A pair of standard pants can not give you enough comfort and protection to work in a dangerous environment. Only the best bushcraft pants can support you!

While standard products are quite restricting and not durable, tactical pants can withstand the impact of harsh working environments and last very long. You can trust the bushcraft pants to protect you from harmful materials!

Also, the tactical pants are specially designed with multiple features for convenience in use. They come up with many pockets to store essential gadgets for your tasks. 

Our pick today that we want to recommend to you is the T-Rex Tactical Pants. With 90% polyester and 10% spandex, this product is highly elastic. It will protect you from the waist down and elevate your workflow by giving you freedom and comfort of movement. 

The pants also have many pockets and loops for storing your personal belongings and equipment. No matter in which working environment you are involved, you can always wear these pants. They will be your best partner for traveling, hiking, exploring, and everything in between.

Besides the Dinosaurized T-REX, we also review 9 other best outdoor bushcraft pants below. You can scroll down to see all our top 10 products and pick out the most suitable one!

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2021 Best Outdoor Bushcraft Pants Buying Guide

Tactical pants are better than standard items for their intuitive features. If you want to get the best bushcraft pants, better look for those factors when buying.

In this section, we will list and explain all the features of bushcraft products!


The first factor to notice is the pants’ surprising lightweight regardless of its extreme durability. 

When participating in dangerous working conditions, you will have to climb, slide, and get through multiple sharp objects. To be able to move fastly, you may want to minimize the body weight and impact as much as possible.

Lightweight pants allow you to move flexibly without feeling restricted. The best materials for a pair of lightweight pants are usually polyester, poly-cotton, and spandex. 

You should also check the breathability of the product. If the pants store air, they will be heavier and accumulate sweat.

Fast Drying

Bushcrafting works require you to perform many physical activities under any weather condition; may it be rain, snow, sun, etc. If the pants do not dry quickly, you may feel cold and uncomfortable when wearing them. On the other hand, sweat production can be a real issue in summer days as well.

Therefore, when buying, you should check to see whether moisture can quickly evaporate from the fabric or not. Usually, the fastest-drying fabrics are polyester and cotton. You want to buy pants that contain a high percentage of these fabrics.


As mentioned, you will have to get through multiple sharp objects while doing bushcraft activities. It is far from ideal if the fabric of your pants wears out quickly.

When it comes to durability, polyester is superior to any other material. This product can hold up well against pressure, continuous movement, and repetitive motion.

Also, a pair of pants can wear out not only due to outside factors but also due to the wearer. If you carry out many difficult movements throughout the day that require the pants to stretch, they may scratch and tear from the inside. Hence, we advise you to check the elasticity of the material.


Comfort is another essential factor to look for when buying. Besides being lightweight, elastic, and water-resistant, the pants should be able to support your movement comfortably. A supportive pair of pants will allow you to travel for a long period without feeling tired.

The pants should stretch to help your seat and thigh relax after moving. Their fabric should not hug the legs too tight. It will be excellent if the pants’ interior is roomy.

In addition, the pants should not be too thick. Otherwise, you may feel hot inside after walking over a long distance. But this does not mean you should buy items that have thin fabrics. Thin materials are not durable against sharp objects.

The best materials for comfort are always cotton and polyester. We highly recommend you buy pants made of one or the combination of those fabrics.


As mentioned, bushcraft pants are better than standard items due to their convenient compartments. You can store multiple personal items and working pieces of equipment in them!

There will be a lot of things to consider about the pant pockets.

Firstly, you should determine how many pockets the pants have. Depending on your purposes, you will require a different number of compartments. Normally, a pair of tactical pants feature 2 big pockets and many small compartments.

Secondly, you need to check the lock mechanism of the pockets. If the compartments can’t be sealed, the items in them may fall out when you walk or run. 

