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Tera Double Magazine Holster

Tera Double Magazine Holster

Universal Magazine Holder fits 9mm/.40 Dual Stack Mag


Are You Prepared to Elevate Your Tactical Experience?

Picture yourself heading to your upcoming tactical training or eagerly anticipating your next hunting adventure. Your trusted 9mm or .40 cal weapon is at your side, but there's an exciting new addition to your gear: the Tera Double Magazine Holster

Envision the holster securely fastened to your belt, the universal double mag pouch holding most dual stack magazines with absolute certainty. As you navigate across diverse landscapes, overcome challenging terrains, the holster remains steadfast and unyielding. The extra magazine is always at your disposal, an instant away when the situation demands it. 

In the exhilarating world of weapon, this holster doesn't merely play a supporting role - it empowers you, transforming your experience. This is not just a holster - it's your secret weapon.

A Personalized Retention System for a Smooth, Fast Draw

The Tera Double Magazine Holster is more than just a holder. With its adjustable retention system, you can tighten or loosen the built-in screw to change the tension.

You decide how easily the magazine comes out, allowing for a tailored drawing experience. Say goodbye to awkward, slow draws and embrace swift, smooth magazine changes.

Intuitive, Adjustable Design for a Custom Fit

Beyond offering a universal fit, the Tera Double Magazine Holster has an adjustable side-clips design, with an inner length of 1.29’’ to 1.37’’ and inner width of 0.78’’ to 0.90’’. 

No more worrying about magazines slipping out or not fitting properly. This holster adapts to your needs, ensuring a snug and secure fit for your magazines.

Embrace the Convenience of the Unique Belt Clip

As you gear up for your next outdoor adventure, imagine effortlessly attaching the Tera Double Magazine Holster to your belt. Thanks to its unique belt clip, which is adjustable up to 90 degrees, you're not just limited to one way of carrying your magazines. 
Whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal carry, the choice is completely yours. What's more, it accommodates belts ranging from 1'' to 1.8'' in width. No more fumbling or discomfort while attaching or removing your holster. 
With just a few adjustments, you get to set the perfect carrying angle for your holster, ensuring an efficient draw and maximum comfort throughout your journey.

"I am incredibly impressed with this holster. It's super durable and fits my magazines like a glove. The unique belt clip is a game-changer - it easily attaches to my belt, and I love that I can adjust it to my preferred angle. Definitely worth every penny."

Elevate Your Tactical Experience with Tera Double Magazine Holster's Superior Adjustability

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✔️Universal Fit: Designed to securely hold most 9mm/.40 cal dual stack magazines.

✔️Innovative Belt Clip: 90-degree adjustable carry angle for your preferred carrying style.

✔️ Durable Material: Made of superior polymer materials that are heat and scratch-resistant.

✔️ Convenient Usage: Easy to attach and remove from belts of 1''-1.8'' width.

✔️Versatile Application: Ideal for tactical training, hunting, military, the range, and law enforcement agencies.


For those who thrive on adrenaline and excitement, the Tera Double Magazine Holster is an indispensable tool. Its adjustable features cater to varying needs on the go, while the secure hold of the magazines allows for smooth, quick access - a must-have for fast-paced, adventurous pursuits.

Expert hunting requires expert gear. The Tera Double Magazine Holster provides reliability in spades, with its robust and scratch-resistant design standing up to rugged hunting environments. The adjustable retention system ensures that when the perfect shot presents itself, your spare magazine is readily available.

Training in the great outdoors poses unique challenges and demands versatile equipment. The Tera Double Magazine Holster rises to the occasion with its adjustable size and belt clip, ensuring a comfortable fit and easy accessibility. Whether demonstrating techniques or conducting drills, outdoor trainers can rely on this holster to enhance their instructional experience.



"Used it on my recent hunting trip and it performed exceptionally well. It's easy to adjust, stays put on my belt, and doesn't scratch even in rough terrains. Also, the option to carry my magazines either vertically or horizontally is a big plus. "

Joseph MentorMinnesota

"It's perfect! The retention is fully adjustable and the universal fit is excellent for my 9mm dual stack mags. I appreciate the design and durability of the material. It's definitely an investment for any tactical training or hunting enthusiast."

- Jim G., Malboro, MA

"This holster has made my range experiences so much better. It's reliable, sturdy, and very user-friendly. I particularly enjoy the ability to adjust the inner size for a custom fit - no wobbling or slipping out of magazines. The black color looks professional and sleek. An excellent product overall!"

Rashidi S.., RoanokeVirginia

"A fantastic addition to my range gear! The adjustability features are second to none - from the tension to the belt clip angle. It's exceptionally secure and stable on my belt, and drawing the magazines is a breeze."

 Jude Rodriguez., Turnertown, TX


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70,000+ Customers
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2 Tera Double Magazine Holsters

  • 2 Tera Double Magazine Holsters

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  • 1 Free Navy SEAL's handbook of  Combat Marksmanship

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