Sig P365 vs. Glock 43: The Battle of the Concealed Carry Guns

There are two main categories of firearms in the gun world: pistols and rifles. Within the pistol category, there are subcategories such as semi-automatic and revolvers. And within the semi-automatic category, there are even more choices. Today, we will compare two popular pistols in the subcategory of semi-automatic: The SIG P365 and the Glock 43. Both guns have pros and cons, but which one is right for you?

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1. Sig P365: A Better Glock 43?

The Glock 43 has been a popular choice for concealed carry for many years, but it soon had some competition. Sig was taking the world by storm with the P365 when first introduced in 2008. When I first saw the P365, it was hard not to be impressed. It's a small gun with an impressive ten-round magazine capacity and two extra clips and comes in a 9mm cartridge, which makes for perfect concealed carry size if you ask me! The P365 may be a game-changer in the concealed carry market, with its polymer frame design and an intuitive striker-fired system making it easy to operate even if you've never held one before--and they're chambered up nicely too; It's perfect not only because we offer all this great gear but also how much fun they are to shoot--every time I go out shooting my friends always want me to bring them along instead next round.

Sig P365 Pros and Cons: 

- The P365 is a small and lightweight pistol that can be comfortably carried in everyday situations. This 9mm fits people with smaller hands well, as it has minimal recoil that can be managed by yourself or even newbies to shooting! The P365 is only a fraction of an inch larger than the Glock 43, and many say it's a better shooter. The recoil on this pistol is very manageable, and it has minimal muzzle flip. An extended magazine that can hold 12 rounds has a significantly higher magazine capacity. In a micro-compact, single-stack 45ACP, A flush magazine that holds 12 rounds makes it one if not the best option when you need to defend yourself from an attacker without wasting time reloading! If you are looking for something that is concealable but still offers excellent shooting characteristics, the Sig Sauer P365 should be at the top of your list! It also doesn't have any muzzle flip, which makes shooting accurately much easier on your behalf, too-even if you're just starting out in life as an active member of society.

 - When you think about it, the sights on a pistol really are an essential factor. While Glock does offer plastic sight for less money in its lineups and even some customizations from third-party manufacturers like XRay3 Day/Night Sights, which can be installed onto specific models without having to pay extra above what's already included with purchase - There is no denying that these little details make all difference when deciding between two similar weapons platforms! The price difference could be significant so if you plan on purchasing one, then definitely factor that into your decision-making process too.

 - One downside of the P365 is that while it is a beautiful and innovative pistol, it has been reported by many gun owners that finding holsters for this unique gun can be challenging. Additionally, The SIG P365 requires more trigger pull than the Glock 43 to fire a round. The P365 requires 7.5 pounds of pressure while the Glock 43 requires 5.5 pounds. The SIG P365 weighs 17 ounces unloaded while the Glock 43 weighs just over 16 ounces unloaded.

In conclusion, the SIG SAUER P365 is a great concealed carry weapon. Its small size and light-weight make it easy to conceal, while its magazine capacity and chambered cartridge make it an effective self-defense tool. It's also fun to shoot, making it an excellent choice for target practice or personal defense training. If you're looking for a perfect concealed carry weapon, be sure to check out the SIG SAUER P365. Here’re some concealed carry holster options for our ultimate SIG SAUER P365:


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2. The Glock 43: The Larger Brother of the Sig P365

The Glock 43 has been making waves in the gun world ever since first introduced a few years ago. This striker-fired polymer frame pistol chambers .380 ACP and fires nine-millimeter rounds; it can hold six rounds of ammunition compared to some competitors. Sig P365 needs more than five shots (or less) depending on how you want your weapon handled in an emergency situation. However, Glock 43 pistols are popular among gun owners for low-recoil performance. There're also tons going into making them feel good when holding onto the target. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of this popular pistol!

Glock 43 Pros and Cons: 

The pros include that this makes the Glock43 a better shooter because it's not overbearing, which is great if someone has never fired one before - They'll get used quickly without any issue!

