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Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs

Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs

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Put your safety first with the Macro Ultra Low Profile Earmuffs. These earmuffs are designed to keep you protected from loud sounds, while still allowing excellent hearing ability and comfort all day long! The small form factor of these muffs won't get in anyone's way during work or play - it just makes sure that they stay out away when needed so nothing gets too uncomfortable around here ( Besides maybe my sanity).
The high-quality materials make this product durable enough for any professional who needs protection every single time he goes outside his house. With a small form factor, these earmuffs will not get in your way while still delivering 26dB of passive protection and sound dampening. The rubberized cups ensure comfort for long-term use thanks to their variable adjustability that lets you find just the right fit; plus they come with an easy-carry bag so storage is never an issue!

Standard benefits:
- Protect your ears from harmful noise levels.
- Compact and easy to transport.
- Durable construction.

Creative benefits:
- Enjoy listening to music or talking on the phone without damaging your ears.
- Stay safe and protected while you work.
- Easily fold them up and take them with you wherever you go.

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