There are many types of pant locks. But overall, bushcraft items usually come with the following locks:

  • Button buckle
  • Adhesive lock
  • Zipper

It is also important to check the durability of the pockets; they should be able to withstand the impact of the stuff you store in them. Many personal items may be heavy or sharp, such as smartphones, knives, scissors, etc.

Top 10 Best Bushcraft Pants Reviewed

Here come our top 10 best bushcraft pants for every season!

Dinosaurized T-Rex Tactical Pants 

The Dinosaurized T-Rex Tactical Pants stand on top of the list as the best survival pants for durability. You can consider these pants as your best partner for every adventure.

With a combination of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, the T-Rex is super thick and tough. It will protect your legs while you face dangerous working environments. The high-quality materials of this model can resist wrinkles, fade, and shrink. This fact means you can wear the pants at any time, no matter in the summer or winter. They will always provide flexibility and freedom for you to move around with comfort. The polyester and spandex also resist water. There should be no worry about the pants weighing down every time you walk in the rain. The fabrics will dry quickly after a few hours, avoiding any uncomfortable damp feeling and the risk of catching a cold.

Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology, the fabrics of these pants can wick moisture out of the skin quickly. This feature makes the pants ideal for hunting, fishing, ATV riding, and many other outdoor activities. Another great thing is, the T-Rex does not catch fire quickly. You are free to walk around hot surfaces or flames. The pants will not get burned unless you stand directly next to the fire for a long period.

You will never feel restricted while moving with these pants on. The fabrics are highly elastic that can stretch to fit every of your motion. Thanks to this stretchability, all accident risks will be reduced when you climb, run, or slide.

On total count, this product contains 6 pockets, including 2 on both sides, 2 rear compartments, 1 on the right thigh, and 1 zipper on the left thigh section. With the help of these pockets, all your belongings will be securely kept.

Until now, we have not found any disadvantage about this Dinosaurized T-Rex.


  • Thick and tough construction
  • Wrinkles, fade and shrink resistance
  • Providing flexibility and freedom for every movement
  • Water resistance
  • Quick-drying
  • Advanced moisture-wicking technology
  • Not catching flame quickly
  • High stretchability


  • No disadvantage

Dinosaurized Men's Tactical Pants

If you need another option for a pair of durable bushcraft pants, the Dinosaurized Men’s Tactical Pants will be our best recommendation. We are very pleased with their construction of polyester and cotton.

As you know, polyester and cotton are the 2 most breathable types of fabrics. They will allow air to get in and out, keeping you breezy from the waist down on hot days.

In addition, cotton can absorb moisture quickly and trap it right next to your leg skins. Thanks to this feature, you will always feel cool and comfortable, no matter how hot the weather is. Feel free to walk in the rain! The pants will never get wet and dirty. With Duratex Fabric technology, the Men’s Tactical will resist water, dirty liquid, stains, dirt, and many other contaminants.

What we also like about this product is its multi-purpose cargo pockets. You can store all the essential equipment for your projects in these containers. Don’t worry about the tools falling out when walking. All you need to do is use the zipper to seal the pockets. The manufacturers have also designed a metal alloy lock button in the center on the top of the pants. This button will lock the pants to keep them in place. You should not be afraid about the button suddenly unfastening while running.

While the first product is comfortable to use in both hot and cold weather, this Tactical model is not. As the cotton absorbs moisture quickly, it is not suitable for use in winter. You may feel very cold on the legs when wearing these pants on cold days.


  • Breathable materials with polyester and cotton
  • Wrinkle, fade, and shrink resistance
  • Absorbing moisture for comfort in summer
  • Duratex technology for water, dirt, stain resistance
  • Multi-purpose cargo pockets
  • Zipper lock keeping the tools in place
  • Metal alloy lock for best fitting


  • Not suitable for use in cold weather
  • Exclusive Tactical belt not included

#3: Best Budget Pants: Dickies Double Knee Work Pant

Dickies Double Knee Work Pant

If you are low on budget, we advise you to get the Dickies Double Knee Work Pant. At an affordable cost, the Dickies Double pants provide all the basic features for comfort in use.

