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Jesus Ankle Holster + Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holser

Jesus Ankle Holster + Dinosaur 3-in-1 Holser

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When something bad (or very bad) happens, like during a street shootout or a home break-in, we wouldn't stand tall and shoot like in the range. We usually would hide behind an obstacle, a car, a tree or a balcony in a kneeling position to cover our body before doing something in return. At this time, a 100% Jesus ankle holster is the perfect choice for you.

First, it provides you a sticky, stay-in-place spot where you can draw your firearm from, even when you run, crawl or jump. 

Second, if your main firearm is out of ammo, or when your comrade didn't have any, 100%Jesus can be used as a back-up plan for both situations.

Third, it's hard to draw your firearm from your belt holster when you kneel, or when you're on the ground (like if you're knocked down by a home intruder), but it's much easier and more natural to draw it from your ankle holster.

Last but not least, not like many other ankle holsters on the market, 100% Jesus holster can be worn all day without any feeling of itching or irritating.

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