How To Choose The Best Holster For Fat Guys | Ultimate Buying Guide

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How To Choose The Best Holster For Fat Guys | Ultimate Buying Guide

How To Choose The Best Holster For Fat Guys | Ultimate Buying Guide

concealed carry for fat guys and how to choose the best holster for fat guys

Carry holsters are becoming more common, available in all shapes and forms. Unfortunately, this handy product can be tricky to wear for those big-boned gentlemen. As a result, you should learn how to choose the best holster for fat guys for maximum comfort. 

And we are here to provide you with some valuable tips to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Holsters for fat guys are not that hard to come by.

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What Is The Best Concealed Carry Holster For Fat Guys In 2021?

To answer the question of how to choose the best holster for fat guys, below are some criteria that would contribute to the best concealed carry holster for fat guys. 

The Functions

A gun belt can serve many purposes, but they are primarily for holding handguns. It should hide your weapon from people around you and restrict its movement. 

Furthermore, a gun holster for fat guys must be in places where you can withdraw its content with ease. Other than that, they typically protect the weapon, keep others from snatching the gun while still providing you quick access to it.

Level Of Safety

As we have mentioned, a gun sheath provides your firearm with as much protection as possible. This fact is without a doubt the most important benefit of owning a pistol holder. 

The device prevents your firearm from snapping or absorbing any impact, whether it is an accidental drop or an emergency. One more important thing a holster for fat guys should offer is a restriction of the trigger finger, which is essential to avoid any potential accidents.

How It Feels

Because it is for wearing daily, a proper gun holster for fat guys should feel pleasant around your skin while also fitting perfectly with your body type.

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to comfortably perform all kinds of activities while equipping a concealed case. For that reason, the device needs to be lightweight, easy to put on, and flexible enough to not fasten too tight around your waist. 

We highly recommend you grab one that has a “sweat shield.” It is crucial to avoid any discomfort, such as odor or a slippery handle.

Ease Of Drawing And Re-holstering

One significant benefit of a quality concealed case is that it permits a rapid and convenient draw. You may adjust the retention strap to whatever position you prefer, and it should give the same results. However, you surely do not want units that limit your control over the gun.

Besides, checking how well you can re-holster your firearm. Able to make quick draws is a must, and it is convenient to put your gun away quickly.

Level Of Concealment

While you are bringing your handgun publicly, it is most desirable to keep it hidden well. 

Most heavy people think it hard to conceal the item under their chunky belly. Fortunately, this statement is not true with high-quality products that can provide better concealment with little effort.

How To Pick Gun Holster Types According To Your Preferences?

After you have known what to look for, let’s move on and take a look at some popular variants. 

OWB Holster 

An OWB in action

OWB (outside the waistband) packs are trusted by law enforcement worldwide as a standard pick. It is compatible with any handguns, takes up no space, and is easy to operate. Although you can find it anywhere, the best OWB holster for fat guys must have these attributes.


What makes this type of carriage shine is prominent such as easy access to the content and quick draw capability with security. 

The belt sits outside of your garments, making them more accessible. With the gun in plain sight, you can perform quicker draws, critical in urgent situations. 

In addition, as you can see where the case is, you are less likely to accidentally pull the thumb break. As a result, re-holstering can be significantly faster and more secure.

An extra plus that makes an OWB holster for fat guys such a good choice is its comfort. The strap slides on top of your belt, minimizing contact with your skin for less obstruction while you sit.


The most notable downside of this type would be its lack of deep concealment, making it not the best choice for public use. 

Many have pointed out that leaving your gun open would increase the risk of it getting grabbed. While this statement is true, it is not hard to minimize this problem. 

Modern OWB casings pack many features to counter this problem; some examples are the Auto-lock system and a unique "post-click" retention and cant. 

The former will not let you draw your weapon until you manually click the deploy button, ensuring your gun trigger guard is locked in. On the other hand, the latter notifies you whether you have holstered the gun correctly. 

Overall, we would recommend OWB holsters for those who want quick access to their guns with security.


And that was about it for our guide on how to choose the best holster for fat guys. Undoubtedly, each type has its strong points as well as drawbacks, so we suggest you browse through every item before you make your decision.

Thank you for reading, and we hope that you can find a fat guy holster for sale that matches your needs through our article.

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David Berry
David Berry

abril 02, 2023

I’ve got over a hundred holsters and I’ve found that thanks to my big old belly the only way I can comfortably Cary is OWB. I’ve ordered oversized jeans to try IWB and it just isn’t comfortable for me. I order extra long tails on my T-shirts and on my No-tuck dress shirts and that works fine 99% of the time. The only problem is that the jeans eventually come down and the muzzle of my 1911 shows but that’s cured with a quick tug of my britches

No credibility for you
No credibility for you

abril 10, 2023

Fix the pictures IWB the holster and firearm is inside the belt/pants. In OWB it is outside.


julho 04, 2021

The article was informative; however I was hoping for name brand suggestions, so I don’t have to keep buying holsters that end up in a box because of printing.

David Dunlap
David Dunlap

junho 28, 2021

I like the belly band, but…..the handle of the weapon sticks out and is visible thru your shirt…if it could be developed to pull the handle in towards the body, it would be excellent!

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