These budget bushcraft pants are constructed of a mechanical stretch twill that contains 35% of cotton and 65% of polyester. As mentioned, these 2 fabrics are highly breathable. The pants will be ideal for wearing when the weather is hot.

The low price does not mean low quality. The manufacturers have added Flex fabric to the pants to keep their shape over a long period. There is no need to use iron, as the fabrics can resist wrinkles.

This Dickies Double Knee Work Pant model only features normal compartments on 2 sides and a phone-sided leg pocket. It contains no cargo pocket as other bushcraft items do. This limitation is understandable, as the pants are so economical.


  • Breathable fabrics for comfort in summer
  • Flex fabric for high durability
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Longer tunnel belt loops
  • Double reinforced knee
  • Most affordable price
  • Stain release feature


  • No cargo pocket
  • Not water-resistant

 LA Police Gear Urban Ops

Hot weather will never be a big deal, as long as you have the LA Police Gear Urban Ops by your side! These pants have been specially designed to give comfort to the wearer in summer.

The materials used to construct this Gear Urban Ops are still polyester and cotton. It is needless to say about the high breathability of these fabrics. A high amount of air can get through them to keep your legs breezy.

The best thing is, the LA Police fabrics don’t weigh down even when they get wet. You will never feel heavy or hard to move when walking in the rain.

We highly appreciate the large compartments on both sides of this product. You can store multiple personal items in these pockets for convenient carrying.

Although these pants feature an elastic waistband, they may still not fit some wearers. If you have big legs, you may find this item a little bit snug to wear.


  • Breathable fabrics for comfort in summer
  • Lightweight
  • Not weighing down when getting wet
  • Large compartments for storing multiple personal items
  • Elastic waistband for a better fit
  • Affordable price


  • Not fit all people who have big legs
  • Not water-resistant

#5: Best For Winter: Filson Mackinaw Field Pant

Filson Mackinaw Field Pant

In case you require a pair of bushcraft pants for winter, you can refer to this Filson Mackinaw Field model. These pants can keep your legs warm, no matter how cold the weather is.

While other products are made of polyester and cotton, these pants are constructed of 100% wool. As you know, wool is a special material that can retain heat and trap warm air inside.

The wool material can also resist water naturally. When the fabric is wet, it can still retain the warming properties to keep your body comfortable.

But this does not mean you should let the pants stay wet! This type of natural material can absorb molecules into its structure and shrink up quickly. Every time the pants are wet, they will become smaller and may not fit your legs anymore. Due to this reason, we advise you to only dry-wash them.


  • Natural wool material
  • High breathability
  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple pockets for storing personal stuff
  • Retaining warming properties when getting wet


  • Shrink up if getting wet
  • High price

#6: Best For Machine Washing: Propper BDU Trousers

Propper BDU Trousers

There is no need to wash these Propper BDU Trousers by hand. This item is safe to wash in the machine.

In detail, the pants are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They will not wrinkle or shrink if being wet. Thanks to the quality felled seams, the pants can keep their shape, no matter if you wash them by hand or in the washer.

Regardless of how many times you wash these pants, they will not shrink. The manufacturers even add adjustable waist tabs and drawstring leg closures to the trousers so that they can fit you securely.

Like other bushcraft pants, this BDU model can dry quickly. After washing, you just need to hang it up high. The trousers will be ready to use after one night.

We don’t like the durability of the button flaps, however. After a relatively short time of usage, these pieces of equipment start wearing out, and you will have to find a replacement for them.


