Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG
Selene Solar Lantern GG

Selene Solar Lantern

Collapsible - Solar Or USB Powered -

 10+ Hours Of Bright LED - 

Can Be Used As A Powerbank

1 Set (Shipping Cost: $3.99)2 Sets ($44.99/set + Freeshipping)3 Sets ($39.99/set + Freeshipping)

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  • Extremely compact, it can be collapsed down to a size that fits in your palm, easy to fit in purse, backpack or pocket whenever you need the light.

  • The Selene Solar Lantern harnesses the power of the sun or it can also be plugged in via USB. 

  • Battery life provides up to 10 hours of bright LED. 4 hours to fully charge.

  • It can be used closed as a flashlight or pulled open as a lantern and has two brightness settings High and Low as well as an SOS signal.

  • This Selene Solar Lantern can be used as a emergency powerbank. I'm sure it would be good enough to make a couple of calls to get you out of trouble.

  • Waterproof and splash resistant to shield it from rain, which is perfect for your "get home/bug out bag" .


- The propane powered lanterns are heavy, they were not the safest things for children to be carrying. 

- The battery operated lights were nice, and safe, but they required a ton of batteries for each lantern, it was quite expensive keeping those lights in operation.

- The Selene Solar Lantern has no batteries or fuel. It charges up with a USB cord or solar and that no AA or AAA batteries are needed, which will save you ton of money.

- There is no glass, the Selene Solar Lantern is 100% safe for toddler.



- The Selene Solar Lantern weighs next to nothing. It is collapsible and small enough to fit in your purse, backpack or pocket when collapsed.

- The size makes it perfect to charge on a windowsill and be ready in the event of a power outage.

- The flip handle on top makes it easy to hang up where you need it most.

- Not like other solar lantern on the market, which is made of soft rubber casing that deteriorated and became sticky. The Selene Solar Lantern is made of strong plastic material that not gonna crack or pull apart over time.


- You can fully charged the battery via USB. It took between 3 1/2 and 4 hours to charge it.

- On High Setting: the lantern remained brightly lit for about 5+ hours.

- On Low Setting: the lantern remained brightly lit for about 10+ hours.

- On the "Low" setting, the lantern is still very bright, you can  easily read by.

- When collapsed the lantern can be used as a flashlight, it's sufficient to get you from the tent to the bathroom on a dark, moonless night. 

- Expanded, the light becomes a soft glow, suitable for inside the tent.

- And if these features were not enough, the lantern can be used as an emergency powerbank, it would be good enough to make a couple of calls to get you out of trouble.


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"In order to keep it lightweight, as a feature, it has to be made of components which are inherently less sturdy. The concern about the accordion expansion for the lamp is inherent in accepting the space saving feature. Pulling it open and closing linearly and straight should prevent damage to the lantern as described by others. It is a little tight when trying to pull it open from a fully collapsed position so one has to be careful in opening it initially. I've found the light emitted to be very good for the size of the lantern with both flashlight and lantern mode. The difference between the low and high light intensity was small but noticeable. With charging my phone, thus an n=1, I found that it will add about 30% of a charge at night with the lantern fully charged by sunlight. I've not tried charging the phone during the day with it exposed to sunlight to see how long it takes to fully charge my phone in sunlight. While I thought initially that the low solar battery power was a disadvantage, the fact that it is below the threshold that would otherwise prevent me from bringing this on an airplane has changed my mind in realizing that this is first a light source and isn't a primary solar charger so that the ability to charge an electronic device is a plus when traveling."

Lucas DC, Washington DC 

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"I've used this lantern on a couple of camping trips now. I use it as a lantern in my little teardrop in the evenings on the lower setting, to provide a little light while I'm reading (vs. my brighter built in LED overhead lights). It works great. I can compress it to use as a flashlight when I need to walk over to a bath house and it's really bright, even on the lower mode. It will show the charge light when set out in daylight (even less than direct sun light) or I can charge it with a USB cord. I haven't tried using it as a power bank to charge something else, but it's capable of doing that. It's small when compressed and easily stores in a drawer in my trailer. This was a nice purchase for me that is getting good use."

Richard , New Orleans, Louisiana 

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"We live on solar off-grid so in order to conserve power we often dim the lights. This helps. I bought one and used it for a short while before I bought another. The second didn't charge but it was an easy return and fast replacement. These units come charged ready for use. They hold a charge for quite a while when fully charged with the USB port off my computer. A green light indicates full charge. The solar charging doesn't charge as fully but will be sufficient for when it's needed. The unit is durable and well made. The collapsible lantern is like an accordion and is made of strong plastic material that doesn't look like it will crack or pull apart. The handle that folds down works the best when the collapsible lantern is open and hanging but will sufficiently stay open when sitting on a flat surface. It has 2 brightness options that give off plenty of light plus an emergency flasher. 2 port sizes for charging a phone or other devices. Very compact. Good value."

