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Gun Bore Rope for 9mm 5.56mm .223 .22 .308 12Ga .45 .50 30-06 and Others (Choose More Calibers)

Gun Bore Rope for 9mm 5.56mm .223 .22 .308 12Ga .45 .50 30-06 and Others (Choose More Calibers)

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Efficient Gun Bore Rope: A Well-Designed and Solvent Compatible Cleaning Tool

Looking for a fast and easy way to clean your gun barrel? Our Gun Bore Rope is the perfect solution for any gun owner looking for a quick and efficient cleaning tool. With our bore rope, you can wipe in one quick pass, scraping gunk out of the barrel and following with a smooth cloth to brush and lubricate in one pull-through. Each item includes 2 bore brushing for 22 Cal .223 Cal & 5.56mm + 38 Cal .357 Cal .380 Cal & 9mm + 30 Cal .308 30-06 .300 .303 & 7.62mm + 12GA Gauge.

Our bore rope is well-designed to meet all your gun cleaning needs. The brass weight slips easily through the barrel, and the first floss area relieves foreign particles prior to the scrubbing action of the brush. The bore brush embedded in the cord loosens hard deposits, and the main floss area has 160 times more surface area than a brush, making it like no other product on the market.

Our Gun Bore Rope is solvent compatible, meaning that the nylon material absorbs gun cleaning solvent well, and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown. It is lightweight and compact, making it a great application for the military and recreational. You can roll it up in your pocket in the field and then run it through a couple of times to relieve dirt quickly.

One of the best things about our Gun Bore Rope is that it is machine washable and reusable, so you can ensure that it is ready for proper use the next time you need it.

In summary, our Gun Bore Rope is a well-designed, solvent compatible, lightweight, and compact cleaning tool that is perfect for any gun owner. With the ability to wipe in one quick pass, our bore rope is efficient and saves time. It is great for both military and recreational, and its reusable design makes it a smart investment. Order now and experience the benefits of using our efficient Gun Bore Rope for yourself!

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