  • Wrinkle and shrink-resistant
  • Size not changing if washed
  • 6 pockets for personal item carrying
  • Quick-drying
  • Reinforced seat and knee for high durability
  • Fused pocket flaps for an elegant look


  • Color fading
  • Button flaps wearing out after time

#7: Best Weatherproof Pants: Columbia Silver Ridge Reversible Pants

Columbia Silver Ridge Reversible Pants

Heavy sunlight can negatively affect the trousers, causing the color to fade much more quickly. But this bad situation will never happen if you wear the Columbia Silver Ridge.

The manufacturers have applied advanced technology to build these pants. With a quality construction of UPF 50 fabric, the pants can withstand the impact of UVA rays from the sun to remain durable, beautiful, and most importantly, protective for your legs against harmful rays.

Not only that, but the UPF 50 fabric also makes the trousers highly breathable. It will wick all the moisture to keep your legs cool when you walk on a heavily sunny day.

It is such a miss if we don’t mention the elastic waist of these trousers. This section can stretch to fit all waist sizes. Thanks to this feature, you will never feel tight when wearing these pants, even after a big lunch.

We give a minus point to the small zipper of the pants. If you have big hands, you may find it difficult to lock and unlock the pockets.


  • UPF 50 fabric preventing UVA rays
  • Moisture-wicking for comfort in use
  • High breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple pockets for convenient stuff carrying
  • Elastic waist for best fitting


  • Small zipper
  • No ripstop

#8: Best Elastic Pants: Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Pants

Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Pants

The Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Pants are suitable for both small and big bushcrafter. With 4-way elastic fabric, the pants can fit all sizes of legs and waists at best.

Specifically, the Helikon company has built the pants with 93% nylon and 7% spandex. These 2 materials can stretch to support a wide range of motion. You can move your legs and stretch in any direction you desire without feeling restricted.

Don’t worry if you have big legs. The stretchable pants can provide extra 2 inches for more comfort in wearing. With this design, the pants will offer you a sleek and slim look.

Thanks to the elasticity, you will have enough flexibility to perform outdoor activities conveniently. Feel free to participate in any activity to unwind after work, such as trekking, running, climbing, and so on!

Don’t place the pants near a hot engine or exhaust pipe since the nylon material does not resist high heat. The pants may melt if coming in contact with hot objects.


  • 4-way elastic fabric supports a wide range of motion
  • Stretchable waist for fitting all body sizes
  • Water-resistant
  • Large belt loops support wide belts
  • Reinforced knee stitching for high durability
  • 2 front velcro closed pockets and an internal compartment


  • Not blocking the wind well
  • Melt under high heat

#9: Best Waterproof Trousers: Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Bushcraft Pants 

Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Bushcraft Pants 

When it comes to water resistance, the Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer will have the upper hand compared to any other product on this list. All the parts of these pants allow no absorption of liquids. 
With the help of Omni-Tech technology, the pants feature air-permeable protection that is highly breathable and waterproof to your legs. When you walk in the rain, the water can not get through the fabric to dampen your legs.
Water can’t soak through the material, but the air can! The Columbia company has constructed the pants using nylon and elastane - 2 special materials that are breathable. You will always feel cool and comfortable while wearing these trousers, regardless of the weather condition.
The best thing is, this Rebel Roamer is safe to revamp in the washing machine. It will not fade in colors, shrink, or downgrade!
It is quite bad that this product comes with no pocket. For carrying personal items, you will have to prepare an individual package.


  • Omni-Tech technology for an air-permeable protection
  • Water-resistant
  • High breathability for comfort
  • High stretchability for best fitting
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple staple colors


  • No pocket for storing personal items
  • Velcro straps not fitting the ankle tightly

Check price at: amazon.com/dp/B00LA6Z7WO

#10: Best For Extra Storage: Riggs Workwear By Wrangler Men’s Ranger Pants 

Riggs Workwear By Wrangler Men’s Ranger Pants 

Do you have multiple kinds of equipment to carry along? If yes, place your trust in these Riggs Workwear By Wrangler Men’s Ranger Pants!

