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Alpha+ Premium 2 Point Rifle Sling

Alpha+ Premium 2 Point Rifle Sling

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Slinging your rifle is a great way to keep it close at hand when you're out on the range or hunting. This Alpha+ Premium Two Point Modular Sling offers quick one-handed adjustments with an additional overall strap length adjustment, allowing for versatile use on multiple guns without having too many connections hanging off of yourself! You can detach main slings from modular connectors so they're only connected by what's needed - whether that be nylon webbing straps or push button swivels depending upon which style suits bests personal preference.

It's incredibly lightweight and comfortable with a 2" shoulder strap. These versatile slings can be used on any gun, thanks to their modular connections that allow for quick adjustments no matter what size your arms happen to come in at! The higher-quality materials ensure durability so you'll have this bad boy forever.

Our high-quality two-point modular slings are designed with adjustable, MilSpec webbing to comfortably support your rifle’s weight when slung across the body. Our quick adjustments make it easy and comfortable for any user - from military personnel who need constant access in battle conditions or law enforcement officers working long hours on their duty rifles! We offer several different styles so you can find something that fits just right

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