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Donald Trump Chia Pot Packet

Donald Trump Chia Pot Packet

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LONG LIVE THE DON! - If you’re a fan of PRESIDENT TRUMP and his amazing speeches, you can now buy a TRUMP Chia Pot of the president.

JOIN THE TRUMP TRAIN– Put your money where your mouth is and show your unwavering support for our 45th president with this incredible Donald Trump Chia pot

THE PERFECT GIFT  A real American and thoughtful gift for any of the MAGA/KAG campaign supporters of your friends and family, a perfect memorabilia/keepsake for the upcoming election.

DESIGNED FOR AND BY TRUE TRUMP SUPPORTERS – The figurine was designed and made with huge, unthinkable respect & admiration for the 45th, if you are not a Trump's fan, if you don't like him, don't buy it!

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