Women Concealed Carry Tank Top

  • The crop tank has no printing Integrated holsters from Excellency Concealment provide comfortable support for your gun, holding it snugly to the body. This eliminates sagging and helps obscure the profile of any pistol or revolver under just about any clothing! You'll love this shirt style - sleeveless with great material that feels amazing indoors or out in sports applications as well undercover police work where its law enforcement purposes are Manifest.
  • QUICK UNPLUG makes it easy to conceal and carry any self-defense gadget, no matter what kind of clothes you're wearing. Whether your high waist leggings or shirt has an elasticized neckline that needs securing with a tie; QUICK UNPLugs will work for both Right-handed shooters as well Lefties! The simple design is perfect when paired up against those pesky Chicoms trying their best not to be noticed while out in public--you won't even notice the weight difference between carrying around one item all day long instead of two...
  • The new compression shirt is everything you could want in a tank top. It's made from 88% polyester and 12 percent spandex, which makes it an excellent material for hot weather wear; its high quality means that even though this top fits like a second skin (it has improved retention), there are no uncomfortable snugging sensations when worn alone or under another article of clothing--the soft malleable stretchy texture allows freedom around curves without binding areas where fat would accumulate during activities from yoga, running, jogging to biking, etc.
  • A CCW Tank top for all your self-defense needs! The most comfortable way to carry a handgun, this universal holster fits any size gun and is made from an elastic material that can hold it close so you don't have far to draw in case of emergencies. It has an additional pocket built into the strap where extra magazines or documents would go perfect if needed on top of iPhone sized devices like myself who like having both options available at once :)
    P/s: Please read our Size Chart carefully before ordering this product. We are unable to process a Refund/Replacement if there's a wrong measurement from you. Many thanks.