 The Glock 43 is a great concealed carry weapon because it's larger than the Sig P365 but not too bulky. I really love how this pistol feels in my hand, and when handled correctly, it can put up quite a fight against multiple opponents without being overworked or hindered by its size! It also has quite a low recoil, which makes shooting accurately pretty simple for me - something that's easy to take advantage of if you're so inclined. Another key difference between these two guns is that Glock 43 can be fired more times before needing to be reloaded, because of its larger magazine size.

 However, there'll be a downside of the Glock 43 that it doesn't have as much capacity as some of its competitors – for example, how there's an extended magazine like The Sig P365. Besides, Another downside is that there are not many aftermarket parts available for this pistol, so you may have trouble finding accessories and paying extra money for cool stuff like lights and lasers if you decide to buy one.

 Overall, the Glock 43 is an excellent gun gaining popularity in recent years. If you're looking for an easy-to-shoot concealed carry weapon, the Glock 43 is definitely worth considering!

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3. Which Gun Is Right for You?  


Sig Sauer P365

Glock 43












17.99 Oz





10+ 1 Double stack

6+ 1 Single stack





Smaller– Fit smaller hands

Bigger– Fit big hands







Abilityto fire multiple rounds quickly without reloading weapon


Glock 43 is larger, but the SIG p365 has a higher magazine capacity. Both guns are accurate when fired correctly; However, there's an even deeper divide between these two weapons when we look at their ability to fire multiple rounds quickly without reloading. The Glock 43's magazine holds 6+1 rounds, but is narrower so it is easier to conceal. The Glock 43 can fire more rounds before needing to be reloaded, while the SIG P365 sacrifices its ability of concealment for a slightly higher capacity--the Glocks ultimate trump card! The cost discrepancy isn't quite so dramatic though, as they both retail around $500-550 dollars respectively while costing just under half that amount on average annual wages (psychological costs included).

 The SIG P365 has a higher magazine capacity than the Glock 43, but the Glock 43 can fire more rounds before needing to be reloaded. The SIG P365 is also slightly smaller and lighter than the Glock 43. On the other hand, the Glock 43 is less expensive than the SIG P365.

Ultimately, deciding which gun is right for you comes down to personal preference. Both guns are excellent choices for self-defense, but they each have unique features that might make them more appealing to certain people.

 If you want a gun with a high magazine capacity that is easy to conceal:

1. Go with the SIG P365.

2. If you want a cheaper gun that still offers good performance, go with the Glock 43.

3. Whichever gun you choose, make sure you practice with it regularly and become proficient in its use.

After all, the most important thing is that you can safely and effectively use the weapon in case of an emergency.

 Both of these guns are excellent options and will get the job done when it matters most. Thanks for reading!

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5 Respostas

Gleaton John
Gleaton John

junho 09, 2022

This is an incorrect statement that needs to be corrected. “The SIG P365 has a higher magazine capacity than the Glock 43, but the Glock 43 can fire more rounds before needing to be reloaded.” The editors didn’t do their job. You can only fire the number of rounds your magazine holds, period, then you must reload.

Rick DiModugno
Rick DiModugno

janeiro 25, 2022

Ailiengear makes an excellent inside the waist holster for the Sig P365. I have one and love it. Don’t even know it’s there. Also, Blackhawk makes an excellent outside the waist holster for this weapon as well.

Evan Breyn
Evan Breyn

janeiro 25, 2022

The proper comparison would be between a Sig P365 and a Glock 43X as they are both single stack guns. Neither gun takes “clips” and if my firearms instructors (both military and civilian) heard you call a magazine a “clip”, they would give you a world of verbal grief. Also confused about the statement “The SIG P365 has a higher magazine capacity than the Glock 43, but the Glock 43 can fire more rounds before needing to be reloaded.” If the Sig P365 has a higher magazine capacity, it stands to reason that you would be able to fire more rounds as it HOLDS more rounds.
I own both weapons, 2 P365’s and a Glock 43 as well as a Glock 43X. My daily carry is a NRA edition P365 in desert tan with a modified trigger. Both of my Glock 43’s spend more time in the safe than on my body.


janeiro 25, 2022

I like the way the information was presented. It was not long it gave good comparisons enough facts for me to make up my mind. Thank you.

Mark Nichols
Mark Nichols

janeiro 25, 2022

Niether, S A Hellcat RDP for the win.

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