdriver. I installed/uninstalled it twice and found it easier with a punch just because it felt stronger. Go to Youtube and watch a video if you've never removed the slide cover plate.


Kenneth V, RoanokeVirginia

"Upon first trying to instal this onto my Ruger, I didn't even read the directions. I just jumped into it, scratching my firearm and getting mega frustrated. I sent the company a nasty email, and requested a return. The owner promptly emailed me back, catering to my frustration and offering to help in any way. Waiting a few days, I went back to try installing it again. I read the directions this time, and was installed in less than 2 minutes. THIS DOES FIT THE FIREARM. There are a few reviews stating that it doesn't, but all you have to do is follow the directions. Thank you Stan, and sorry for the rotten email. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT! Five stars!. "

 Sam Nolan., Twinsburg, Ohio(OH)





Summer Gun Clip (huge discount)


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Summer Gun Clip (huge discount)


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Summer Gun Clip (huge discount)


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