The model features 2 roomy cargo pockets on 2 sides of the pants. You can store your tablet, smartphones, or any big-size equipment in these compartments. Behind the pants, you can find 2 back pockets to store your wallets and documents.

Additionally, this Riggs Workwear features a big loop on the right side to support you in carrying a hammer. To store small items such as keys and rings, you can rely on the reinforced leather tape clips.

That’s not all the compartments this product provides! Moreover, the pants feature a small pocket specially used for storing a watch. There are also 2 deep front pockets that keep your equipment.

We are slightly disappointed with the size of the 2 front back pockets. They are too small for some people’s hands to reach.

  • 4 big pockets on 2 sides and behind for storing personal items
  • Big loop on the right side for carrying a hammer
  • Reinforced leather tape clips for hanging small stuff
  • A small pocket specially designed for storing a watch
  • 2 deep front pockets for keeping equipment


  • Tearing out easily
  • Small front pockets


Below are some common questions you may have while finding the best bushcraft pants.

#1: What Will Happen If You Wash The Pants In Warm Water And Dry Them In A Perm Press Temperature?

Nothing will happen if you decide to clean your workwear that way!

The pant fabric does not suffer any damage after being washed in warm water and dried at high heat. In fact, if you put a little soap in the water, the pants will even be cleaner!

We have a great method of cleaning the pants with warm water to share.

You want to put the pants in a dry bag (medium size). After that, pour a gallon of warm water and 5 - 6 drops of washing detergent. Seal the bag and shake it for more than 10 minutes.

Once done, replace the water inside with normal temperature water. Repeat the shaking process until there are no more suds of soap.

#2: Can Bushcraft Pants Support ATV Trail Riding?

Of course, yes! When riding an ATV, you will get through mud, dust, soil, and water. The bushcraft pants are designed to protect your legs from these elements.

As mentioned, tactical pants are waterproof and dustproof. They also dry very quickly. With these particularly useful features and their protection, you can enjoy trail riding in the most comfortable state!

#3: Are Bushcraft Comfortable Or Tight To Wear In Cold Temperature?

Honestly, bushcraft pants may be too fitted if you wear them on cold days. Tight wearing is not recommended, as it restricts and prevents your movements.

But there is always a solution for every problem. You can buy a pair of pants a size larger. So when you wear them in winter, they will shrink and fit you at best.

#4: Can The Bottoms Of Tactical Pants Fit Over The Boots For Skiing and Snowboarding?

Most bushcraft pants will fit the snowboard/ski boots. You just need to look for products that feature zipper locks or flaps at the bottoms of the leg sections.

On the other hand, you can flatten the hem of the leg part. As the bottom is flat, this part will be easier to put into the boots.

#5: Are Bushcraft Pants Designed For Using In Warm Weather?

Some bushcraft pants are for use in cold weather. Some pants are great for wearing on warm days.

The manufacturers can use different types of fabric to construct a pair of bushcraft pants. As you know, each material has its specialty. You need to check the material to decide which product works for which temperature.

For example, polyester can provide great insulation. It is used for constructing pants for cold weather. This material can protect your legs from cold wind and water.

Besides, nylon is a good material for winter pants. It does not absorb moisture. In case this material is wet, it will dry after a short time.

In contrast, cotton is highly breathable and soft. It is ideal for constructing summer clothes. Also, cotton soaks up the sweat from your body quickly, allowing you to feel comfortable under the high temperature.

Last Words

That’s our top 10 best bushcraft pants for every season! Have you found a suitable product to buy?

Among 10 models, the Dinosaurized T-Rex is the best product overall. These pants are highly durable and waterproof. The combination of polyester and spandex allows you to stay comfortable in both cold and hot weather. Honestly, it is quite hard to find another model that is as versatile as this T-Rex.

The other models are also good deals to consider! Each pair of pants has its own specialty. Please consider carefully to choose the right product for your specific needs!

For further questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as we can.

And now, we will end our article. Many thanks for reading!

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