-DestinMalboro, MA

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"Perfect emergency light. We do not camp, but here in Florida we get plenty of storms that knock out power for hours. This little gem is more than enough to light up a living room, even on the lower setting. And it lasted all night, left it on for 10 hours and was still going. Not as strong as in the beginning but still plenty of light to see everything around you. In expanded form, the light is softened by the translucent plastic so as not to blind you directly from the LED. And great to be able to use the sun to charge it, then use as a phone charger when at the beach or theme park. Have already bought more."

Thomas L., JacksonvilleFlorida

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"This is a great little camping lamp. Solar powered, as well as a USB port for charging it or other electronic devices. It can be used closed as a flashlight or pulled open as a lantern, and has two brightness settings as well as an SOS signal.

I just took this on a camping trip, and my friends were a little jealous. It worked very well & is small enough to stick in a pocket when nearing dark for easy access when needed. It can be set on a table to provide really good lighting, and I also hung it from the top of my tent when reading during a storm... it illuminated the entire tent well enough that I did not need any other light source.

I only have 2 negative things to say about this lamp: 1) during my trip, all four of the rubber gripper pieces on the bottom fell off & were lost & 2) it takes a little practice to get a hang of the opening and closing. Neither of these are dealbreakers for me, and I still think this is a great multipurpose lamp for the price. I highly recommend it for your next camping adventure."

 Erin., TurnertownTX


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  • We understand that buying things online can be scary with companies not staying true to their customers 

    So we go the extend to keep you satisfied.

  • We are happy to offer you a 45 day replacement guarantee with your purchase.

  • If you bought it and feel that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message at 

    and we will make it right by offering you a replacement.

  • 100% Simple & Risk-Free process.




Selene Solar Lantern GG


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Selene Solar Lantern GG


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Selene Solar Lantern GG


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Shipping time?

- (U.S customers only) Standard shipping time is 3-9 Calendar days to ship and arrive. All packages are seriously & strictly sterilized before being sent.

- We'll immediately upload your tracking code to your email after the shipment, it may take 1-4 days to be activated.   

How long does it take to fully charge? How long does it last, the light, after charged?

- It takes 4 hours to fully charge by USB. It will last 8 hours on high, 10 hours on low, 6 hours on SOS. By solar it will depend on the intensity of the sunlight.

is the battery replaceable?

- The battery is solar and USB rechargeable, so it is not replaceable.

It says 'splash proof"; would it last out in the elements in the rain + wind?

- Yes, it has been tested to last out in rain and wind. We do not recommend submerging the unit in water however.

Is it safe to keep this in my car on a regular basis as part of the emergency kit? I'm concerned about the battery in the summer heat of a car.

- I've left it out in direct sunshine while camping to recharge it. There were no issues.

Can I travel on airplane with this?

- Yes. The battery size is well below the TSA limits

How much does it weigh?

-  it weighs 6.7 ounces.

How long did it take to recharged this using just the sun?

- It depends on how low the battery is. I have charged it from dead for a few hours and it worked for about 45 minutes on low.

How many hours of full sun does it take to charge once the red light comes on?

- could take 4 to 6 hours to charge under full sun.

How big is the powerbank (how many mAh)?

How big is the powerbank (how many mAh)?

Does it has a photocell (light-operated switch) so it can turn on automatically at dark?

- No, manual switch only.

How many leds? only essential fact omitted? 

- It only has one LED light that features 3 light modes: High, Low, and SOS for emergency situations.

I asked about 220v charging. i know it has solar and usb. the usb still has to be plugged in to power...will it take 220v?

- It cannot be plugged in to 220v.

Does it have to be charged every month or else the battery will permanently die(like others I have bought of different brand)?

- I always keep it in my window so the charging never finishes.

My lantern does not “pull open”. How do I expand it?

- Hi just gently press the upper side near the on button while hold the bottom half firmly as if you going to break it in two and it will pull up.  Once open you can leave it half way down to make it easier next time to pull up.

How bright is this in a dark room?

- On the High setting, it's easily bright enough to read by if you're sitting fairly close to it (within 3 to 5 feet, I'd say).

On Low it might be a little bit more difficult to read a book comfortably. The Low setting is actually pretty bright. I put it in a small bedroom (about 12 X 12 feet) and it lit up the room, although not as brightly as a regular ceiling light would. 

Does this automatically turn off/on at dusk/dawn?

- No

how do you know it's fully charged by usb?

- There is a light that glows if fully charged

What percent remaining does the red light indicate?

- The red light doesn't indicate a specific battery percentage. It only means that the battery is less than fully charged. On the other hand, a green light indicates that the Solar Lantern is fully charged.

How many lumens does this lantern have?

- 25 lumens on low and 63 on the highest brightness level.