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Written by Dr.Marcus - Published on Feb 28, 2023


Believe me, I get it. I used to face the same problem. But let me take you back to the beginning of my story.

 Last summer, My big brother died.

He went into a burning house trying to save our elderly neighbor...and never came back.

He left behind his twin daughters, aged eight, and then I became their only family.

I was an unemployed gaming addict, always fighting virtual battles.

But overnight, I had to quit the one thing I loved the most and log off for good.

The decision was painful, but when I looked into the girls' hopeful eyes, I knew it was the only choice I had.

To keep us afloat, I took on two jobs: Uber driving and fast food worker. I was working sixteen hours a day to make sure the girls were well-fed and had a safe home.

Even though I've always disliked guns, I still, at first, a little reluctantly decided to carry one for the girls' safety. I signed up for a gun safety course and started to learn from the people I met there.

It was a blessing, not only did my shooting skills improve, but I also found a new community, a band of brothers who were ready to lend a hand whenever I needed it.

The brotherhood at the range was a bonus level I hadn't expected, but it sure did help my life a lot. I became more confident, more self-assured.

The next important quest on my list was to find a holster that fit well, was reliable, and would suit my fat body. I had a go with a dozen different holsters, each one endorsed by so-called online 'experts.'

But, none of them seemed to work with my extra weight and tendency to sweat.

 They were all uncomfortable, impractical, and failed to offer the safety I needed.

"This holster works well and an IWB holster. It is comfortable and hold a variety of CC guns. It holds the guns tight but they can easily be drawn."

I must've tried a dozen different holsters, each one recommended by some guru on Youtube. But none of them got around the problems that us bigger folks face.

- Heat and Sweat: Fat folks like me tend to sweat. A lot. I found most holsters just didn't breathe. And that sweat wasn't only making me uncomfortable – it was ruining my holster and, worse, damaging my gun.

- Snugness: Us bigger guys, we've got a bit of a belly. And when I'd try to squeeze my gun into my waistband, it'd end up buried under a mound of me.

- Lower Back Ache: Whether they were made of kydex or leather, every holster I tried focused all the weight in one spot around my waist. It was like they were trying to give me back problems.

- Seated Drawing: Every holster ad showed a trim, fit person drawing while standing. But what about when you're sitting? Especially in a truck, I found drawing to be anything but smooth and natural.

- Pointing Horizontally: I'd tried a few leather shoulder holsters from a local maker. But they pointed the gun horizontally. Behind me. Breaking the second rule of gun safety: Always point the gun in the safest possible direction.

 Now, I know what some folks think. That us gun owners are reckless, that we don't think things through. But I've got to tell you, with all due respect, that couldn't be further from the truth. We put a lot of thought into gun safety. We're the most careful people you'll meet. Well, except for a few bad apples.

So if you've got a holster and it's got any of these issues, I'd suggest you think about swapping it for something else. Or even consider not carrying at all.

Because when it comes to guns, it's always better to be safe than sorry.


"Way better than I was expecting for the money I spent. Fits my gen 3 g26 and sig p290rs both perfectly. Clips are strong and distribute the weight of the pistol evenly."

Humiliation on the Hip: My Holster Horror Stories

Now, you'd think a bad holster would only be a minor inconvenience

A bit of discomfort, maybe some annoying sweatiness. 

Trust me, it's much more than that. 

It can truly tarnish your day and bring you a heap of embarrassment. And I've got the stories to prove it.

I'm at my son's school play, and my previous holster was making me sweat so much it soaked through my shirt. 

The kids in his class pointed and laughed

It was a nightmare

Another time at my daughter's soccer game, my rigid holster made me so restless, I kept shifting in my seat. 

Other parents gave me strange looks, I felt so out of place.

One another time on a road trip with friends, my holster was causing such discomfort and sweat, I had to frequently adjust it. 

They all laughed and made jokes about my 'sweaty problem.

Yeah, a bad holster can put you in some pretty cringe-worthy spots.


During an online search, I spotted a review by my cousin Robin Green on a veteran-owned holster website.

 He was praising something called the 'Fujobi Pancake Holster.' He sent me one to try.

I was unsure at first, but wore it for a month. This holster was a lifesaver.

It sat easy on my hip comfortable. No more backaches.

Gone was the sweaty discomfort of my old leather holster. My skin felt cool, and my shirts stayed dry.

And drawing my firearm? As simple as getting my wallet from my pocket. That sealed the deal. The Fujobi Pancake Holster became my everyday carry.


  The Fujobi holster is like a part of me now, not an annoying add-on.

 The kids noticed the change too. No more shifting and adjusting at their school events, no more soaked-through shirts. 

 I was just their dependable, cool uncle again. Their friends even started calling me 'The Gentle Giant.'

 People around me began to see me differently as well. 

 At work, my colleagues stopped making 'sweaty' jokes. 

  Instead, they started asking about my new holster. Some even bought their own Fujobi.

 In church, there were no more wary glances, no more whispers. People respected my responsibility as a firearm owner, and my choice of a secure, safe holster played a big part in it.

 The Fujobi Pancake Holster didn't just make my daily carrying routine easier. 

 It brought a newfound respect and eased the tension of my surroundings. 

 I became a figure not to be joked about, but to be looked up to, and it gave me confidence like never before.

"Pretty good holster overall. Clips well and is sturdy. It fits my Beretta 92 well."

A Whopping 95% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Much Better and 

decided to switch to Fujobi Pancake holster

"The best holster I've had"

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